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Clients require an easy-to-use place to make changes to their website’s content. Somewhere they don’t have to look at the website’s skeleton and all the frightening code. One that allows them to log in, click on certain hyperlinks and add text and photos, and then click Save.


The reason we use a CMS for all of our websites is to make it easier for clients to maintain their content, the majority of websites nowadays utilize a CMS.


Some CMS frameworks are more popular than others and there are a lot of them out there. If you are still skeptical about whether to Hire Craft CMS Developers or from where to avail of Craft CMS Development Services, read on.

What is Craft CMS?

Craft is written in PHP on the powerful Yii 1.x platform. For building unique digital experiences for the web and beyond, Craft CMS is a versatile, user-friendly CMS. For content production and administrative duties, it comes with a simple, user-friendly control panel. There’s no doubt that Craft CMS is straightforward to use and has a very clear graphical interface.


For the template, Craft CMS uses Twig, which is a strong PHP template engine that is open-source. Twig’s syntax is derived from Jinja and Django templates. Craft CMS is an easy-to-use, flexible content management system for developers, web designers, and other online professionals.


Craft CMS has an easy-to-use interface and key backend functionality (SEO, page ranking); it is also simple to organize tiles for feature pages. Scalable—easy it’s to create new pages. To all intents and purposes. Page revisions, live view modifications, live page update capabilities, and plugin administration are all maintained by Craft CMS.


In a single section with entry types, you may manage various content types. Using backend technologies like PHP and JS, we may expand and enhance Craft CMS functionality and features.

Benefits of Craft CMS

1. As a content management system, it’s one of the finest.

2. Lightweight CMS.

3. It has many great commercial features, such as 1st party localization, easy rebranding, etc.

4. With a smaller but generally more “high-tier community of developers”, it’s quite extensively documented.

5. For many tasks, it does not require plugins, unlike other platforms.

6. For each site, the designer/developer creates custom-tailored solutions.

7. Form builder plugins in the Plugin Store allow you to quickly and easily create any type of form you need.

When to use craft CMS?

Craft CMS is utilized to make the website dynamic, and the Craft CMS control panel has a very clean UI and is simple to use.


When it comes to content, Craft CMS shines brightly. The Matrix-block architecture makes managing sites a snap. ‘Design units,’ as we call them in-house, make up every website. Either full-screen video, an ad banner or rich article material, navigation, or contact forms are all examples of design units that fulfill a specific function.


Rearrange, deactivate or add them as you like. They are responsive and easy to work with. Even if your sophisticated heatmaps show visitors aren’t scrolling far enough to convert, it’s easy to test different flows in a few seconds. When it comes to 14MB JPEGs, Craft CMS has you covered with live viewing and optimization features.


A good choice for small websites, but it really shines for huge content sites with a lot of interconnected layers.

Below you will see a glimpse of the administrative dashboard.


Admin has the ability to add dynamic material.



The system’s global settings can be updated by the administrator.



The dynamic Header/Footer menu may be managed by the administrator.



The dynamic Header/Footer menu may be managed by the administrator.



Plugin Store



Real-time update/publishing option with preview



Wrapping up

Clearly, you can see, Craft CMS has a lot to offer. It has so much to offer, and this will just continue to grow. There are weekly updates, so it’s just going to become better! If you want to hire Expert Craft CMS Developers for your next project, Bytes Technolab Inc. can help. We are a leading Craft CMS Development Company and have polished our skills with years of practice. Get in touch with us.

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