Design Conceptualization

Our agile methodology and design sprint planning helped us make the design better in the here and now. An array of features were outlined after an extensive requirement gathering to put the website to its best potential and make it the “go to” platform for anyone looking to buy legal forms or contracts.

Based on user roles identified, the minimal designs were created that go along with the brand name and to get a rough skeleton of the actual product.

Visual and Aesthetic Design

Next, we moved on to creating the interface and visual design. The overall look was kept minimalistic with more informative content, the actual phones and appliances were shown with limited typography. Finally, the combination of whites and blues were approved to keep it elegant and realistic. All this was done keeping in mind their business requirement as well as the users and how they would achieve their end goal as seamlessly as possible.

Ecommerce Development

Business requirement was to enable the user to one-time purchase or to get a membership plan. The store was having many custom features in membership module, like State wise form access, limiting the number of questions that user can ask to Admin, document review, and number of form downloads. Bytes team customized the Magento extension to implement the membership module and satisfy the custom requirement.

The brand is a leading provider of online legal information, products, forms and services. For past 30 years, the company has been a pioneer in making legal services more approachable, accessible, and affordable. It is one of the largest and most acclaimed source for downloadable legal forms on the Internet.
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