Based on the approved design specifications, Bytes team worked closely with the company to develop the cloud based system on a module-by-module basis, ensuring each module developed connected with the existing one, and provided streamlined operations.


A SaaS application was developed that has more than 50 modules to enable the colleges to automate their processes with smooth interface and faster page loading time.


  • 90% of time saved by automating student registration process
  • 70% of time saved by automating attendance management system
  • 45% of employee time saved annually for sending data to the government authorities
  • 35% of administrative time saved in academic operations.

The product is an advanced RTO management system for Australia based colleges and universities. It is web based SAAS application with more than 50 modules. Application has many features like enrollment, offers, course management, timetable, student attendance, Govt. compliance, accounting, reports, etc. The colleges can track and view all the information of their student, semester, student’s payment, teacher and student timetable and many other more.
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