10 Timeless Tech-Skills to Help Your Enterprise Stay on the Top (2021 Updated)

Apr 22, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

10 Timeless Tech-Skills to Help Your Enterprise Stay on the Top (2021 Updated)

There are a lot of job openings in the field of enterprise application development. Very few people have such developer skills and tech skills to fill the void of those jobs. There some trending tech skills enterprises want in order to conduct their enterprise application development.

These advanced IT skills are very essential for enterprise solution services to make you stand out. There are so many in-demand skills that you need to know for enterprise app services. You will see some tech skills that the enterprise application development sector is craving right now, and you need to learn them in 2021.

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Top 10 Tech-Skills Enterprises Want in 2021

AI and Machine Learning

Some people are perplexed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, but to put it simply, AI is the approach of machines being able to perform tasks in a “smart” manner. Machine learning is an AI application that teaches computers how to use better all the data available to make better decisions and complete tasks.

In the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, qualified individuals are scarce. It’s challenging to find technology leaders who can manage teams made up of AI and data science. You can start learning these on various online learning platforms if you really want to get into this.

The demand for specialists in AI and machine learning is increasing day by day, and this is something you can learn at home.


Blockchain has evolved from its beginnings as a technology for the digital currency Bitcoin. The tech community is adequately exploring peer-to-peer payments, identity management, crowdfunding, file storage, automated voting, and other possible technology applications.

With platforms like Ethereum gaining traction, more businesses and enterprises are looking for developers familiar with blockchain technology, smart contracts and can develop decentralized applications.

Networking, database design, cryptography computing, and programming languages ranging from JavaScript, Java, and C++ to Go, Solidity, and Python are just a few of the blockchain skills you need to have. These skills are essential if you want to excel in the blockchain.

Data Science & Analytics

The tech jobs that are continuously in demand are data science and data analytics. If you are dealing with big data, then you will need specialized candidates who are doing their best in data analytics and data science.

Data science is the technique of obtaining insights and information from data through the use of a combination of tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles. Data scientists are in high demand in industries such as finance, banking, and healthcare because they help companies and organizations make good data-driven decisions.

Data scientists who can also do data visualization to help people understand the meaning of data are also in high demand. Big data analytics is being used by 53% of businesses to help them make better decisions faster. This is one of the reasons why data science has ranked first in LinkedIn’s emerging jobs report for the past three years.

Enterprise App Development, Software Development, Web Development

Developers are considered very high in demand as they are the ones who take care of apps, websites, and software of the tech companies. Many companies want to launch their own app or website to gear up their business. To develop apps for the same, enterprise app development specialists are required.

Developers are also required by enterprises that use a backend system to streamline their business processes, such as inventory and sales.

Cloud engineering and Cloud Computing

Cloud engineers are IT professionals tasked with designing, planning, managing, maintaining, and supporting cloud computing solutions that incorporate both internal and external technology. Due to high pay, jobs in cloud engineering and cloud computing are in high demand right now.


There are a lot of security breaches nowadays, and they are increasing rapidly. These cyber-attacks are done by hackers, which is why cybersecurity experts are now high in demand. The big companies have a lot of confidential data that gets leaked due to a lack of cybersecurity.

Data breaches may result in lawsuits, which can be very costly for companies. The demand for cybersecurity experts is increasing for this reason only. This is a skill that can be learned thoroughly from various online platforms.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts specialize in gathering different data in different ways. These people are experienced and do great with analytics, database technology, and reporting tools. Business intelligence analysts are in high demand by larger enterprises and businesses as they can provide data and do the analysis of the same of the competitor companies.

With that data, the company can know where it stands in the industry. Many companies are dependent on business analysts to cut down on the company’s costs or allocate more resources.

Database Development

Database developers are the people who have the skills to develop and manage database servers with the help of structured SQL codes.

They help companies prevent unnecessary and additional expenses by automating the design and doing the database development process. A person should have excellent troubleshooting skills and problem-solving skills to become a successful database developer.


DevOps is a word that comes from two separate words, “Development” and “Operations.” This word was termed by an expert of DevOps, Patrick Debois. DevOps is a collection of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools with the primary goal of shortening the development life cycle and allowing organizations to deliver applications and services more quickly.

The companies are hiring DevOps engineers a lot as the companies are experiencing success and a great response while delivering high-quality applications. Enterprises that DevOps engineers have seen a fantastic amount of returns when compared to the firms that don’t have DevOps engineers.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are collectively called Extended reality(XR). The use of Extended Reality (XR) technology is increasing in all the sectors such as advertising, entertainment, gaming, education, and even health. In 2021, the people who are experts at XR are high in demand, increasing with time.

With good knowledge of Unity, the IT professionals will advance their coding skills and create a path into the world of Augmented reality and Virtual reality.

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