Bytes Technolab’s A-Z guide for the best travel software solution

Nov 4, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Bytes Technolab’s A-Z guide for the best travel software solution

The Digital revolution has changed the way the travel industry functions and before Covid 19 it was one of the few industries witnessing large growth. Since everything has gone digital, planning a trip using mobile devices has become popular and many companies like Airbnb, Expedia, Sky scanner,, and others have reached incredible success with their apps during this pandemic. The travel software solution has gained attraction after this changed behavior and preferences of travelers worldwide. Travel industry solution for travel and tour agents allows prospective travelers to plan everything right from booking of flight, bus, and train tickets to hotel and sightseeing places from their mobile devices. If you are wondering about the current pandemic situation affecting your travel business and are looking for a solution, then this article is for you! We have listed the best travel industry solutions to transform your business and grow it exponentially.

Most essential technologies for the travel industry:

Travel Itinerary Generator

Now more and more travelers prefer to plan their trip on their own and itinerary generators are most useful for this purpose. According to location the user searches for, such apps generates travel plan and suggestions. The travelers can thus generate their things to do and places to visit without much preplanning. The most popular trip planners are Google Trips and Tripit. However, having your travel app development will make you stand out from the rest.

Flight booking engine app

Leading flight booking engine mobile app Development Company in the industry are forging ways through which AI can help revamp the travel sector. Provisions such as digitalized check-ins in-app will make it easy for travelers to adhere to the new safety standards in the post-pandemic world. Investing in a flight booking engine app development is the right move to boost your revenue and gain higher ROI in near future.

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IoT based applications

Touchless data entry and collection through IoT based mobile application is the future of the travel industry. Many tourist towns and cities have started implementing Geo location smart system which offers the tourists useful information through IoT app development. Details on the local hotel, weather, and culture, and so on are all directed to the travel app on the user’s phone.

Digital Identity wallets

Digital identity wallets are something that travelers always look forward to and in the post-Covid era, it is another trend that travelers would see. Such a digital wallet allows users to access and store all important information regarding their travel and confidential health credentials.

Weather forecaster

An unplanned journey can end up in a disaster at times. Many tourists forget to check the weather and climate in distant places of travel and are not well prepared for the ramifications. That is why integrating a real-time weather forecast into your mobile app would be a great idea. You can tell the users about important factors such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more so that they are well prepared.

Location tracking

A good travel platform development company should focus on this feature and offer a GPS based location facility. This feature helps tourists easily find nearby hotels, tourist hotspots, restaurants, shops, and more.

Social media integration

In this era of social media, it is crucial to have a feature where travelers can share their memorable experiences and exchange these views with their friends on social media. You can also have a separate review section where the users can share their thoughts and views. This increases customer loyalty and enhances the trust factor in them.

Language translation

When traveling to remote places within the country or abroad tourists might not speak all the local languages and this can cause some inconveniences. To protect your travelers from trying to communicate inappropriately you can integrate a language translator tool into your travel app.
For example, Google translator already has a function for translating sign language or texts using a smart phone camera. The future is already here!

Travel CRMs

While CRM and sales management tools are relatively new, they have become an essential part of every business. Various kinds of CRMs can be developed based on the needs of your business utilizing smart CRM travel technology solutions. Scalable CRMs are a quite efficient and valuable investment for travel businesses.

Other travel arrangement software

Much other travel arrangement software for cashless travel, inbuilt currency convertor, flight reminders, contactless commute, and AI-powered chatbots for assistance must be considered when developing a tailor-made app.

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Now that you have understood the future trends in the travel industry for post-pandemic, this is the right time to invest in digital transformation for your business. Make preparations now and fine-tune all the features of your mobile app. Start seeking feedback so that you understand your customer’s needs better when Covid 19 vaccine becomes available and people start traveling again. At Bytes Technolab we constantly strive to create web and mobile solutions that match the needs of our clients. You can hire our travel platform development company in USA, Australia, and India to build customized solutions considering end users.

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