How UAE based online tires stores scripted its success story

  • Sector :Automotive Industry
  • Technology :Magento 2, jQuery, Bootstrap, CC Avenue, MySQL, Google Analytics, RequireJS, Google Tag Manager
  • Company Background :Online Tire Seller In UAE

Project Overview

With increasing demand for passenger vehicles, the UAE-based online tire store owner wanted to offer a wide range of tire collections for its customers. But, the old website lacked performance and many features to satisfy the customer needs. They approached Bytes Technolab for a complete revamp of their tires and wheels for sale online website. A complete and efficient redesign solution was offered by us with tools such as Magento and Bootstrap.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

Giving customers the most exciting driving experience with tire durability in mind has been the foremost priority of our client. A huge collection of tires and wheels for sale online would attract customers from each corner of the street he lives. Customers preferred to shop from his online store for,


  • Fleet management services
  • Tire fittings and installation
  • Wheel Care and maintenance
  • Corrective proceduresfor abnormal wear
  • Vehicle fitness
  • Huge tires and wheels collections


Tires and wheels are supplied from the dealerships that serveevery type of make, model, and dimension of the vehicles. The client is a renownedtires and wheels seller. The customers are offered the service as they use online tire fitting booking system.The client is always optimistic about expanding its business and buildinga huge customer relationship.


The Challenge

In his pursuit to the business expansion, he faced with major hurdles. The client wanted to improve customer service through a seamless user experience. On the other side of it, they wanted to streamline the purchase order of tires and wheels from the manufacturers or dealers. However, their existing software and website overlooked many significant processes that added woes to process management including,


  • Website did not feature location awareness
  • Software for tires shop not integrated with ERP system
  • B2B online ordering for wheels failed to streamline operations
  • Website search filter was not in use
  • Dealers’ information and customer reviews missing


Our development team and engineers at Bytes Technolab found these drawbacks of the online tires and wheels store. As we did an in-depth search of the existing service, we suggested some major changes for our client.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

We have done an overall revamp of the website and also put in place key software features to improve the traffic to the website, drive conversion rate, and enhance user experiences.


We did a makeover in the following way,


i. Intelligent search


We ensured to put an intelligent site search field. It is a multi-language supported tool that is compatible with open source.

  • Single or multi-word search queries with dynamic filters.
  • Enhanced product discovery experience based on search criteria such as SKU, make, type of the vehicle, etc.



ii. Inventory Tracking


Online tire ordering system mal functioned as it failed to streamline and supervise process between the owner and manufactures or dealers. We solved this issue by implementing custom script integration and brought the inventory tracking system to work.


  • Real-time inventory management enabled with SAP integration
  • Robust order management that offers real-time transnational data



iii. Location awareness for tire fitting and installation service


Clients must be provided the flexibility to find the nearest wheels and tires service stations. We enabled this service into their website and helped find them the nearest installation service station.


  • Store locator created on Google Maps

Key Outcomes

  • Customers had fast experience with product search, increasing in website traffic.
  • Client had peace of mind as he gained a full visibility into invoices, payments and full order history. The cloud-basedSAP always delivers the mission-critical data to the client and brings uniformity in operation management for online tires and wheels sales online.
  • Service installation search becomes easy and smooth. Customers could find any installation service location instantly by city or region using their smart phones.
  • Customers can do easy return & refund from the platform.
  • Overall profit up by 40%.

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