Case Studies


How a fashion brand in the UK reimagined its business portfolio with an extraordinary mobile app

The client is a renowned name in the eCommerce Fashion industry in the UK. We helped them build a dynamic Clothes shopping app in UK that reflects the same value and experience of their retail store if not so more than the in-store experience on devices like Android, iPhone and iPad. Tools like Android SDK, and Apple SDK among others were used to bring a surge in conversion rate.

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Bytes Technolab revamps an online eCommerce retail store for custom gifts

The client collaborated with Bytes Technolab to know about how a website redesign could bring the best value to their brands through the high quality retail website design while enhancing user experience among their existing and loyal customer base. Their shoppers are supposed to have great customer services through the eCommerce shopping website redesign which combines inventory management integration and various discount or loyalty programs among others.

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Inventory Management

Bytes Technolab brainstormed with an innovative inventory management solution for multichannel retailers

The project has been developed at Bytes Technolab for the client providing Inventory Management system solution services to customers with multichannel eCommerce service offerings. As the brand name suggests, it is built to help online merchants and even brick- and-mortar sellers manage their inventories from multiple channels, track shipping orders and processes. The core part of the tool is to automate product imports, customer updates and sales orders from an integrated SaaS-based-platform.

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How an RTO consulting partner in australia improved efficiency and productivity

The client works along with different vocational educational institutes to assist them in compliance and regulatory while achieving support for Registered Training Organization consultants.As requested by the client, we develop intuitive ERP systems for organizations to help them streamline their administrative process. We used PostgreSQL, MySQL, repository application and CMS.

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Food & Beverages

How south africa-based restaurant and food finder app reinstated user trust

The client as a mediator between restaurants and customers wanted to reimagine its restaurant finder app for iOS with interactive and functional user design elements. When they approached Bytes Technolab, we were intended to finish the project quickly. After redesigning its UX/UI of the restaurant tracking app, we helped them upgrade its app and eased the process of sign up for registration while increasing its traffic.

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Event management

An event management company in the U.S boosted its membership as a leading event organizer

This even organization wants to draw in an unprecedented number of participants to their events and amp the adventurous experience to the highest level. With no digital platform until now, they want to focus on building an event management portal. As they preferred Bytes Technolab as the most trusted event management app development company, we are more than happy to help them with the best solution.

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Real Estate

Real estate firm improved efficiency of the web property portal with search redesign featuring advanced filters

The client owns a real estate property management portal in South Africa. Recently they have clients facing challenges with search activity. Bytes Technolab took up this redesign project for the client and fixed the issue in their rental property tenant portal web application. Technology tools such as Apache Solr search, Nginx, among others were used to solve the problem.

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Jewelry Ecommerce

Magento POS integration delivers jewelry management efficiency with sales boosts

The client has been running his online jewelry shop in USA for several years now. With operations expanding across several parts of Nashville, it needed a scalable solution to streamline dispersed workflow and maintain equilibrium among its stores. A custom POS integration into the Magento Commerce helped them create a transformational new experience for buyers and also employees. Bytes Technolab aided for a perfect shop management solution for them.

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Hotel Booking / Rental

Bytes Technolab giving an all new-experience to the hotel booking portal

The client has a list of properties for customers in USA. It operates its businesses with a hotel booking management software that merges between owners and suppliers that hold ownership in many hotels and resorts. Bytes Technolab fixed an issue in their online hotel booking platform through website migration and other included features.

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Automotive ecommerce

How UAE based online tires stores scripted its success story

With increasing demand for passenger vehicles, the UAE-based online tire store owner wanted to offer a wide range of tire collections for its customers. But, the old website lacked performance and many features to satisfy the customer needs. They approached Bytes Technolab for a complete revamp of their tires and wheels for sale online website. A complete and efficient redesign solution was offered by us with tools such as Magento and Bootstrap.

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