PlayBook Editor

Business requirement was to develop a Drag and Drop playbook editor to showcase the process workflows and standard operating procedures.
Bytes Technolab developed an excellent visual playbook editor that allows you to click, drag and connect action blocks to craft Playbooks that can perform complex sequences of operations.

Key Features

  • Various Elements with their properties
  • Drag and Drop of Elements to create process/workflow
  • Debugger to debug the flow
  • Toggle the size of editor (Zoom in/Zoom out/Full Screen)
  • Playbook setting
  • Tool Tips to guide the new users
  • Elements contains Text that can be edited in real time.

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Technical Overview

  • Use of GoJS library for building interactive diagrams and graphs
  • HTML5 Canvas used for Editor area to render the Elements
  • Backend using PHP
  • Debugger implemented using Python