Fest Diner Details

Fest Diner an online food ordering website with good ingredients and delivery on time. Customer can easily select food items by selecting various menu options with the use of Category & Sub-Category. Customer can add selected items into Cart and make online payment for the order using ePay payment solution. Also, customer have an option to make custom order for any party or private function.

Key Features

  • Multi-language website (English & Danish)
  • Advanced & Intelligent Search for Food Items
  • Custom Food Order functionality
  • Categories & sub-categories menu to select food items
  • It offers multiple categories like menu and ordering, festivals, lunch scheme and function room
  • Provides Customer support services
  • Delivery of party food such as Christmas lunch, wedding menu, New year menu and much more
  • My basket option to add and order the food
  • Allows delivery of order at your home and take the order by your own, customer has an option to select it.

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Technical Overview

  • Integration of Online Payment Gateway (ePay)
  • Chat-bot integration for Customer Support service (tawk.to)
  • Admin can manage all the information of food items & order from its web back-end panel.
  • Integrated with Facebook for social media activities
  • Deliver order based on entered location.