How to Hire a Remote Developer for Your Ecommerce Website Development?

Apr 12, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

How to Hire a Remote Developer for Your Ecommerce Website Development?

Confused about how to hire eCommerce developers in this pandemic situation? But did you know that you can hire remote developers in India & the USA?

There’s no better time than now to start your own eCommerce website development company where you can sell your goods and make some instant money. According to statistics, there are approximately 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2017. In other words, if the world population was 7.6 billion at the time of the report, 21.8 percent of the population was shopping online.

You and I both are aware that the population on earth is increasing day by day. This means that the number of people who shop online is also increasing. Even in this pandemic, there are so many people who have changed their shopping preferences and switched to online shopping.

Ecommerce applications have seen a lot of boom during the coronavirus outbreak. People are scared to go out and prefer to shop online and pay digitally. Hence, now is the perfect time to start your eCommerce website.

The first step towards this is to hire developers that can give you the best eCommerce web development services. Your dreams of a successful eCommerce business will be true if you hire eCommerce developers with pro and creative skills.

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Currently, you will face a lot of obstacles when you begin to hire eCommerce developers.
But hiring remote developers can be a win. In the United States, around 57 % of IT businesses undertake some kind of remote work.

In a  study mentioned in Harvard Business Review, the researchers derived that the remote workers had more productivity. So let more and more employees work from home.

Now the question arises how to hire eCommerce developers working remotely. Read further to find some valuable tips about hiring remote developers.

Things to Remember When You Hire Developers Remotely

Look for the best match for a particular skill

Hiring a remote team is a difficult challenge. Hiring remote workers necessitates searching for a specific set of skills needed to excel at remote development. Communication skills, strong teamwork skills, planning skills, technological skills, and time management skills are a few remote working skills based on which you can filter out candidates.

Candidates may use these skills to demonstrate their actual ability and capabilities. Furthermore, use remote tools to evaluate the candidates.

Clearly State your Expectations

In remote recruiting, key remote working skills that applicants possess play a more prominent role. Many prospective applicants should be rejected because they do not feel like great candidates. It is essential to write out your ideal candidate profile to quickly shortlist the right candidate.

Candidates should be informed about the location and time so that they can decide whether they are ready or not. If they are not, they should not apply for the role.

Choosing The Correct Platform to Find the Remote Developer

There are a lot of candidates who are looking for opportunities to work remotely. These candidates already know the right platform to look for a job. So if you are looking for remotely working developers, don’t post on platforms like Monster, LinkedIn, or Indeed.

Determine Whether the Remote candidate is Fit for the Company

And when you meet applicants face to face, it can be difficult to tell whether they are a perfect fit for your company’s culture and values. So, how can you determine whether or not someone is culturally and ethically compatible?

You must first identify your culture and values. Then, using these concepts, create evaluation assessments, surveys, or interview questions to determine the candidate’s abilities.

Select the most qualified applicant who meets your project’s criteria.

Discuss Statement of Work (SOW)

The SOW document helps balance the candidate’s ability with the correct and desired skill set needed to complete the project. The job description should include the timetable, instructions, and technical project specifications.

Tips On How to Hire Ecommerce Developers that work Remotely for Your Web Development Company

Make a Complete Plan of Your Project

You should clearly define your project’s specifications before recruiting a Remote eCommerce web developer. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Identify your goal
  • Decide the key features that are mandatory for your eCommerce website
  • Clear out the unnecessary options
  • Stick to your budget

Examine Portfolios and References

It’s much more challenging to launch an eCommerce platform than it is to create a normal website. You can inquire about a prospective company’s past E-commerce growth experience.

Before you hire eCommerce developers working remotely, you can also look at the company’s previous work. You may use a portfolio analysis to see if your preferences match your developer’s design principles. You will set goals for your eCommerce website by approaching the company’s clients.

References often reveal whether or not the web developers are experts and, more importantly, what methodology they take to project development.

Decide Your Website’s Content Management System (CMS)

Which CMS do you plan to use for your online marketplace? Would it be better to use WordPress, Magento, or Woocommerce? Choosing the best content management system (CMS) is essential to developing an effective website.

A competent web developer will also recommend the best CMS to use to fulfill all of your eCommerce needs of the company.

Examine the Pricing Model

When you hire eCommerce developers working remotely, it’s important to understand all of the contract pricing details. The size and scope of your project will eventually determine the effective pricing contract. When selecting a suitable model, there are a number of things to consider.

The project manager should also be consulted about pricing plans.

Improve the Communication Channels

Excellent web development requires flexible communication. So, figure out how you’ll communicate with your remote eCommerce website developers. Furthermore, prior to hiring the eCommerce developers, at least one face-to-face meeting is required.


This is an essential aspect when you hire eCommerce developers. What to do if the website that you got doesn’t work as you want? Is there any warranty that the eCommerce developers give for their work? Inquire with the project manager if any code problems will be charged after the eCommerce website goes live.

If the development company decides to resolve certain problems for a specified period of time, it demonstrates their professionalism and commitment.

Inquire About Long-Term Support and Maintenance

Your e-commerce website is now live. However, this is not the end of the story. Any website requires additional support and maintenance. New updates are constantly being released, and in order to prevent glitches, you must keep your site up to date. As a result, it is important to inquire about the developers’ maintenance services.

Furthermore, ensure that you are given assistance in resolving these problems as soon as possible.


More and more eCommerce firms have now begun to hire eCommerce developers working remotely to maximize their eCommerce business with minimum costs. Many of them are now enjoying the benefits of this approach. So, hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best way to make your plans a success.

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