18 Qualities to Look For When You Hire an Android Developer

May 20, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

18 Qualities to Look For When You Hire an Android Developer

In densely populated countries such as India and China, free applications would still outnumber paying apps in terms of consumer choice. The majority of Android applications are free to use.

Apps that have been ported from iOS to Android will often seem to be free. Since it focuses on location details, in-app ads do even higher, increasing the meaning and user experience with the smartphone app.

When launching a mobile app development business, you must choose a marketing strategy that can push consumers in the most cost-effective way possible. With the vast number of mobile users in developed nations, Android software production firms have a large potential consumer base.

First, here are some reasons for building a mobile app:

Boost The Public Awareness

Offer deals and discounts in your app to keep your users interested and increase your exposure. Since these are the strongest applications for ads, you should use an Android or an iOS smartphone app to display your exposure.

Assists in the establishment of market brand value

what you want to do is build an app with functionality that your users can appreciate while still being well-branded and attractively built. A smartphone application built with the help of the best android developers possible is a brilliant way to enhance your corporate identity and overall image whether you want an immediate brand boost or visibility.

Offer the Customers What They Like

Customers would appreciate being willing to use the products/services wherever and wherever they choose. This is particularly valid if you don’t have a toll-free number that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your app may include a function that allows them to reach you at any time of day or night without having to visit your website.

Boost your Revenue

If anyone knows about your software in the middle of the night and needs details right away, all they have to do is turn on their phone to open it. Later, if the idea occurs to them that they can purchase your items, they should do so directly rather than waiting until usual business hours while normal people are up.

Profit Enhancement

When a customer’s loyalty level rises, so make profits. According to Salesforce, 70 percent of purchasing decisions are affected by how consumers perceive their treatment.

A Platform For Social Interaction

One of the most important advantages of creating a smartphone app is that it puts all of the things you want to provide your clients at their convenience, including exclusive offers and promotions.

You will quickly alert consumers of your goods and services anytime. It makes sense to use push alerts, which brings you closer to a direct contact- especially if you hire remote android app developers in India & the USA.

Users will be more at ease if the company is online and the software is downloadable as well. The availability of applications on the cell phones of consumers worldwide is critical to the success of every kind of industry.

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For a business in high demand, you will need to hire a skilled and experienced, dedicated Android app developer. Here are some considerations to throw light on:

Calm yet Determined

At times, Android app creation can be very difficult. At that point, a developer needs to hold his or her cool and keep trying before the target isn’t met. Hire an Android software maker with a strong professional ethic and the ability to iterate on a project before it is mastered.

Self-assured and daring

A creator should have no doubts about the job he or she is about to do. Developers must be trusting in their job and their expertise at all times. Know how to hire an Android app developer for your project who is confident in their skills and abilities in their profession

The Hearer and the Doer

Listening is one of the most important skills to provide while hiring a developer, regardless of specialty. An individual who does not listen will not complete the required tasks effectively, and in certain situations, will not be able to complete them at all.

It is crucial to know how to hire an android developer for your project who pays attention to and comprehends the requirements. Hire an Android software developer who can not only respond to the expectations but will also be able to put them into action.

Planner and Manager

Even the  best android app development company  would suggest hiring a developer who is knowledgeable in design and construction and is concerned about delivering on schedule—a creator who either serves as a project manager or has a feeling of control over the project.


While it is said that transparency is the best policy, developers are not always completely truthful with their customers. One of the reasons you can hire an android app production firm rather than a freelancer is because they are more honest and trustworthy.

They are self-contained and may not have the same level of prestige as architecture companies. Hire a skilled and experienced, dedicated Android app developer who will be completely frank with you and who you can completely trust.

Effective Communication

One of the most important factors in the success of an Android app development project is effective communication. Hire an Android software creator who is soft-spoken, communicative, and considers the idea as though it were his or her own.

Collaborative Effort

Teamwork is essential for the success of an Android app development project. Even if a creator is trustworthy and has outstanding leadership skills, if he or she isn’t successful with people or works in groups, the project will fall apart at any moment.

Is a Fan of Agile Frameworks

Scrum, Kanban, and Lean frameworks are the most successful approaches for software creation across the majority of programs. Agile processes improve the likelihood of project completion and on-time execution for an organization or an android software maker.


Hire an Android software developer that uses agile project management resources like AgileFirst, Wrike, Jira, and others to hold you up to date with the project’s progress.


And if you are fortunate enough to recruit extremely knowledgeable developers, their experience would be short-lived if they cannot think beyond the box. It is recommended to hire remote android developers from India and the USA as a software expert hub.

These nations give developers both realistic and innovative developers in high demand in today’s software development industry.

