10 Reasons Why Laravel is The Best PHP Framework

Aug 7, 2019

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

10 Reasons Why Laravel is The Best PHP Framework

PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor Language is one of the oldest and well-known web development scripting language. There are many frameworks based on PHP like Symfony, Slim, Zend, Laravel, CakePHP, Codeigniter and many more.

It is troublesome to choose the best framework among them to develop a web application. Everyone needs an easy to use and attractive website to attract more visitors so that visitors convert into customers, and for engaging customers, the features, reliability, graphics, and speed of the website matter a lot.

Why Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework developed and design by Taylor Otwell to provide agile web development. Laravel is the more advance framework to develop a web-based application and it is also known for the alternative of Codeigniter Framework.

However, Laravel Development is best suited for the requirements of the users as well as developers because the user wants an attractive website and developers need clean code to provide an attractive website. Laravel provides a simple structure code so that its readability and flexibility are good enough.

The demand for Laravel web application development is growing in IT industries and the requirements of Laravel developers to develop Laravel Web Applications are also increases. The best thing about Laravel Development is any PHP developer can easily adopt this technology because it is a PHP based framework. Laravel supports the command line interface, Database System and Migrations that are the key benefits of using Laravel.

Below are some interesting Features and Advantages of Laravel so that you can better understand why Laravel is trending and the best PHP framework out of all.

Reasons why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework:

  • MVC Support
  • Ability of Object-Oriented Libraries
  • Database Migration
  • Security
  • Packaging System
  • Artisan
  • Simple Unit Testing
  • Availability of Template Engines
  • Task Scheduling
  • Multiple File System

MVC Support

The best feature of using Laravel is it support MVC Architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller. It is the architecture that separates three elements: the model, the View, and the controller. MVC provides object-oriented syntax and helps to improve performance and create better documentation.

Ability of Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel consist of inbuilt libraries that doesn’t present in other PHP based frameworks. All the techniques present in Laravel are pure object-oriented. The most famous pre-installed library of Object-Oriented Programming in Laravel is Authentication it helps in password reset, security, authentication, protection and monitor activity of the users.

Database Migration

Migration is a data control system of database in Laravel. It allows the Laravel developers team to modify, update and share the data from different machines. You can easily create a Laravel database schema with a Laravel Schema builder. Two commands are used in the migration table: UP Command and Down Command.

  • UP Command – Used to add new tables, indexes, rows, and columns.
  • Down Command – Used to delete tables, indexes, rows, and columns.


Whenever you create any application then security is a must. Laravel takes care of web security it never stores plane text in the database.

It uses encrypted passwords that make Laravel more secure and when authenticated user login, a unique key is generated so the chances of hacking may reduce. It works on the encryption method uses Bcrypt hashing algorithms for creating an encrypted password.

Packaging System

The packaging system consists of different support libraries and software applications that control the automated processes of the web application. The packaging system adds functionality to laravel. Some packages work with PHP frameworks whereas some are work with Laravel only. The packaging system also helps the user to detect packages that they want to install.


Artisan is a command-line interface of Laravel. It offers different helpful commands to use to develop web applications. The artisan used for performing different tasks such as migrations, queuing, routes listings, publishing packages, and class creations. There are so many artesian commands are available in Laravel but if you want to create your artisan command then it is also possible with Laravel. All commands re very helpful while building an application because they provide efficiency, security, and high performance.

Simple Unit Testing

PHP unit testing is the most preferable testing by the developers. It supports the Laravel Framework. It is used to perform unite testing for web applications. It is best to test your code in detail. While you can perform two types of testing with the help of Laravel one is Unit testing and the other is Feature testing.

Availability of Template Engine

Laravel consist of PHP and PHP is a templating language so that Laravel contains an inbuilt template engine. Template Engine is used to create a separate wall between front end developers and backend developers so that they can work on the same application without interrupting the codes of each other. Blade Template is the name of the inbuilt template engine in Laravel. It helps to write the website application code in multiple languages.

Task Scheduling

Management and Scheduling the task through Laravel is simple and easy. Scheduler command in Laravel helps to schedule all commands. Scheduler in Laravel executes all pending tasks and instantly called Corn. Corn is an inbuilt task manager helps to execute commands.

Multiple File System

Laravel also supports cloud storage systems such as Rackspace Cloud and Amazon S3. You can switch between these two storage options with the same API for each system. The key benefit of multiple file systems is developers can work in a distributive environment and share files from multiple locations.


Above are the all major advantages of the Laravel framework. The Laravel development is rising due to its amazing features that are not available in other PHP based frameworks.

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