The SIRP provides SOAR platform (Security Orchestration, Automation & Response) to their customers to help with providing the scores related to security, risk, threats, vulnerabilities. It is a complete Data Driven platform built with Single Page Application architecture.

Key Features

  • Single Page Application
  • Integrated with Walmart, Amazon & Jet Markteplace
  • Data Driven platform
  • Frontend consumes the API from Nodejs based headless platform
  • Drag and Drop, Resize elements
  • Charts: Gantt, Tree graph, Timeline
  • Flowchart creation using GoJS
  • Real Time Editing of text
  • Login using Google
  • Auto Logout

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Technical Overview

  • Developed Single Page Application using ReactJS from Figma Design
  • Used various Javascript library like GoJS, D3 for Charts and Flowchart modules
  • State Management using Hooks and Redux
  • CI/CD setup for project deployment