Black Friday 2021: Prepare your App for the day of Ecommerce

Nov 22, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Black Friday 2021: Prepare your App for the day of Ecommerce

With several people likely to browse for discounts online throughout the Thanksgiving break, one thing is almost certain, which is that your online store shall witness an escalation in traffic.

While this is an ecstatic news for the Ecommerce markers, however without a proper eCommerce platform to support your business, you might fall behind your competitors, and your traffic shall lead to poor site performance. This is pertinent to note that this can be the situation for both small businesses and big retailers.

Considering the expected volume of Black Friday sales, businesses need to get their app ready for Black Friday 2021, which requires them to start with SEO optimization.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Following Black Friday’s success, new retail holidays arose, including Cyber Monday. These are frequently mistaken for one another, and only a few consumers are aware of the differences.

It’s important to note that the Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday, and it’s a popular shopping day for many. In addition, this signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday began as an entirely offline event.

It happened when businesses made such compelling deals that bargain-hungry buyers flocked out in droves to take advantage of them.

On the other hand, Cyber Monday is predominantly an online event. It was founded in 2005 to assist small businesses in competing with big-name companies that provide Black Friday deals.

The Monday that follows the Thanksgiving ceremony immediately is called Cyber Monday.

Read further to understand how you can get your app ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

How To Get Ready For Black Friday With Your Ecommerce Store

1. Plan ahead of time:

It is never too early to start with your plans and preparations. Start your planning immediately with:

  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • Mobile functionality at a high level
  • A seamless checkout and payment procedure with a plethora of paying options

2. Check the speed of your website:

Buyers and busy customers do not want to lose their time waiting for the sites to load during the busy holiday season. A sluggish website undermines your reputation with customers and puts your customer retention in danger. This might lead to the potential buyers moving to other sites.

Google does indeed have a free tool that you can use to evaluate the speed of your website and guarantee it is performing at its best.

Simply enter your site’s URL, and the program will analyze its performance and provide you with immediate findings. This can help you determine whether or not you need to improve the speed of your website.

3. Examine your checkout procedure:

Consumers who buy online are frequently stressed for time, particularly during the holidays, because of the rush. They want your online store’s checkout procedure to be quick and painless.

You would like to benefit from the possibility of generating as many profits as possible on the day of eCommerce when clients are ready to buy.

All of the marketing efforts you invested to generate traffic to the site would be for waste if customers didn’t make it through the checkout process.

That being said, you should check your checkout process ahead of time to ensure that it runs seamlessly and efficiently. This can be the best method to prevent card abandonment not only during the Black Friday rush but all around the year since Sluggish checkout processes frequently cause cart abandonment.

4. Get help onboard:

Managing a major online store requires excellent customer service. If you have a horrible customer service experience, it can have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation and revenue. Since many online transactions are predicted, you must plan for a surge in customer service demands and have various channels for buyers to contact you for help – all of which should be prominently marked on your site.

One of the most significant components of customer service for customers is having problems fixed in a single transaction and speaking with a skilled customer service agent. Probably make yourself accessible or have someone as a backup to respond to client queries in real-time.

5. Marketing Strategies for Black Friday

Let us have a look at a few pointers to help you prepare your website and app for the predicted surge in Black Friday traffic via black Friday app development.

  • Plan your Black Friday Pop-ups:

Pop-ups aren’t just for collecting the mails from the customers, which is one of the Shopify Black Friday advertising ideas pitfalls.

The real scenario is different. It has a slew of positive consequences, including lowering cart abandonment and delivering delivery time information, among others. Ensure you’re ready for pop-ups since Black Friday shoppers have so many options, and they wouldn’t wait for your site.

A fantastic Black Friday marketing concept is to plan properly and schedule them. You could ensure that your most important messages hit the right person at the right time with a flurry of very well-targeted pop-ups. You can also entice them with Black Friday app offers that can be informed via pop-ups.

  • Rely on social media:

Brands may use social media to create interesting, high-quality content that persuades customers to visit their site and compel them to buy. You should provide useful content that is useful to your potential audience and marketing blog entries via social media.

Make sure to add a sense of urgency in your communications when preparing your social media strategy for Black Friday — but don’t go overboard. If customers see too many “limited-time deals,” they will develop resistance to them and tend to ignore them.

  • Take a step further than Black Friday:

Buyers expect to get fantastic prices on Black Friday, only for one day within a holiday break. It’s critical to plan ahead and have a proper marketing strategy in place for each of the five days of Cyber Week, including Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.

Invite your clients to take benefit of not only your holiday specials but also your loyal fan base. You may accomplish this by utilizing ongoing e-mail marketing, engaging on social media, and sending abandoned cart alerts.

  • Improving User Experience:

As the popularity of eCommerce grows, so have the customer expectations and needs have grown significantly. To attract the users to your website and grow it further, work on improving the customer experience. One of the greatest App Marketing Tips for Black Friday is to improve the customer experience.

The functioning and your success during the Black Friday market shall showcase how successfully you improved the customer experience. Ensure to keep your customer satisfied. Reply to every question and keep connecting with them.

Improving User Experience:You can also use chatbots for connecting with online buyers. You can inform them about out-of-stock products or assist them in any of their doubts. You can provide a similar navigation experience even in mobile devices, optimizing it for all types of operating systems and devices. This shall be one of the best App Marketing Tips for Black Friday that shall enhance user experience.

  • E-mail marketing campaign:

Observe your client’s behavior and prepare yourself to use them to suggest and recommend suitable product suggestions. This aids in improving your conversion rates, income and they shall visit your site more often.

You can also add customized e-mail recommendations that should be based on their interests or frequently used products or services. Send them e-mails reminding them about your offers or their abandoned baskets, which will aid in increasing engagements with the customers.


To conclude, instead of concentrating strictly on discounts or providing offers, use Black Friday 2021 marketing strategies to build long-term connections with customers.

You can prepare yourself for the day to get new customers and potential buyers this Christmas season with a little planning. As consumers continue to spend and hunt for deals, this year is going to be no different.

In the end, the only distinction is that it differs from the rest of the options you have. Buyers are already more than ever moving toward online buying. They are in search of deals and offers so that if your website is search engine optimized, possibilities are they’ll find your store.

Moreover, they can also get attracted with the easy navigation and attractive features and decide to stay. Remember that planning a sales campaign is only the first step toward increasing your store’s overall revenue. You can hire developers for black Friday e-commerce app development who can aid you in developing Mobile App Promotion Strategies for Black Friday.

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