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4 Key Points to help you Hire an iOS Developer

May 17, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

4 Key Points To Help You Hire An IOS Developer

Can you believe how much of a task it is to hire iOS developers in India? It is not easy these days to get access to iOS app development services. When you take a look at the market statistics of Android and iOS, it shows that only 26.99% of Apple device users are seen to be spending more on paid apps and premium features.

iOS is a dominant platform in many regional markets like Canada, the US, Norway, and France. In other words, if you want to make a lot of money by satisfying affluent mobile users, go with iOS and Best iPhone app developers.

To offer you an idea of what these qualities are, consider the following.

  • Apple users are more affluent than Android users.
  • iOS users have a high level of education.
  • They have a higher level of engagement.
  • Finally, iOS users are willing to pay more per app.

So, where do you look for a mind that will listen to your thoughts, appreciate your beliefs, and transform them into a user-friendly, engaging, and outstanding app? It all basically comes down to a few key points:

  • Skills
  • Personal qualities
  • Experience
  • Appropriate for your team


The basic requirements for an iOS developer are listed below, but keep in mind that the success of your entire app creation depends on the specific tasks you assign to your employees. A developer’s job is only half done whether he or she has clear tasks and a well-defined target. So, here’s what you should look for:

  • Languages – Objective-C, Swift 3.0
  • SDK and frameworks – Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, UI Kit, and Foundation.
  • Platform – Xcode IDE
  • Framework – Core Data
  • UI: Apple Human Interface guidelines, XIB, spatial reasoning
  • Tools for Code versioning – Git

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Personal Traits

Gone are the days when a developer was an introverted loner who worked in the basement. Forever and ever. In today’s world, a developer must be able to establish relationships and work well with others.

Collaboration with other departments is also an essential skill, especially for senior iOS developers. If you notice a worker who lacks a flexible work style, excellent interpersonal skills, and general professional qualities, you should be worried about his or her usefulness.
While we’ve already discussed the important soft skills in this post, here’s a quick rundown of the key characteristics to look for in an iOS developer:


People who are proactive will motivate their team, create ideas, and see opportunities rather than problems. Though it is a necessary skill for a developer, it is especially useful for Seniors (read below).
It’s an absolute must! An app cannot be created by a single developer. Since success is a team effort, the ability to work within a team, collaborate with one another and consider the feedback of teammates will all contribute to the success of your new app development.

Time management is Important

This is crucial for fluid teams that operate from all over the world. Planning ahead of time allows for accountability and keeps you on track. Poor time management and a single developer’s minor delay have a far-reaching impact on the entire team.


It has to do with the creation of fresh ideas, imagination, and determination. Flexible development teams can rearrange their schedules, focus on the must-wins, and produce a flawless solution in the shortest amount of time. iOS developers that are adaptable don’t wonder “why me,” they just do.

Openness to New Ideas

Acceptance of innovative practices, continual improvement, and the ability to quickly adjust to the ever-changing software development space are all examples of open-mindedness. To remain on top of the industry, such developers are continuously developing their skills.


When you need new hands on deck, experience matters. Seniority is measured by the number and complexity of projects an iOS developer has worked on previously. The required seniority of an applicant for hire is determined by the tasks you assign to them.
Junior, middle (mid, regular), and senior are the three tiers of developers available.

Junior iOS Developer

This is a green newcomer with little or no experience in the industry. Junior is the best option if you have time and need a blank mind to try new things, discover unconventional ideas, and adapt to your growth needs.

Middle iOS Developer

An average developer takes several years to become a Middle iOS expert. These guys have more experience, understand how to deal with complex systems, and can be trusted with project architecture and task estimation.

Senior iOS Developer

A senior iOS developer is a seasoned pro who has worked on a variety of projects in a variety of teams and businesses and knows pretty much everything there is to know about iOS development.

This person can build the right software stack, create a fluid design, think about the project architecture, delegate tasks within a team, and mentor others who need guidance. This is the perfect person to lead the development process.

Culture Fit

A developer who is introverted may not be the best fit for an extroverted team and vice versa. Cultural fit is an inexplicable phenomenon. Even the best applicant can struggle to fit in with your team and business. This is sad and disturbing, but you must be prepared.

Establish a monthly probation period for each applicant to ensure that you are hiring the best iOS developer for the job. This provides ample opportunities to evaluate their talents, individual qualities, technical abilities, and cultural/mental compatibility with the team.
Failure to complete the probationary period prior to signing the contract can result in lower work productivity, bias, misunderstandings, and overall project failure.

Hire the Correct Candidate for iOS Development

As an iOS App Development Company, finding the right iOS developer is entirely dependent on your needs and goals. If you need to patch a bug or help with a specific assignment, you can hire a part-time freelancer.

The price is reasonable, but the quality may be mediocre.

You can recruit an in-house iOS developer whenever you have the room and resources to match the candidate’s skill set to your project’s needs. When you are working on a tight budget and a tight deadline, you will need top-notch experts at reasonable prices.
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