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The global online learning market has seen unforeseen growth in recent years and is expected to continue experiencing the same in the future. According to some reports, the corporate online learning industry has observed 900% in the past two decades. More than 40% of online learning services providing organizations have boosted their profitability by employing e-learning platforms. E-learning is more sustainable from the point of view of environmental protection. Studies have revealed that distance learning courses involve consumption of energy by 87% lesser and emits approximately 85% lesser CO2 than the full-time regular courses. Online learning is undoubtedly has shown scope for the future. The modern era is experiencing the growth of e-learning apps, and it has received a boost from the COVID-19 pandemic. E-learning apps can be of different kinds, which include-

  • Exam Preparation Apps

    These apps guide students to prepare effectively for exams and provide various aptitude tests and useful preparations for preparing for competitive exams.

  • Vocabulary Apps

    This type of e-learning app inspires self-learning, and using this type of app helps users improve their vocabulary in a particular language.

  • Language Learning Apps

    These apps help learners learn a language and gain proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking.

  • Course-Based Apps

    These apps allow students to get enrolled in various courses professional or curriculum-based.

  • Virtual Classroom Apps

    These apps provide a common platform for both students and teachers and connect online.

The above list is not exhaustive, and there may be several other kinds of e-learning apps that give you exposure to learning in various fields and study areas.

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Essential Features for an E-Learning App

The success of an e-learning application highly depends on the features offered by the interface of the application. An attractive app with exciting features and creative course-related graphics can enhance the credibility of the application. An E-Learning App design features can be classified into three panels: Students’ panel, Teachers’ panel, and Administrators panel. The features for these panels may include:

The Students’ Panel

  • Sign-up and Sign-in

    This feature will allow students to create their profile to access their social media accounts, mobile number, or email.

  • Search

    This feature helps students search a particular course for a particular subject or a tutor on the app. The app could also provide personalized guidance and notes in the form of written documents or power-point presentations for a topic or a course of a subject.

  • Notification Alert

    This would allow students to receive notifications about new courses or notes and presentations for the course recently added. It also releases reminders for users about the scheduled classes and renewal of the subscription.

  • Student Dashboard

    This feature allows users or students to effectively manage and check their activities and preferences within the application.

  • Ratings and Reviews

    Here, students or users can record their feedback about a tutor, course, or study material provided (such as notes, presentations, and test papers).

The Teachers’ Panel

  • Teachers’ Dashboard

    In this, teachers and tutors can manage their classes, schedule lectures and tutorials, share videos and study material (such as test papers,comprehensive notes, and power-point presentations, etc.) with students.

  • Time Table

    This allows teachers and tutors to schedule classes and lectures for a particular course.

  • Assignment

    This allows tutors to assign students with their home-work and practice tasks in assignments.

  • Notifications

    This feature leverage alerts for tutors and teachers regarding queries asked by scholars/students and the institution’s updates on a particular course or subject curriculum.

  • Sign-up and Sign-in

    In this feature, tutors and teachers can create their new accounts and then access them to schedule lectures and checking the updates related to them.

The Admin’s Panel:

This panel is specifically for the administrator. Essential features required to be added in this panel are:

  • Sign-up

    To create a profile within the app using email, phone number, or social media identity.

  • Managing Courses

    Here, the administrators can manage everything about different courses offered by the institutions.

  • Managing Students

    This enables keeping track of the number of students enrolled in the different courses, respectively, keeping track of students’ performance and other activities of students.

  • Managing Teachers

    This enables checking the feedback, review, and reports submitted by teachers and tutors, allot them new courses and assigning them various tasks.

  • Push Notifications

    To update teachers and students about the upcoming activities and events, such as exams, tests, new courses launched, and notes/test-papers added.

  • Payment Gateway

    To check and maintain a record of students’ payments, managing accounts for receiving payments, and managing various modes of payments.

  • Content Management

    To manage and organize the content available on the application.

These are the basic features of an e-learning application. This is not the exhaustive list, and there may be other features that can be included within the app with the help of a company providing E-Learning app development solutions.

Technological advances have completely transformed the traditional way of teaching and learning. In current conditions, students and teachers are no more required to be present physically in an assembly to impart knowledge. The credit goes to e-learning or online learning applications. Also, this has opened up the scope for technological innovations and employment in the field of technology. So, if you are also willing to create an e-learning platform, E-Learning app development services would be your way to go. You can hire a company providing such services, and they would develop a custom app with all the essential features. The growing tendency for online learning has inspired the growth and development of e-learning solutions worldwide. With these technological advances, some e-learning trends are expected to be continuing in the year 2021. These trends may include- Mobile learning to make learning accessible to everyone; use of AR and VR in e-learning to understand complicated things easily and practically; personalized learning to offer education according to each student’s learning ability and performance; various educational tools enhance performance. Some other trends are self-directed learning, digitization of instructor-led-training to partial or complete online learning; gamification in the online education process; and micro-learning, and many more. These e-learning trends dominate the process, and the surplus advantages of this are multiple as firstly, it did not let the process of learning stop even during the pandemic. Secondly, both students and teachers are finding this method of learning exciting and productive.

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