Magento POS integration delivers jewelry management efficiency with sales boosts

  • Sector :Fashion, Apparel And Accessories
  • Technology :Magento 2, Angular, Bootstrap, Stripe, MySQL, Google Analytics
  • Company Background :Jewelry Seller Online

Project Overview

The client has been running his online jewelry shop in USA for several years now. With operations expanding across several parts of Nashville, it needed a scalable solution to streamline dispersed workflow and maintain equilibrium among its stores. A custom POS integration into the Magento Commerce helped them create a transformational new experience for buyers and also employees. Bytes Technolab aided for a perfect shop management solution for them.
Project Overview

Client Background

Client Background

The client always believes in offering a seamless customer experience to its customers with a wide array of jewelry designs in earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and other luxury items for home decorations too. Founded in 2015, this luxury jewelry retailer has as many as 4 brick-and-mortar jewelry stores supported by a robust eCommerce platform on Magento 2 to enable avid jewelry lovers to shop jewelry online from the comfort of their homes. This jewelry business is looked after by the owner and his son and they ensure customers get what they want- the perfect design, quality and styles. A few years back, they took a collaborative venture to build the same platform for an online Gold & Diamond Jewelry shopping store in USA owned solely by his son. They have always been dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship for every type of customer who prefers buying engagement and fashion jewelry. With online and local jewelry stores operating successfully, they connect with more buyers over the years. Every year, they boast of selling a whopping amount worth of jewelry to its customers that bring them a good revenue collection annually.


The Challenge

By now the client had their offline stores merged with online jewelry shopping sites. The site is mobile responsive to create a seamless online mobile shopping while it has a plan to intrigue online visitors to come to the shop. All of this, their primary goal was to increase the conversion rate of the online shop, the delivery speed, performance of the shop and also the scalability of the overall business.


With an unprecedented number of customer base, they needed to assure each of their customers has received the quality service and their expectation was met. But, the lack of inventories left them with no choice but to long for a robust system that could actively and accurately keep a watch on the inventories for say, real-time updates about how many diamond jewelry is there in the inventories for sale. The need for this tool was strongly felt by the client even though they had a dedicated warehouse for eCommerce. The problem was they wanted to have most of the pieces of jewelries on display during the festive season of holidays. Down from the warehouse or to the store, the transit went up and brought them challenges to maintain the stock balance for shops and also online stores. Alongside, giving customers an easy and fast checkout was a challenge too. The whole erroneous process appeared to dent the employee efficiency and also customer experience.


As the client approached us to get a more robust and powerful system to streamline the operations with more than 5K SKUs easily across their online and offline shops and improve the experience for shoppers keen to buy for engagement and fashion jewelry.


They approached us at Bytes Technolab as an expert in Magento shop development and integration. Let’s see how we helped them upgrade the store both online and offline.

The Challenge

Our Solution

Our Solution

The client hired the certified Magento solution partner at Bytes Technolab, an eCommerce design & development company in USA. As we discussed the needs of the online and offline jewelry business of our client, we understood they needed it soon since the festive season was approaching. This is the time people buy jewelry for families and friends. We were ready with our team to yield the results as soon as possible so that they could have a scalable and stable new platform for their online and offline shop.


We carried out observational research of how we could bring in the best solution to inventory management and help team offer fast and scalable service to customers without a pause.


After conducting competitive research, we came to a benchmark to make sure the objectives of the business are met securely and properly.


We did Magento 2 POS extension integration into their shop and merged the operation of both the store with one single platform. The Point-of Sale Magento integration is robust that collaborate with diverse functionalities of inventory management and also eases the payment process.


POS integration has been a flexible and future-proof system that met off the client’s requirements. It integrates with its inventory of the warehouse, offers support for fast payment resolutions, and offers maximum flexibility for staff and customers. The integration tool increased the stock visibility and reduced confusion about SKUs in the inventory winning over customer’s trust and increasing the rate of customer retention. With all integrated support from the Point-of-Sale system, the client enjoyed a great level of performance and good returns on investment on hardware, software and the latest technologies. In the end, it proves, POS is key to the growth of any store offline or online.

Key Outcomes

  • Multiple payment methods were supported with one swipe only
  • In-depth sales report
  • A complete transaction report and payment details
  • Launch a quick product search by SKU
  • Orders imported from multiple sales channels
  • Flexible synchronization between inventories
  • Transaction grew by 4.9%
  • Customer traffic to store increased by 7.45%
  • Online conversion was higher than the previous year performance
  • 12% click reduction way to placing an order

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