Find The Best Techniques To Increase WooCommerce User Experience

Apr 28, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Find The Best Techniques To Increase WooCommerce User Experience

Loyalty isn’t all about allowing smooth checkout, fastest shipping, and conversions. Most WooCommerce merchants forget there is more we can do to serve complex user wants and needs. While it is important to prioritize these essential things, overall user experience a store can deliver matters most. As a whole, it is central to how well do WooCommerce merchants treat its people who shop with them.

Today, we have brought to you some exciting actionable insights to improve the user experience for your WooCommerce customers while you can use them to your advantage by increasing conversion rates as well as boost sales. Follow these simple methods that empower you to accomplish the needs of your customers.

Walk past the default WooCommerce layout

Some consumer product types are there that do not get along well with the existing default WooCommerce layout. Know them to prevent the probabilities of a blow to user experience.

Enormous product details

The default WooCommerce layout rarely adjusts to a long list of product details. As customers more often want to see all details at a glance like that of restaurant menus, WooCommerce layout may not work. If you sell products like these and want your customers to make a buying decision instantly, you must offer product details with a single click-through.

Bulk product woes

Wholesale buyers must have the flexibility to see what they want to buy from a single page. But, WooCommerce default layout is not so adaptive to the bulk product needs. Get beyond this hurdle by employing an order form layout. It is effective for bulk product handling.

Visuals not so important

Many eCommerce merchants who sell digital products such as cameras, phones and also audio products do not need much visual to display for their products and intrigue buyers to make a buying decision.When it is a heavy-data infested affair, product information and specifications are of great benefit for buyers. Here, you need to use such a theme layout that prevents customers from being misguided by too many product pages. Similarly, a centralized information hub that gives a clear idea of product applicability is worth putting up onto the site. To avoid lower conversion rates and bounce rates, use a product layout instead of default WooCommerce Layout.

So, for all the above conditions, we can use a product table in WooCommerce that gives more features and take pain out of the default layout.

Deliver at customer’s preferences

How it is if you allow your customers to schedule their order delivery date rather than being directed by your choices of delivery schedules. One of the newest extensions of WooCommerce Order Delivery gives your customers the choice to schedule the delivery from the calendar during checkout.

This is effective enough for the product shipment during the peak season or holiday when the recipients may not be available. Allowing Order Delivery to work may reduce conflicts during delivery.Here, you show your care for your customers and deliver on their schedules and not yours.

Installment strategies pay off

Customers are more likely to avoid products that are costly even though they desire it. It means these products take time to go away.At times when this is a burden on the merchants, this dents the customer expectations too.

Allowing deposits or installment payment plans work for both. WooCommerce Deposits is a plan that helps buyers afford the up-front cost of an expensive item by putting it in reserve until the payment is made in full. Another way is keeping your customers glued to your eCommerce site with installment payment plans.

Once the payment is made in full, a customer can grab the product easily. So, this is a choice that simplifies the outreach to even costlier items.

Freedom to pricing items

This is for sure unheard and not offered by any eCommerce development company so far. Yes, you get it right. As you allow your customers to name their own price, it is a fun experience for them and believed to increase more engagement. As though it does not involve every item except some digital products or specific products for promotion, it does contribute to improving customer experience and increasing your loyalty. Use Name Your Price extension. Don’t worry. You can put a range of price in which a customer can name their prices.

This works especially during holiday sales and generates you more conversions.

Notify when stock is available

It feels bad when stocks go out sooner or later. But, being prepared for this to readily alert your customers about the available stocks reestablishes your brand loyalty.Chances are there your products go out of stock during the busy festive seasons or holiday seasons.

WooCommerce Wait list is a tool embedded in the site builder to allow all merchants to notify its customers on the status of the available stocks or currently out-of-stock goods. Here, customers must sign up this list and when the inventory fills, they get notified.

You can find so many back-in-stock notification extensions out there for WooCommerce. Do it yourself or you can get help from the expert WooCommerce service provider.

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Bring resolutions for even the toughest problems

Solving problems with any customer is sues is essential to combat unhappiness and disappointment. Being a store merchant, if you fail to reinstate their trusts towards your brand, your business may suffer.

Want to solve potential customer grievances immediately?You can use three following extensions as a method to solve issues asap.

  • Product Documents
  • Product Enquiry Form
  • Recent Orders

Drawing the ending line

We have so far shown some of the best techniques for WooCommerce development growth. These techniques are effective to increase better user experience and help improve the conversion rate. No matter what product you sell, Bytes Technolab reserves the best techniques of WooCommerce development to sail you through success. Let us know your requirements.

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