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7 Reasons for Web Developers to Choose Webflow

Aug 18, 2022

Abhishek Amin

By Abhishek Amin


Faster time to launch a website having a beautiful UI & UX design is becoming more demanding. This is where tools to create websites come into play.

There are popular tools being used independently for graphics and visual design, prototype design, and coding.

But Webflow is a brilliant platform working as an in-browser design tool that does it all.
That’s true. And, these are the top reasons for designers to use Webflow.

In this article, we are about to see how this awesome technology has redefined the concept of website design and website development.

In the last blog, we saw why Webflow shall be used by Web designers to design websites. Here, our emphasis is more on web developers.

First, respecting all the readers here, let us see what is the difference between web design and web development! Let us get on with it, shall we?


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Web Design Vs. Web Development

What is Web Design?

All the colors, typography, and elements from the atomic level to create a visual look and functionality of a website is the part of web design.

Web designers use popular design tools such as Figma or Adobe XD to create the best UX and UI designs, wireframes, prototypes, color palettes, templates, etc.

Once these designs are approved by the client, they are forwarded to the web developers for coding.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of coding a website based on the approved design using various programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

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The development is categorized into two domains: Backend development and Front-end development.

The backend developers deal with designing and developing the complete infrastructure of the website or a web app.

Whereas, the front-end developers focus on the functionality of the website to define a complete presentation of how the visitors or users interact with it.

The developers who can do both the things mentioned above are full-stack developers.

Design Vs. Development: The Summary of Pain Areas

There are a lot of web design agencies and web development companies who vouch for building flawless websites and web apps by meeting all the design challenges.

Every software development company in the global market does this.

Down the line, when it comes to coding the design elements, extra-ordinary animations, transitions, etc., they fail on both the sides of design and development.

A compromised effect on your website or a web application is the result of this.

However, there exist genuine web development companies that have the in-house expertise to fulfill what they vouch for.

Why Webflow is the RIGHT Choice for Developers?

To build Single Page Applications (SPA), simple websites, or web apps with no complexities, Webflow is a blessing for web developers.

Not just to avoid or meet design challenges, but to bring a whole new level of experience to the web development ecosystem with speed.

1. Super-cool Features of Webflow

webflow opengraph

Image source

  • Turns designs into quality code: The visual design and coding happen simultaneously in the visual editor of Webflow.
  • Reusable Styles & classes: Empowers web developers to reuse CSS class for any design element with the same styling or use it as a base class.
  • All-in-one platform: Webflow is a platform that hosts HTML websites as well as works as a CMS.

Well… Webflow makes any designer a developer and vice-versa as it helps you build a simple website with no coding at all.

You just simply have to drag and drop the to build a structure for a specific page and bang!!

Create your own design on the go in a visual editor powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScrip which will automatically code in the backend.

2. Webflow is Created for All

webflow cms

Image source

It is a misconception that Webflow CMS is created for people who know nothing about coding.

In fact, it is a website development platform that is created for all, including web designers and web developers.

The best thing is its visual editor that presents consumer-oriented tools to form a visually appealing canvas that allows you to customize and build your websites with complete freedom.

This is what makes Webflow a stand-out web builder when compared to other platforms that try to hide the complexity of building a website.

With Webflow, you hold the power, you hold the control.

3. It Has Reusable Classes & Styles

webflow showreel

Image source

The actual appearance of graphics can be influenced or glorified by CSS, right? Similarly, Webflow has ‘Classes’ with styling elements.

To do styling, design upgrades, and other changes across the website, Classes comprise an engine for this platform.

The users can simply change the CSS stylings and reuse Classes to make changes through the website, without any programming and without affecting the design visuals.

Moreover, the changes made to the Classes are instantly viewed without any need for a Hot Reload.

This makes Webflow a preferred choice to maintain consistency and update simple websites and web applications.

4. Advanced Tools for Enhanced Control

webflow enhance control

Image source

Flexbox and CSS Gird are the advanced tools that are incorporated into Webflow.

It gives the users complete control in custom web development and also helps to boost the website appearance.

There is no need to look at the code, worry about the syntax errors, modify the code, and review the outcomes.

Webflow provides complete freedom to you to make the changes by using Flexbox and CSS Grid and reviewing the changes on the go.

There are no such limitations as far as simple website development is concerned.

5. Publish Websites with a Single Click

webflow single click

Image source

To me, Webflow CMS is larger than life, well at least for simple website hosting and publishing.

Once you have built your custom website, got a domain, and done all the reviews of your designs, you can make it live with a single click over the Publish button.

Webflow also has the Audit feature that automatically reviews and suggests fixes for your website. Isn’t it cool? Users just have to click ‘Audit’ and boom!

6. A Great CMS to Build Modern Websites

webflow modern websites

Image source

Modern websites are powered by a robust content management system (CMS).

This helps the website owners or admins to pay with the content and change it from time to time due to evolving priorities.

Webflow makes it really easy to build static websites with no-code development using the visual editor without disrupting anything at all.

The Webflow Editor is a blissful tool that empowers your content writers or content creators.

It delivers an intuitive experience to write, edit, and update content on the websites that are powered by Webflow CMS.

With Webflow CMS, apply your creativity and create impactful content of all types with no such limitations.

Webflow empowers web developers to craft pixel-perfect designs from the scratch with perfection.

7. Craft Interactive Graphics & Animations Easily

webflow craft interactive

Image source

Earlier in the blog, we already understood the pain areas where developers find it really difficult to meet the desired design expectations and challenges.

Let us understand how Webflow helps web developers to overcome this.

Assume that using Webflow, you have selected the templates, built layouts, and used custom CMS to backup them.

The job is half done as you have to use Webflow’s interactions and animation tools to give effects that will take your visual elements and designs to another level.

This tool is used to control animations and effects based on a visitor’s actions such as clicking, cursor hovering, scrolling, and page loading.

The developers who are not that confident in using JavaScript but are good at using CSS and HTML will find Webflow a preferred choice to build intuitive animation and graphics.

You can build a Figma design full of animations and graphics using Webflow and build it without coding. That’s super awesome.

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The Bottomline

Webflow is a visual way to ideate, design, and build a full-fledged website with simple features. It bridges the gap and connects visual design with coding. Always prefer web app development company to guide more about the Webflow.

This makes it an ideal choice for beginners who are looking to build a website on their own. This simply does not mean that Webflow is just for them.

In fact, Webflow is a versatile, easy-to-use, and efficient platform that can be used by web designers, web developers, and even content creators to build stunning yet simple websites and web applications.

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