Strong Portfolio

It is often preferable to employ an Android software creator who has already created an app that is close to or superior to the one you are suggested. The portfolio is the most effective way to assess a developer’s skills. It demonstrates their dedication and expertise.

Track Record of Success

It is often preferable to employ a business or developer who has earned outstanding feedback or testimonials from previous clients on a reputable platform. Even if they hail from the best android app development company of their proximity, their feedback is of utmost importance. The most favorable feedback an organization receives, the more trustworthy it is.

Technical Expertise

Before recruiting a developer for your project, always have an interview with him or her. You may learn about a developer’s professional skills and experience through interviewing him or her. The best android app developers are fluent in all programming languages used to complete the software project.

Stick to your Commitments

If a customer dislikes the app interface after it has been successfully developed and deployed, it can hurt the market and organization. It is best to hire a software development firm that spends more time exploring and recognizing consumer personas before beginning actual development.

Post-Launch Assistance

The strongest sign to know how to hire an Android developer for your project – the one who offers to finance the app until it goes live. There have been a few Android applications being refused by the Google Play Store because they do not meet their requirements. After launch, an app can encounter various problems, so an app development company needs to develop assistance before the app’s completion successfully.


The best Android developers concern themselves not just with innovation but also with the accuracy of your product. The app’s loading time, efficiency, usage, protection, interactivity, and user interface can all be used to assess its efficiency. Often check to see whether an Android version has been thoroughly tested and retested before it is released on the Play Store.


Once you have determined a developer’s technical aptitude, look and see if he or she has generated a wide range of Android apps. Every application has its own range of specifications.

The best android app developers are the advanced ones, but they would not necessarily know more possibilities in an Android app than a developer with less knowledge. Knowing that a developer has added more features than you planned can help you meet your market objectives quicker.


Lastly, know how to hire an Android developer for your flexible and quick project to respond to changing specifications. App creation is a difficult task. And if you’ve prepared it ahead of time and listed the tiniest criteria, there’s a fair possibility you’ll need to make revisions to the proposal for some purpose.

How to pick and assess an Android developer?

Any Android developer worth his salt has a portfolio of projects on which he or she has worked. Keep an eye out for applications with great user experiences while browsing at their portfolio. A successful android developer should also have strong UI/UX abilities.

Inquire into the candidate’s Stack Overflow profile and see what type of problem solver he is. Inquire whether he has a technical blog. Or simply a repository for his open-source code.

You will be able to tell whether they have the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and imagination to create the kind of mobile app you like, don’t simply pose the questions. Dig in.

How to Recruit and Test an Android Developer

So, the applicant aced the programming exams, has an impressive collection, possesses all of the required-ish abilities, and is culturally adept. What now?

You can now sit down with them and ask them the usual questions, accompanied by relevant examples from their prior job experience. You can already be 90% certain that the applicant will be an excellent recruit.

To interview applicants for any specific design issues, coding types, and trends, ask realistic android developer interview questions.

To learn more about his former job experience, ask situation-based questions like the ones below.

1. Normally, as the Android framework does a device reorientation, it tears down and recreates the foreground operation, restoring each of the display values in the activity’s configuration. You note that the importance of a view in an app you’re working on isn’t being restored following device reorientation. What may be the most possible cause of the issue, and what do you check at the very least regarding that specific view?

2. What is Android’s Context? For a long time, Android app developers have been baffled as to what the Context class is used for.

3. Do you know how to use Python on an Android device? What’s the best way to compose coding for multi-touch apps?

This style of conversation would be much more beneficial than simply asking the developer about technological languages. In addition to the situation-specific questions mentioned above, pose the following general questions to learn more about the candidate’s qualifications, expertise, and awareness.

4. Will you tell me about the most exciting Android app creation ventures you’ve worked on? Can you define it and explain why you find it so intriguing?

5. Do you recall any Android app production project decisions that went wrong? Why do you believe it was a blunder? What caused it to happen? What did you get out of this experience?

6. Do you prefer to engage in the software development project’s review, design, and implementation stages, or do you prefer to focus solely on the development of a well-defined task? What is the reason for this?

Ask open-ended questions if you want someone with problem-solving experience to help you expand your company.

7. Offer them real projects to work on.

If you’re still unsure if the employee who nailed the above would be a good hire, assign them a project. I’m not talking about a random project you discovered on the internet; I’m talking about a particular problem you had with the own product. Request that he take on the issue, propose a plan and correct the major flaws.

Remember that your goal is to assess the developer’s problem-solving abilities, language skills, and coding style.

Final Thoughts

Skilled developers are difficult to come by, particularly those who share your project’s vision. Developers have projects fit in the same way as a product has consumer fit. Make sure the app development company you choose recruits with congruent guidelines for evaluating and hiring an android developer, just like  Bytes Technolab Inc. one of the most prominent android app development companies  worldwide.

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