Developing an App for Car Service Centre and Auto Repair Shop

Feb 9, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Developing An App For Car Service Centre And Auto Repair Shop

It doesn’t matter how much people hate complying with the need for maintenance of vehicles. Still, the fact is that the way they love traveling with cars is the same way they should take routine care of their car and take the pain and inconvenience of performing regular maintenance. They need to complete the same responsibilities to avoid the issues that may arise on the road. This is true that people don’t like to get involved in such messy jobs, but they don’t have a choice in the matter as all the vehicles require routine servicing and immediate repairs when trouble arises.

But presently, new customer service skills have changed past that used to cost you hours in comparing, searching, and waiting at the service centers and repair shops to get your vehicle serviced or repaired. Several efficient workshops are available to help people in all kind of car repair jobs and maintenance issues. Several apps for car service, such as the CARFAX app, have changed the way of performing this, and such apps have made the job easy for people to find the right mechanic and service center for their vehicle. Now the options to find competent mechanics and efficient workshops are available on the mobile, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other devices that can connect with the internet. This technology benefits the customers or vehicle owners and leverages more significant revenues for companies across the automotive industry and auto service businesses.

Developing an auto care and repair app is quite difficult for a person who does not know to program. For this, professional programmers in the IT industry can build such an app for using auto car app maker software. You can develop an efficient and robust app for your auto care and repair shop immediately, and for that, you only need to hire automotive app developers. Such apps facilitate businesses with more client engagements and customers with attractive, user-friendly features.

In this article, we will discuss a good auto care service app. The article’s focus will be the steps and essentials for creating a useful app for your auto care service business that would help you meet your business goals.

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Steps to Develop a Car Repair and Service App like CARFAX App

CARFAX is an app that keeps track of the vehicles’ services and releases real-time reminders that would help you take care of your car in an efficient manner. Developing a repair and service app like CARFAX app requires you to follow few steps:

Pick a Name for Your App

You need to select a name of your choice for your app aims to provide auto care service. The name should be short and unique, and to avoid confusion, the name should not be associated with or resembling any other app of such kind.

Integrate Essential Features

Integrate essential features to your app interface with the auto repair app development services provider you will hire to create your app. It would help if you used custom templates to customize your app in a suitable way to cater your business needs.

Launch and Mobilize

Conduct required tests of your app’s efficiency to ensure that there should not be any problem or inefficiency in the functioning of the app left. Now, launch your app and start mobilization/promotion by publishing it on several platforms to get people to know about it.

Now that you know how to build an app for your online car repair shop, let’s discuss your app’s features.

Now that you know how to build an app for your online car repair shop, let’s discuss your app’s features.

Ensure and Interactive Design: The design of the interface determines the experience of users. Therefore, you need to ensure an intuitive design and feature display within the app. This would convince customers coming back to your app regularly.

Account Setup and user Tutorial

The app should involve within a tutorial to provide step by step directions to the visitors or customers, landing the app for the very first time, for their journey within the application. A tutorial helps them understand your app better that would leverage an excellent user experience for them.This tutorial must include the guidance for setting up an account within the app, and the app should allow login using social media accounts of the customers.

Service Scheduling

Customers land such online auto care platforms seeking an immediate solution in time of emergency. To prevent the trouble of making customers waiting for a specific day or time for booking completion, you should provide a convenient service scheduling feature in your app that allows the customer to book the service according to their preferable time. This would ensure more traffic in your app in the future.

Convenient Pricing

Considering all the investments, including mechanics, database maintenance, and server, decide a reasonable price for service or respective repair works. The price should not be too much. Quoting a high price would end up at your prospects, not settle on your expense. Undoubtedly, customers are ready to pay a little higher for availing services at home on their ease. But, no one likes to pay a too much higher price for any assistance.

Have a Cost Calculator

Transparency is crucial for the success of any business. The app must be consisting of a cost calculation feature that would enable the customer to calculate and check the breakings of their final amount to be paid for the mechanic services they avail. This will get them the exact idea and end the scope of misunderstandings. The customer can make more precise decisions for both this time and the future.

Real-time Tracking and Notifications

The tracking feature must have the facility to be given in such an app. The app should provide real-time tracking when the mechanic is heading towards your location. This would give the customers an idea about the time to be consumed in solving them. Along with this, the app should also release live notifications because these are an excellent way to retain the customer. Notifications would enable them to receive reminders and updates about their vehicle service, which will keep them updated with the service needs and the latest offers and discounts released by you.

Mechanic Search Filter

As there is no fixed geographic location of your prospective customers and their traveling destinations, they may require the service at different locations. To address this need, the app must search a mechanic using a search filter on the app to find a mechanic on the spot where they are.

Easy and Convenient Payment Methods

Comfort and Satisfaction of the customers is the main objectives of the application. Customers are ready to pay when they are satisfied with the services and experience. The app’s payment should be seamless and built keeping in mind the ease of payment for customers. You should provide them various options to pay, including credit card, debit card, net banking, app wallet, and cash on delivery. The transactions should be encrypted and secure.

Develop a Mechanic Version, too

You need to design and create a mechanic version of the app to cater to the mechanic needs. You should make a mechanic dashboard that should include comprehensive information for the mechanic involving the service request date and time, service schedule, status, and various updates. The app should allow them to update the status and process the mechanic job. The app should provide the facility of tracking the customer’s location. The mechanic should also know the method of payment by which he is going to receive the compensation.

In-app Chat

To keep customers and service providers connected, an in-app chat feature is essential to have in your application. In case the customer or mechanic needs some help in reaching each other, this feature would ensure them better connectivity.

Ratings and Feedback

The app should ask for ratings and feedback from the customer about the app and service. Visitors check ratings and customer reviews to judge the quality of service or platform. Therefore, the app should offer a feedback feature where customers can leave their remarks about the experience.

Benefits of the App

A CARFAX like car repair app development can leverage several benefits for both vehicle owners and technicians, which include:

  • The app provides customers all the information about servicing and reduces the need for a time-consuming web search to extract information about service and mechanics.
  • Customers can compare the prices different service providers are offering.
  • Such an app can help auto repair service providers to expand their customer base.
  • Such an app also supports creating a sense of credibility in the business transactions.

Auto repair apps include products that assist automotive technicians with car repair jobs and serve customers with the service available at their convenience and desired location. Auto care service apps can leverage several benefits for car owners and service providers. Technology advancements are having positive impacts on the society and human lifestyle. Technology has made people’s lives faster, and businesses and essential services also need to be tech-savvy to be compatible with such a lifestyle.

If you are in the auto service and repair business, developing a car repair and service app like CARFAX can get you a broader customer base and higher profits. All you need to do is maintain a connection with garages and mechanics in different locations and convince them of your purpose and compel them to provide high-quality service to the customers. As the popularity of the app enhances, it will bring new collaborations and associations to you. Choose your associates wisely and get ready to draw the benefits of technology for your business expansion.

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