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The latest developments in web and mobile technology have been used by investors, brokers, and other active stock participants. An important example of stock market app development is the E-Trade application. And the only one of its sort is E-Trade by no means. In addition, the trading application isn’t yet flawless. Perhaps you can create it? If you are ready to attempt, just follow the instructions in our article to construct a stock market app like Etrade (or a better one). We have done all we can to thoroughly compartmentalize the problem and solve all the intricacies.

What is a trading app?

All of this is generally clear: apps and websites are made to make a modern person’s life easier at present. Instead of rejecting such a trend, intelligent entrepreneurs decided to use their advantages to improve their operations. Brokerage companies, among other things, began to ponder how an automated trading system can be developed. Most of them were successful.


They wanted to establish a trading platform correctly because it allows things to be controlled all the time. Traders and investors can perform all kinds of stock market transactions if they like. These new tremendous changes have, of course, strengthened people’s interest in the stock market, which is an additional benefit.


After all, what's it?

In short, a web-based stock market application (as well as a mobile) is designed both for people interested in attractive long-term investment businesses and for those who are interested in entering into a short-term agreement.


Types of trade platform


There are other methods to categorize trading platforms, but we opted to offer them the easiest choice in two primary groupings.

Traditional-oriented type


We are speaking here of traditional, proven assets such as ETFs, currencies, stocks, precious metals, etc. In other words, these 1st platforms enable customers to invest well-known.


The traditional category is the most requested because trade participants prefer to handle assets they know.


By the way, you need not restrict your bespoke trading program to a single asset.

Cryptocurrency-oriented type


The second case concerns Bitcoin. The second is more detailed. We all heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Such trading systems, therefore, focus on the management of such assets: the sale or purchase of such assets as well as transactions of all types, etc.


Also, don’t miss 2 choices for cryptocurrency exchange: central, broker-involved and decentralized. The second one is based on the p2p model.


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Core features: stock market apps




The procedure of authorization should be as straightforward as feasible and, above all, safe (when it comes to finances, the issue of data security is especially relevant). You should ideally give various choices for registration (for example, through social networks, phone numbers, email). The Touch ID technology should also be supported by modern applications


A user page for personal data management. This should be updated and modified to provide information.


Place trades with the ability to see and amend information on stock or mutual fund products. The feature is a critical one – offer your custom trade software the most attention.


Transactions and payments. The function is helpful to execute orders and includes the ability to monitor the flow of funds and to manage them.




You may be shocked, but this is an essential component of the creation of the stock market software. This is because the stock market is highly sensitive to any incident (both local and global ones). Say, if a popular restaurant brand is wrong, then it is likely that its stocks will decrease and it is reasonable to buy them while they are still inexpensive. Indeed, news from a range of sources should be collected, including financial analysis reports, expert comments etc. In order to keep market participants attentive, the feature informs users about news about the trading business, exchange rates, and everything in real-time.


List of stock market updated portfolios. A user should be capable of tracking and monitoring their positions in real-time (and filtering their output).




It provides an easy way to monitor the deposit status – at all times and without effort. Don’t forget to do this if you are prepared to comprehend how to create a trading system that offers fair chances of demand.


Quote monitoring


In real-time mode, users should be able to view all quota updates.




Make it easier for users to use a convenient search engine to search for the information they need.




Bondholders will appreciate the option to monitor statistics and analyze transaction results, trade findings, etc. An excellent decision is to give them several types of reporting and performance charts.


Sorting and filtering systems will also be unnecessary. They will enable users to browse better in the user-friendly structure of their stock market web or mobile app and output data.


Push notification


And don’t forget the notification system, of course. The greatest strategy to maintain contact with the user is to do so.

How to create an e-commerce trading platform

The development of stock market applications is a difficult process, but we propose you take care of 5 things to make it as easy as possible.

Mobile site VS Mobile application


You don’t require this item and are able to move safely to the next if you just want to create an application. However, you should decide how it interacts with users’ smartphones, in order to comprehend how to build a stock market website.


Select the best platform


You now have to determine which platform is going to run your application. E-Trade is compatible with every operating system, and we think you should follow this path and consider how to create an Android and iOS stock market app (both of them).


The development process


Now that the preliminary questions are resolved, it is time to look at the development of software for stock trading. There are three important milestones:
Mobile development
Backend development
Frontend development


Trading system design


The stock market is a particular domain, a mistake in this field might lead to failure. When creating interfaces, the following things should be considered:


At the stage of developing concepts and product needs, you should start thinking about UI/UX.


Usability testing is vital because this is the sole opportunity for you to make the product in line with the original concept.


UI/UX should make the stock market app development process easier. Prototyping and related technologies provide technical support and help developers understand the use of the app.


Safety is truly important


Insecurity, finance is a very good point. Unfortunately, user unhappiness is a problem. For example, many users don’t want to confirm authentication, they pull and upset the whole process. You have to strike a balance between security and comfort, and we believe that safety remains a priority.


If someone gains access to his or her assets as you permitted yourself to depend on his or her intelligent wishes during the construction of the stock market program, your users probably will not be pleased.

Wrapping up

Now, all you need to do is identify certified stock market developers that have the essential knowledge and an understanding of how to design a stock market app like Etrade.


Stock trading app development is important to make your standing in this newly developing field. If you are looking to hire stock market app developers, look no further, Bytes Technolab Inc is your solution. We excel in trading application development and will ensure the application suits your needs.

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