A comprehensive guide to build a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse

Oct 29, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

A comprehensive guide to build a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse

Clubhouse, an audio-based social networking program, is a trendy topic. Going out and meeting people or organizing get-togethers is not ideal or safe under this COVID pandemic.

The way we communicate and engage with our friends and communities has changed as a result of social distancing. This circumstance has paved the way for the development of social apps such as Clubhouse.

Yes, the demand for and installation of social networking, communication, and entertainment apps has skyrocketed in the last two years. Since the onset of COVID-19, these categories have grown significantly.

People are looking for a more engaging and creative type of social media among all online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And Clubhouse is the most recent social network trend that is built on voice chat.

What exactly is it, and how can you make something similar? This essay deconstructs the audio-based social networking trend and discusses how to create a  voice Chat App like Clubhouse. 

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What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a speech-only social media app that allows users to create rooms and communicate with one another via voice chat. Users are led to a list of rooms made by other members after joining up with a name and profile photo.

The rooms are a close-knit community centered around the artist, and you can join and participate in the ongoing debate. All users are muted by default when they sign up, but they can unmute themselves whenever and however they see fit to engage in the chats.

You can participate and sit in on active discussions. Every user is muted by default after registration, but all users can unmute themselves once they begin participating in the discussions. You can only join this app if you are invited. As a result, Clubhouse is a one-of-a-kind and exclusive social media application.

Clubhouse is an elite and one-of-a-kind social media platform that can only be joined via invitation.

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What Is the Appeal of Clubhouse?

Not everyone wants to be a video-based app like TikTok since going on the screen might be intimidating for camera-averse users. Clubhouse, being a voice-only software, appeals to users who are tired of video engagement. Furthermore, voice chat allows you to be more spontaneous and natural.

Part of the reason Clubhouse is proving so popular is the need for other ways to connect users in the midst of the Covid pandemic. It provides a simple way to communicate with the community without the hassle of video and text.

The popularity of Clubhouse is also based on its secrecy. In the app, no interactions are ever recorded. If you wish to participate in a conversation, you must be there at the time it occurs.

Steps to Creating a Clubhouse-Style App

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If you’re creating a voice chat app like Clubhouse, here are six steps to get you started.

Perform Market Research

You don’t want to be another Clubhouse or one of the several social media apps presently available. Your app must be one-of-a-kind, have a purpose, and solve real-world problems. As a result, you must give your complete attention to market research.

Make use of this chance to research how your competitors’ apps work and how they appeal to users. Examine their strengths and weaknesses to identify possibilities for your app to gain a competitive advantage.

Conduct research on your target audience.

The success of your app is dependent on how well you understand the target population to whom you are promoting. You’ll need to protect information such as demographics, preferences, and problems of potential app users.

Instead of depending on data, the greatest approach to truly understand your audience is to get down on their level.

One-on-one interviews with potential customers are an efficient way to acquire useful information that will influence app development. You can plan interview questions to learn about the users’ concerns and generate solutions. When the app is released, the participants will most likely be a ready pool of users.

Design A User-Friendly And Intuitive Interface

In a congested app marketplace, there is very little room for error. The user experience and intuitiveness of your software must be prioritized. A few crashes and consumers straining to navigate an app are enough to eliminate the app’s chances of success.

Visual attractiveness alone will not engage and retain app users. You’ll need to have a better knowledge of what the user expects from the app and deliver on it.

Create an MVP

You may have a long wishlist of features that you believe should be included in the voice chat app. However, building the app with all of its functionality from the start is not viable. It is expensive and may cause a delay in time to market. Instead, you should create an MVP and test the essential ideas as soon as possible.

An MVP is a functioning app with only the essential features. The MVP excludes features that could improve the user experience but are not required for the app to function. Launching an MVP helps you and the development team to focus on key issues that affect the functionality and marketing appeal of the apps.

Begin a Marketing Campaign

Ideally, you should say the phrase before the app is activated. Strategic marketing would be beneficial. You might wish to approach famous people and ask them to check out the app and share their thoughts with their followers. Being included in well-known magazines increases visibility and may attract new users.

Obtain feedback

When users are testing the MVP release, you’ll want to be on the lookout for any problems and decide whether the app is serving its objective. Nothing beats getting feedback from people who have used the software to point you in the right direction.

Wrapping up

Clubhouse has demonstrated that there is still room for innovative social media apps, especially given the change in lifestyle during the epidemic. The key to success is to create one that is one-of-a-kind, purposeful, and well-targeted.

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