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Laravel, in web application development it is a big head under a PHP. Before a couple of years PHP has suffered in web developsment literally it is hassling a lot in the development and then they come up with the Laravel framework. Today Laravel is a most used framework of PHP. From 100%, laravel usage is more than 25 % among all the PHP frameworks. 

We are going to discuss its features. How it becomes a most popular framework. Behind this popularity is which factor is responsible. Let’s start with the List of Laravel features. 

List of Laravel Features

1. Template Engine

2. New directory structure

3. Method injection

4. Multiple file system support

5. Inbuilt authentication System

6. MVC Architecture support

7. Migration system for database

8. Security


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Let’s see in the brief of all listed Laravel features

1. Template engine:

It is the best feature of Laravel, Laravel is highly acknowledged with the inbuilt lightweight templates, with using these templates you create stunning layouts of the web application and enterprise application. Dynamically you can feed content in web/enterprise application.
Templates are additionally designed with multiple widgets, backend CSS and JS code with solid structures.

2. New directory structure

Prior to the latest directory structure change, it is the UI change of Laravel which is eye-catching on very first opening. The new directory structure in Laravel 5.0.1 is coming up with the auto landing pages. Classes are well name spaced now, configuration, storage and database are levels upped.
Everything is wrapped up in the one App folder, every folder working the same as the previous version now. A new folder is introduced, these folders contain all languages and template files of Application. This is the latest feature of the Laravel framework.

3. Method injection

In the latest update of the Laravel framework method injection is the most important feature in web development. For a programmer it is an easy way to work with classes and its instances.
Now, in the controller method as a programmer, you can declare a type hinted class instance. Developers can use an injection method for injecting class into the method.

4. Multiple file system support

The latest version of Laravel provides robust support for multiple file systems. The support system is a third-party packet which is a Fly system.
It provides an option for developers to set up a storage system, they can use a local or cloud-based storage system for simple configuration for storage.

5. Inbuilt authentication system

Authentication is core and a very basic part or feature in any framework as per developer perspective. In any web application or enterprise application developers are spending lots of time coding authentication.
With inbuilt authentication systems developers only need to configure a database, controllers and models to the working system.

6. MVC Architecture support

Developers are used to MVC Architecture in old used PHP frameworks. In Laravel features, MVC architecture support is the cupcake for regular experienced developers who don’t know the Laravel framework programmer.
It helps in improving the performance, allowing better documentation, and has multiple built-in functions.

7. Migration system for databases

Migrating database best feature in updated version Laravel, Migrating database means developer no need to create the new database for every web application. It reduces the time taken to re-create the re-creating database.
In this feature, there is no risk of data loss. And you can change database structure with the help of PHP, there is no need for SQL.

8. Security

Security, not only security but better security is a concern in every web application framework. Laravel takes care of the security of web/enterprise applications within the framework.
Laravel uses a hashed and salted password which is used as plain text in the database. It uses prepared SQL statements to make an injection attack.

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