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Benefits and Features of Online Pizza Delivery App Development

Dec 29, 2020

Mitul Patel

By Mitul Patel

Benefits and Features of Online Pizza Delivery App Development

The popularity of food delivery apps is increasing presently as they offer users to quickly and conveniently ordering food directly to their home or office from their favourite restaurants. As Pizza delivery is the comparatively new business model, online pizza delivery apps are trending and popularized among users worldwide. This is how people tend to use digital services as these services are time-saving and easy to use. If being the owner of a pizza outlet, you want to start delivery service through the app, then be sure that your profit is going to multiply.

Mobile-friendliness is increasing among the people, and online pizza delivery services through the app give comfortable access to people to get their pizza served on their table within just 20-30 minutes. The reason behind the success of pizza delivery apps is that customers do not like to compromise their valuable time; instead, they prefer paying more for doorstep services. It is ultimately a choice of pizza outlet owner, whether they choose to deliver the pizza or hire some third party vendor for delivery service.

Pizza delivery apps service allows customers to pick from different flavours of pizza from their favourite restaurant and with the pizza constructor feature they can customize their pizza by adding toppings, spices, ingredients etc. according to their taste, and place an order.

Benefits of a Pizza Delivery App Development

As the people today are more inclined towards availing the services through mobile phones, because it is the easy and time-saving way of availing services, having a pizza delivery app service is going to be proved highly beneficial for you if you are a pizza outlet owner. With your app, your customers will gain the ease to access your services from their couch only to order their favourite flavour from you. A pizza delivery app can also get you more customers which helps you gaining more enormous profits as well it will make reaching to the customers so much easier through online marketing tools.

There are numerous reasons, to invest in a pizza delivery app, which includes expanding the global food home-delivery market that is growing with an annual average of 27.9%, and almost 64% of the total mobile users have at least one food delivery app installed on their mobile phone. You should invest in a pizza delivery app as such an app can provide you several benefits such as enhanced customer loyalty, location-based marketing, better customer data and delivery service to the doorstep that has the potential to attract more customers.

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Customer Loyalty

It is a lengthy and challenging process to gain customer trust. In most instances, buyers today have a wide availability of similar products and options of service providers to choose from. In these conditions, an efficient app can be the backbone of your business.

Location-based Marketing

It is an emerging trend nowadays, and with a mobile delivery app, you can be able to notify and messaging about promotions according to the location of your potential customers.

Better Customer Data: It helps maintain the information of customers whether the customer is a regular one, and what are the top picks for them from your restaurant? Whether a customer orders from a website or app and knows about the offers and promotions on the site? Such questions can quickly be answered using analytics and information by a reliable mobile ordering system.

Delivery Service

With mobile app development, it is easy to improve your delivery system significantly. Rather than following the traditional on-call ordering system, restaurant owners prefer to create an app that simplifies the ordering and delivery process simultaneously.

Essential Features of an Efficient Pizza Delivery App

Merely developing a delivery app is not enough for a pizza outlet- the app must be fitting into the enterprise’s ecosystem and corresponds to the business’s processes. A Pizza Delivery App must be having some necessary features, which include:

User Module

This is a must to have featured in a pizza delivery app that provides access to significant information exchange between customer and restaurant owner. This information includes- Login/User registration, user profile setting, orders or history of charges, discounts and offers, names and categories of pizza, pizza customization, place an order module, checkout, payment way integration, scheduling of delivery, track your order module, chatbot, review and feedback by the customer, and help and support.

Admin/Delivery Service

The main functionality of the admin or delivery panel may include- Sign up page, Communication Channels between delivery agents and customers, order details, Status of food (preparing/delivering/delivered), wallet, driver tracking facility, ratings and in-app chat facility.

Functionality for Restaurants in Pizza Delivery App

The panel for restaurants may include various functionalities such as- integrated content management system (to add new dishes, descriptions and images), order management page (to manage orders, create order within the app and see order status etc.), payments (to accept and track earnings), marketing tools (to launch promotions, offers and promo codes), cross-interface communication (to interact with both customer and delivery agents), estimation of delivery time (time for transportation, the load of kitchen and situation on the road), feedback management (to collect reviews about pizza and delivery system, store and process them), and report and analytics (to see the statistics of orders and delivery, transfer of information to CRM and accounting systems).

Essential Factors for outstanding User Experience

There are several elements which can contribute to a more robust user interface and user experience of pizza delivery app. Such features include certain software development factors like- Convenient Registration Process, Convenient Ordering, Main Screen with Promotions and Popular Products, and Location Tracking and Live Support.

Certain factors work as challenges for the online pizza delivery app service and make it difficult for restaurant owners to maintain the quality of services. These may include- Neglect of Customer Loyalty, Not keeping the price model predictable, Arrival of more prominent brands, Problematic logistics, Inconsistent food quality and issues with reliability on delivery staff. The future of online pizza delivery apps is undoubtedly bright, but the challenges mentioned here are to be dealt with effectively and efficiently. With such things in mind, it is the right time to give your pizza delivery business a great exposure with a brilliant pizza delivery app and offer a great online experience to your customers.

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