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How Can Microsoft Analytics Help You Create An Effective HR Portal?

Jun 7, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

How Can Microsoft Analytics Help You Create An Effective HR Portal?

The human resources department has become a necessity in almost each and every industry. Some of those industries are Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance, Logistics, Education, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Advertising, Mobile and wireless, Automobile, cloud services, and many more. These industries need a Human Resources system to handle the whole staff, office culture, and many other activities that are going on in the organization.

The human resources department is primarily concerned with operational performance and predictive analytics. In addition, the role of decisive HR is changing. Transactional HR is now committing to automation and Chatbots.

HR is now on par with strategic planners in organizations. Employee involvement is encouraged by the presence of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter networks within the organization. It looks at the internal relationships that exist among employees of a company across a variety of social media sites.

This research will be utilized to see how they can improve their reaction and performance. Technology innovations were supposed to provide more time to do important work. In an organization, it means that the employees could focus upon their actual work while several other procedures worked in the background to simplify things in the office.

Microsoft has come up with solutions to such issues. They have created two different software suits: MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics. They will assist you in streamlining your organization’s operations and allowing your employees to focus on what is really important.

Workplace Analytics

Microsoft 365 is used by most organizations for the majority of their work. Some, if not all, of your employees, will use it as a word processor and spreadsheet. Others will be in charge of designing presentations, calendars, and email clients.

Because it is cloud-based, it has a diverse set of applications that are updated on a regular basis. It’s a strong tool that many businesses can’t live without.

With so many individuals utilizing it for different purposes, there is a huge amount of data being collected. This data may then be evaluated to ensure that it is being used correctly and efficiently. You may see certain areas that can be enhanced and made far more effective once you have the data in your hands.

Here is where Workplace Analytics enters. It is capable of analyzing data and identifying trends. These patterns will reveal areas that may be improved as well as jobs that are currently being performed successfully and do not require much improvement.


MyAnalytics is more focused on the employee. Suppose you need to collect a lot of data and information about how your staff is performing and how they are organized. In that case, MyAnalytics is the tool you need to use right now!

It operates similarly to Workplace Analytics in that it collects data from numerous programs. It provides a snapshot that you can use to see if there is any waste in your process.

This program allows you to look at individual employees and observe how they spend their time. You will be able to observe how much time they spend meeting, with whom they collaborate the most, and how much time they spend writing emails. Its ability to provide ideas on how to make work more productive or even inventive is an intriguing feature.

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What Exactly Is An HR Portal?

The Human Resources Management System is known as the HR Portal (HRMS). The HR Portal enables the management of several HR functions through the use of information technology. An HR portal aims to increase corporate efficiency and dependability by automating manual and routine operations. This frees up time for HR professionals, allowing them to focus on more competitive business tasks.

The HR department has many functions. Let’s have a look at them.

Human Resource Management is a department in any firm that aims to improve employee performance by aligning it with the company’s goals. HR is primarily concerned with the treatment of people within companies, with a focus on the system.

Functions of HR:

Human Resource Planning

It focuses on evaluating the resources required to get the best possible business results. Human resource strategies can be either short-term or long-term in nature.


It’s critical to hire employees with the optimum combination of skills and abilities at the right moment. This includes initiatives like job promotions, internal job postings, and employee recommendations.


Employees who have committed to working for a firm will return to work on their joining date. A precise sequence of duties is completed on the first day of an employee’s employment with the organization. These procedures are referred to as employee onboarding.

From Probation to Confirmation

When a new employee is hired, he normally has to go through a probationary period that can run anywhere from one to six months. During this period, the company and the employee analyze each other to see if they should continue to work together. After the Probation term, the employee will normally go through a confirmation stage.

Employee Data Management

One of the most important jobs undertaken by the HR department is to maintain accurate knowledge about individuals. Name, gender, date of birth, contact information, date of joining, phone numbers, and email addresses are just a few of the crucial pieces of information that should be kept up to date.

They also ask about past job history, details on the present firm’s department, location, reporting manager’s email, and a record of visas, nominations, and firm assets, among other things.

Because managers and management make a lot of operational decisions based on data, one of the most essential responsibilities of the HR Department is to guarantee that workers’ accurate and up-to-date information is maintained.

Leave Policy

Managing or administering the organization’s leave policy is one of the HR Department’s tasks.

Keeping Track Record of Staff’s Attendance

The daily tracking of an employee’s working hours, the time they come in, the time they leave, and so on is now attracting a lot of attention from enterprises and, as a consequence, of the HR department too. Organizations would need to prepare multiple statutory reports based on the attendance data, in addition to using it for payroll processing.

Process of Salary Revision and Increment

HR Departments are in charge of calculating or adjusting employee wages in collaboration with the management team. When a salary is revised, a pay adjustment letter is usually sent. This information is subsequently forwarded to the payroll department, which will include it in the next payroll.

Payroll Processing and Salary Disbursement

Payroll administration is a critical responsibility for both the employer and the employee. It is closely connected to one of the key reasons a person works for a company, aside from regulatory compliance.

Employee Participation

The HR department is transitioning from a supporting position to a more central one. One of the keys to an organization’s success is having employees whose demands and interests are aligned with the company’s demands. The HR department is essential in achieving this cohesion.

Development and Training

This attempts to improve the abilities and knowledge of employees. The new employee is educated about the company’s products and operations. Soft skills such as leadership training, leadership attributes, and so on, as well as interpersonal skills such as time management, etiquette, and so on, are specialized by employees.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is a thorough review that aids a company in determining the extent to which individuals are accomplishing results that are in accordance with the corporate objectives. HR specialists are in charge of developing, implementing, and maintaining the Performance Management System (PMS).

This task is connected with the procedures of determining success objectives for groups or entities, as well as the establishment of performance evaluation approaches.

Why Do You Need An HR Portal?

In reality, data analytics and automation are increasingly being used in HR operations. You need AI-based HR software for your organization. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the buzzword, everything revolves around providing the greatest insights at the right moment.

This is not limited to major organizations. HR Portal Development is now practiced by entrepreneurs and expanding firms facing several challenges that can only be solved using HR activity management software.

  • Employee Self Service
  • Data Management
  • Guaranteed Statutory Compliance

Nowadays, a large number of companies are using AI-based HR software to predict the outcomes of organizational goals. Employee training on emerging technology, which uses artificial intelligence to understand new technologies and convey their benefits to workers, is leading to greater use of digital technology.

How Can Data Analytics Be Included In HR Portals?

The best solution is Microsoft Power BI. It offers you with the information you need about your Human Resources. Also, it provides authentic and real-time data insights, allowing you to have a better knowledge of your HR KPIs.

Dashboards for tracking staff turnover, efficiency, and training effectiveness are simple to create. These dashboards are simple to follow and use even for HR professionals who have no prior IT knowledge.

HR dashboard examples for Microsoft Power BI:

  • Dashboard for recruitment
  • Dashboard for employee management
  • Dashboards for voluntary turnover
  • Dashboard for training efficiency

Summing Up

HR portals are very effective in enhancing employee performance in an organization. If you’re looking to implement an innovative, analytically-driven HR portal that’s customized to your company’s needs, contact Bytes Technolab. They can make your daily activities easier

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