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How Critical Is Digital Marketing For Every Business Amid COVID-19 Outbreak?

Apr 14, 2020

aman solanki

By aman solanki

How Critical Is Digital Marketing For Every Business Amid COVID-19 Outbreak?

The turmoil of a pandemic like COVID-19 has a rippling effectover every part of the business- managerial oversight, coordination between cross-functional teams, and training and compliance. In the toughest battle of survival, businesses adjacent to the travel industry have been more likely to experience the hit.

The crisismanifolds day-by-day forcing businesses of all sizes to reevaluate their financial strategies for the coming months. It is more of critical financial planning that has B2C companies reassessing their digital marketing strategies, especially with the paid search.

All of this, businesses must evaluate if it is relevant to spend after digital marketing in the tough times when consumers are reluctant to buy.

Reports suggested that ad revenues and earnings from social media channels, especially Facebook have declined sharply across different verticals including retail, travel, FMGC, and entertainment whereas they contribute to 30-45% total revenue generation for companies.

Amid this situation, what should be your best digital marketing considerations and practices?

Digital Marketing Considerations during Difficult Times

The best digital marketing practices are strategized upon science, art and pressure. During the difficulties or coronavirus outbreak, you must heighten this strategy to a few notches higher.

In some parts of the world, the paid search budget has been reduced to be spent during better times whereas international paid search efforts have been paused. So, the situation can cause a sharp drop in consumerism. From a digital marketing perspective, you need to visualize your business from an incremental outlook andbring value to your business through a great digital experience.

But, how can you do that? Optimize your website or retail storefront as a component to add a great website experience. Remember, it must focus on good quality, a good checkout process, and a robust plan for conversion and as a result, it could draw attractions from even not-so-frequent online shoppers. So, your eCommerce can create a big impact on digital marketing efforts while addressing the challenges to sustainability.

But, this should be well-planned so that you can move with better preparation during an outbreak. Marketers or digital marketing activities must go on without putting a pause on the ads completely. Instead, it is critical to stay vigilant about brand safety. Hence, one must take up better and effective digital marketing practiceas a leading brand identity mechanism.

Best Practice of Digital Marketing amid Coronavirus Outspread to Improve Brand Visibility and Drive Conversions

Considering the threats of community spread forcing everyone inside indoors, only essential services are available to serve the needy. So, services such as medicines, FMGC products, and even food delivery must target audiences who need them. “Save the community”could easily beprioritized into an effective digital marketing strategy and strike the chord with relevant audiences. Take this opportunity with the help of an expert digital marketing agency to fine-tune your capacity and improve your customer outreach.

Retention is key

Your first step toward retaining your old customers is key to survival. In line with the chaotic atmosphere everywhere, buildinga new relationship with customers is near impossible. But, you can try to focus on return on ad spend (ROAS).

Try to build a customer loyalty strategy. The best thing you can do is bring personalized experience for every customer.

Emails and SMS can be used as the hyper-targeting retention tools. You can leverage opportunities through offers that appeal to local people using messaging.

Your website must relay up-to-date information on how you deal with the situations and the effects on your service.

Use video content to convey your message about steps to keeping consumer services going. This open conversation may help you show you care about your customers.

The most essential thing to be in focus is to update your FAQs. At the same time, it is obvious to put up fresh content every interval of two-three days.

Use every possible thing to keep your customers informed about your service and make information easily searchable on your website.

Email marketing and content strategy

How you communicate with your customers is a way to go forward. The moment demands you to be responsibleother than an opportunist. Hence, look at your content and email marketing from scratch to rebuild them.

Now is not the time to fascinate people with spring sales. Rather you can focus on the current scenario of work from home. So, reworking on messages is best when it talks about lounge dresses for customers working remotely.

Check with your automated or scheduled messages as well to ensure they don’t contain any insensitive language in it. Controlthe number of emails being sent to your customers. The primary objective of your email should be to provide useful information. It may include the status of the products and services.
Similarly, at this point of time, stay away from ‘spring fever’ ad displays.

You can talk to your digital marketer to ensure everything runs cohesively.

Bolster your SEO strategy

SEO has always been an important strategy for businesses. But, it is more so important during the Covid-19 outbreak.

You know SEO does not generate immediate results. It is like a long-term play. What you invest today in the SEO strategy is going to give you dividends later.

As you invest today in your SEO strategy, your endeavors bring you the best results through organic traffic and of course the sales it would generate. So, when we recover from this tough phase, you can probably benefit from it.

To ensure long-term results, you can strengthen your SEO plans, especially in times when your competitors slash down their budgets. Hire expert SEO specialists who can help you sell your products for customers stuck at home with offerings such as toys and consumer goods.

Social Media Strategies

Avoid any kind of cheap marketing practice during the COVID-19 spread. As already explained, this is not the time to sell more products and draw the attention of buyers who are already worried about being safe and keeping their family members safe. Be specific about sending information that is irrelevant. Doing so can bring irreparable damage to your company’s reputation. Stay away from getting unnecessary exposure.

In this regard, social media should focus on promoting positive brand communications. At this moment, when very little can be leveraged through Google My Business, you can keep people informed using social media channels. Publish a post or edit a page of your social media platforms.

As you are intended to give accurate brand information and customer support amid the social distancing environment, this type of communication can help improve your business identity. So, what can you do with this strategy across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and other social media channels?

  • Make some announcements that give access to resourceful information easily.
  • Offer options to increase engagement with many people working from homeand provide opportunities to stay connected and engaged so that it can help them avoid some mental suffering.
  • You can create a connection using videos that narrate practical tips to stay safe at this current moment.

Wrapping up

It is tough to run effective digital marketing at his moment. But, owning to survival needs in the coming years,it is key to work on this critical component. Hence, your focus should be on how you can make better use of positive and useful information to your stride keeping the objectives of your target audience in mind.

As a responsible business entity, you should also contribute to improvingpeoples’ lives while ensuring critical engagement with your customers. Digital marketing strategies can play a big role here. So, don’t overlook its significance. Connect with an expert digital marketing company Bytes Technolab to move on with your future endeavors.

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