Bytes Technolab provided Comprehensive assessment solutions to Quality Assurance service provider

  • Sector :Quality Assurance Services
  • Technology :NodeJs(NestJs), ReactJS, PostgreSQL, Google Analytics
  • Company Background :A Quality Assurance Service Provider Based In The US offers Comprehensive Tools To Its Clients For Their Service Excellence.

Project Overview

The client supports over 70% of hotels with its signature bespoken assessment report. To provide convenience to its customers, the client wanted to develop a system where the data management and report generation are easy. The mission of this project was to provide a solution where the customers of the client can easily manage their data and download the quality assessment reports from the website itself. The primary aim was to make use of the latest technology in creating customized dashboards based on clients. Customized features such as a customer panel, report comparison, and easy data management tools were also added.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

The client is a global market leader in quality assurance assessment and bespoken assessment for the hospitality industry. They provide unparalleled strategies, insights, and actionable solutions to its hotel clients across 131 countries. They want their clients to manage data and  download assessment reports on service of quality directly from their website. Their old website lacked a proper information management system and required a fresh look. Our Bytes Technolab team identified these issues and came up with a solution to creating a new website with a customer side panel and custom features.


The Challenge

This US based quality assurance service provider had an old system of managing data and information which required a fresh look and feature updates. One of the major challenges faced by the client was the management of the service of quality reports and surveys. The client has a long list of customers and hence a lot of data that had to be migrated into the new site. The Bytes Technolab team implemented a relevant mechanism for migration, ensuring that no data is lost. Generating customized reports and comparing these reports with other hotel quality assurance survey reports was a hard task.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our team surveyed the problems in the existing system of the client and resolved them with impactful solutions:


1. Custom solution:

Based on the client’s requirement, our team offered effective solutions that allow easy download of the Quality reports and assessments from the website.


2. Implement new features:

The team implemented new features on the website by creating a secure system where the customers can conveniently review their quality reports. The customers can review and analyze the report and can avail of the personal consultation services for further discussion.


3. Report Management:

We created a centralized report management system that generates a customized dashboard for each client. From here they can analyze the report, highlighting the insights for service of quality.


4. Bespoken Assessment template:

A template including benchmark, brand specific standards and emotional intelligence was created to manage each client’s report.


5. Google Analytics:

Using the integrated Google Analytics, data can now be analyzed in numerous ways to provide customers brief insights.


6. Speed Optimization:

We found potential issues and optimized the speed to make website load faster and perform better.


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key Features

  • Customized hotel quality assurance survey reports on the dashboard.
  • Custom and private inspection and reporting from the site.
  • Report comparisons with other hotels within the same or selected group of regions.
  • In person, consultation and strategy discussion for service improvement.
  • On-Site comprehensive service assessment.
  • Reporting tools translate data into actionable insights.

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Key Outcomes

  • A dynamic platform that allows tracking of the historical trends and analyzing the brand’s position.
  • Auto analysis of assessment data to present a customized dashboard for every client.
  • An online action plan that allows tracking of corrective actions.
  • Self-assessment tool where clients can carry out unlimited internal assessments.
  • Robust backend panel and maintenance support to ensure smooth functioning.

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