An event management company in the U.S boosted its membership as a leading event organizer

  • Sector :Online Event Management For Races And Relays
  • Technology :NodeJS, AngularJS, Angular 8, jQuery, BackboneJS, Firebase, Bootstrap, AWS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Stripe, Affirm, Google Maps, Intercom
  • Company Background :Adventure Event Company

Project Overview

This even organization wants to draw in an unprecedented number of participants to their events and amp the adventurous experience to the highest level. With no digital platform until now, they want to focus on building an event management portal. As they preferred Bytes Technolab as the most trusted event management app development company, we are more than happy to help them with the best solution.


We roll out the project in a short period built upon Shopify with other tools like JavaScript SDKs and more to add loads of features and functions. Members now avoid missing out special events like adventure sports, race and relays in the steep mountains, tough terrains and the woods.

Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

The client is a successful event organizer in the U.S. that organizes dozens of races, marathon, and adventurous activities throughout the year across different locales and venues in the country. It has been in the operations for more than 15 years now. With a whopping number of members under its belt, the client finds pleasure in offering the most exciting perks to its members, increasing its revenues and making them prosperous in the fraternity.


The Challenge


Despite having a large client pool, the event organizer received customer complaints about not meeting up standard guidelines to plan meetups. With members not getting real-time information about the events, it leads to chaos among them and also some discrepancies in operational efficiency for the organizers. With over at least 4 branches spreading across Jackson, Clarksdale, Canton, and Mound Bayou, they were looking for a connecting platform that syncs all of their branches and offers greater visibility into event operations. As they approached us, we as a leading custom software development firm with working experienc with more than 10 event management companies offered them a flexible and productive business solution.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our software development team at Bytes Technolab suggested them to bring out a custom online event management system. We carried out an extensive product roadmap that would help them streamline the complex event tasks while sending out follow-ups to customers for richer user experience. And for that, all they needed is online event management software. Also, we suggested our client create a strong digital presence.


For event management solutions integrated software, we applied the following techniques.


  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Client side rendering
  • Server-side rendering
  • Manual testing


We designed the software so that it can perform as the same as event booking software and also scales as the venue management software.


Features it offers


  • Task automation
  • Ticket order
  • Registration
  • Attendance management
  • Checklists
  • Payment processing
  • Contact updates
  • Activity tracking


For a customized event management portal, we helped them build an interactive website for distributing upcoming event related information and updates for members.


Features their online event management website includes,


  • Responsive website
  • Event email marketing
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Social promotional tool
  • Membership signup
  • Offers integration

Key Outcomes

Our client is satisfied now with the work we do for them. The performance of the event management software is robust and comprehensive while its website helps in their strategy to support their venture goal.

  • Data management is easy with the flexibility of file and doc sharing
  • Follow-up emails or signage can be automated easily
  • Task automation sends upcoming event notifications directs to members/attendees
  • Streamlined collaboration and communication among team members and also with clients
  • Flexibility with budget allocation and management
  • Fast and secure event promotion through the website over the internet
  • Overall upgrade helps them make their events interactive while boosting their revenues with engaging customer experience.

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