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In the past six months, a lot of stores have shifted online in fear of the COVID 19 pandemic. This new sales strategy has also proved to be effective with more businesses using eCommerce based selling. Adobe’s Magento web development gives owners all the capabilities that they would want on their online store – right from assistance in current market trends to preparation for the future. Website development for eCommerce using Magento makes it easy to integrate features and designs based on each business requirement, thereby making it ideal for any business.

Being an open-source platform, Magento has many advantages over others, and with the latest launch of Magento 2.4, it has many more features in its kitty. Here are the important attributes of Magento:

1. Customized web development:

There is a difference in wearing a readymade cloth and a tailor-made according to measurement. The same is the situation with Custom Magento web development. As Magento is an open-source, feature-rich, and scalable platform it allows the owners to take complete control over the functionalities. Choosing such a custom Magento development allows the traders to shape, personalize, and mold the eCommerce store according to their needs. Magento improvement gives a significant level of customization to make a remarkable eCommerce site.

2. Rich themes:

People do not walk into a store that is cluttered and has an uninviting atmosphere. Similarly, for an online store the design, look, and the theme is prime to gather consumer’s attention. Magento offers a wide range of options in these when it comes to eCommerce website development. It presents an excellent catalog page that is arranged conveniently with comprehensive product information. The Magento theme development creates a friendly buying experience through its complete customization and mobile-friendly aspect.

3. User friendly:

The administration of a web store on Magento is made easy and less time-consuming. The well-designed user interface makes the admin system a lot easier to understand and work. A user-friendly search menu makes it easier for the customer to search what they are looking for. Magento thus makes it an easy job for both buyer and seller.

4. Vendor assisted shopping:

When one walks into a physical store the store assistant is present to guide the customer, Magento’s new seller-assisted feature in online shopping empowers the seller to deliver exceptional services. The sales representative can now log into their accounts and help the customer in:
Finding an item and guide them on how to set up a shopping cart.
Generating orders and creating quotes based on their purchases.
Identifying a nearby location for in-store pickup. And much more.

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5. Magento Extensions:

When one has an eCommerce store and not enough sales to leverage reviews or a newly developed website with not enough traffic – how does one overcome this gap? That is when storytelling and building relationships with content matters. Magento extensions have all the features required to engage visitors, boost sales, and gather leads. A few of these extensions are:

Blog: Managing a blog through this tool has already helped many brands improve their google positions, improve SEO, and increase traffic.

WebP Images: Blog can help in generating traffic and leads but people will stay longer on the site only if it doesn’t take much time to load. WebP Images helps in converting all images in a format that reduces its size by 50% that leads to faster loading of the page.

Social Media: To make the store recognizable, promotion on social media is essential. Magneto Facebook open graph extension allows creating more attractive posts that would encourage people to visit again.

Dynamic Categories: It is good to have a lot of products but it can get difficult if these items are not arranged in separate categories. Dynamic categories feature offers just that where you can create an automatic category based on the product name and its property.

6. Platform upgrades:

To enhance performance the latest 2.4 release of Magento has upgraded its supporting platforms. These extended supports include MySQL 8.0, PHP 7.4, PHP 9.x, and Elastic search 7.x. quick ordering, the faster performance of cart and checkout, and faster page loading during high traffic are the highlights here.

7. Security Enhancements:

With the introduction of the 2FA (Two Factor authentication) in the 2.4 version, the admin panel now has the protection from unauthorized users. Many updates have taken place in preventing malicious attacks. Some of these are: By default enabling of template filter strict mode, refined content security policies, and better reporting of security issues.

To wrap it up:
As customers are now getting used to the new way of living and shopping, technology is the path forward for the businesses. With one of the best navigation in the eCommerce market, Magento provides a great customer buying experience.

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