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Benefits of Web Development with Laravel Framework

Feb 16, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Benefits of Web Development with Laravel Framework

Choosing the most appropriate and suitable platform for web development is critical to building a more scalable, feature-rich, and fully functional application. And to find a solution for this, most developers prefer the Laravel framework of PHP programming language. Laravel framework is one of the most preferred platforms in the industry widely for web development. However, various other programming languages are also available for specific web app creation. Still, the Laravel open-source platform offers several advanced features that make it the best among all available frameworks. Laravel is based on Model View Controller methodology, which is the most significant reason for using this framework. Laravel based business solutions are adequately more straightforward and ensure a more manageable process of coding applications. More than 20 million websites on the internet are powered by Laravel and what distinguishes it from the other frameworks is its elegant and expressive syntax. Laravel solutions have been designed to leverage ease and speed in the overall process of web development. Laravel is probably the best framework and the most preferred web development platform in the USA, according to the Enlyft report. The report says that in the USA alone, over 170,000 websites are built on the Laravel platform.

Several top-ranked Laravel web development companies worldwide are involved in custom Laravel services to businesses of all sizes. Laravel framework, with its advanced and ever-evolving features, empower web developers seeking a dependable and ideal toolkit to build advanced and feature-rich web solutions of all types. Not only this, but Laravel also leverages other factors such as a dedicated reliability manager, code separation, modular packaging, routing services, testing of units, and several ways to gain relational databases, which further inspires Laravel’s popularity among businesses. All this clarifies why web development organizations choose Laravel for web development. This article will give you several reasons for the importance of Laravel website development for businesses. So, let’s explore the benefits of the Laravel framework, making it the preferable choice of web development companies.

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Benefits of Laravel Platform for Businesses


Security is the most prime reason for Laravel among the most preferred platforms for web development. In terms of security, the Laravel platform ensures exceptional security measures. Extending a significant level of security parameters, usually not found in other frameworks, makes Laravel the best solution. The Laravel developer’s expertise also determines the security level of the application as it depends on the created code and the overall structure of the solution.

Makes Programming Easier

PHP Laravel enables easy development of a website as in Laravel framework, you can write procedural codes, and it also enables you to do Object-oriented programming. In Laravel, developers can access specialized learning and practice tools like Laracasts. Free tutorials and paid expert tutorials are offered by these tools vital to resolve complex issues through coding. Industry experts and leverage directions create the framework’s content to enable optimized solutions’ development as per specific business needs.

Built-in Project Environment

The project environment integrated into the PHP Laravel inspires easy management of developers’ process. By providing a more structured coding path, the Laravel framework simplifies complex web and app development. Developers working in Laravel use an in-built tool named Artisan to simplify complex functions, usually avoided by most developers while performing manually. This ensures an easier way of coding for developers.

Blade Templating Engine

It is an entirely different feature offered by the Laravel framework. Blade templating engine is intuitive and functions well with PHP/HTML code. These templates are light, and this helps to build unique layouts much easier. This would enable developers to create a good appeal and reduce loading time on the web, which ultimately leads to improving the website’s search engine ranking.

Outstanding Documentation

To learn using Laravel and its various components gets more comfortable as the programmers can easily understand the stages with transparent documentation. It also helps developers leverage the benefits for businesses.

Unit Testing

Laravel provides the advantage of Unit Testing also on the web development platform. This ensures easier testing of applications and enhances the possibilities of a perfect web solution. Some other tests’ freedom helps avoid any unexpected failure while developers are incurring updates at any web development stage.

Migration for Database

Synchronizing databases between various machines in the development process is one of the most challenging programmers’ tasks. Laravel helps to overcome this challenge also as it allows sharing of the database between developers in a team to save development process time. With this capability, Laravel stands apart from other such frameworks.

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel supports a Model-view-controller architecture that comes up with several in-built functionalities that help developers build the best web solutions for their business. Model-view-controller architecture facilitates better documentation, improved performance, and multiple in-built functionalities than the other PHP platforms. All these makes web development with Laravel much more effortless and attractive.

Extensive Community Support

  • The massive Laravel community can provide you tips and instructions for better web development practices. On being stuck at any stage of web development, you can immediately seek assistance from the community to resolve the concern issue immediately.

The benefits of the Laravel framework discussed above make Laravel the best and most suitable framework for developing web solutions for your business. Laravel provides various advantages to businesses, including security, improved performance, an impressive and extraordinary feature list, transparent verification, time and cost efficiency, SEO friendliness, and reliability, which inspire businesses’ love for Laravel.

Laravel is all distinctive from the other programming languages, and these fantastic features discussed above have played a significant role. Laravel is an excellent platform and stands apart among new generation web development frameworks. Its quickness, intuitive nature, cost-efficiency, time-efficient, and scalability offers more excellent dependability for businesses seeking more reliable web solutions to improve their team’s productivity and bring efficiency in their business processes. Therefore, with the insights above, it is clear that choosing Laravel would be an excellent choice for your web development. Collaborating with a reputed Laravel framework powered web solution development company would help you receive the framework’s advantages, which enables you to create a custom web solution to cater to your bespoke needs to resolve the challenges you face. Such a solution would help add value to your business.

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