The client is Blockchain geek and they identified a number of critical unresolved issues in the cryptocurrency space such as: security, token valuation metrics, governance, exchange transparency, token inflation, and token custody.

Bytes Technolab helped the client building a 0Chain which is a blockchain explorer & decentralized storage platform providing data privacy, protection, and private sharing. 0Chain aims to help businesses achieve GDPR/CCPA compliance, transparency, and near-zero liability. Enterprises use 0Chain with the goal of ensuring user ownership, access, and transparency of GDPR regarding consent, data subject rights, records, and security. Consumers use 0Box instead of Dropbox for privacy, anonymity, and transparency. 0Box is a dApp running on 0Chain.

Key Features

  • Creating a Wallet
  • Delete and Recovering a Wallet
  • Display the blockchain transactions in real-time with Hash addresses
  • Transaction submission and verification
  • The SDK provides APIs to query blockchain health
  • Used 0Chain blockchain to have a transparent immutable record
  • Allow user to upload their personal data to dStorage and own their data
  • Use encrypted share technology to address receiving consent from user
  • Use encrypted share technology to provide right of access, rectify, and delete data
  • Use dStorage to protect data with ultimate security
  • Use 0Chain blockchain to have a transparent immutable record of all processing activities
  • Metadata submitted to an external blockchain such as Oracle, AWS, and Ethereum Blockchain for smart contract applications.

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Technical Overview

  • Frontend developed using ReactJS
  • Backend programming languages are Nodejs and Golang
  • Ethereum blockchain integration
  • AWS services
  • UI/UX development