The key business challenges were

The firm was administrating their races through a number of internal systems, including a team registry, a finance system and a number of spreadsheets.

Each race had a different way of administrating teams and resources ,Processing bookings manually ,To reach maximum customers to sell products

The key reasons to build an online system were

Streamline administrative processes

Centralise data and Relay series information

Increase and improve marketing initiatives

The firm needed to make it as easy as possible for teams to make bookings and purchase


Experts at Bytes Technolab had put their head together and analysed the business requirement and came up with a multi-site platform for different countries where team and volunteers can register for specific race, pay online, Real time chat with team members etc.
On the other hand, a multi functionality Admin Panel allowed admin and staff members to create registration form dynamically, create events, manage the teams/volunteers, create promocodes, download the reports, view the real time registration data etc.
A customer friendly store was developed considering the targeted user base on separate platform where customers easily browse the products and make purchase.
Going online made the firm achieve the J-curve in terms of revenue and popularity.

The firm is a largest overnight running relay series with 30+ relays in different geographic locations in the United States, Australia and several other countries in Europe. Through the online platform, they made it easy for talented athletes and teams to participate in 4 different types of relay events held on regular basis.
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