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Like many brands willing to stay relevant in the tough battle of competition, digital identity
proves to be prolific for your future endeavors.

Within a long alley, there are varying products to pick for your services. As we delve deep
into different eCommerce development frameworks, Magento is the right partner for the
majority of businesses. Quite interestingly, it is a widely used framework for brands or
businesses that sell clothing or fashion products online.

We at Bytes Technolab find relevant reasons so as to why Magento is leading as the popular
platform choice for owners to set up their digital shops.

Why Is Magento So Widely Preferred By Fashion Retailors?

Existing eCommerce retailers or even retailers with zero digital plans when they think of
framework migration service or get one new, they look for no other options rather than
Magento despite the existence of ready-made solutions.
Find several compelling reasons to get bespoke fashion retail development solutions from


We as a leading Magento development company would love to recommend this platform to you. For out-of-the-box customizable solutions to bring functionalities and performance for users, this open-source PHP-based framework is always equipped to offer scalable solutions. It also handles significant SEO functions for your fashion business that generates excellent amount of SEO traffic to your store.

It is built to comply with diverse business needs. So, if your fashion store needs to be built
on this platform, you can apply coding skills or hire Magento developers from Bytes

Most time, the ready- to- use framework may not come to your expectations, given types of
fashion products you are dealing in. The scalability of being open source helps you add as
many features and functions to your website you need to display for your business. To be
able to put a customized interface with attractive products for users, you can amp and add to
a unique shopping experience.

One of our clients, the owner of an online fashion brand hired our certified Magento
Developers to improve their site from scratch. As desired, we migrated the data from the old
site to the new Magento 2 platform. As opposed to the previous one which was too costly in
maintenance and insignificant for traffic load, the new one offers great flexibility with traffic
load and also with customization.

Flexible navigation process

Any clothing or accessory brands that want to get the look and feel of their in-store
experiences to the digital platform can build their online stores using the core capabilities of

Magento. This framework encourages the intuitive navigation process. You can add elegant,
feature-rich, easy-to-use navigation process coupled with customized components such as
images and icons. This is a great option for brands that offer multiple fashion items.

Navigation filters

Navigation filters by layers are great in terms of allowing users to navigate through a large
number of inventories and enabling them to find the right fashion brand they want to buy.

This is where Magento excels. You can add different attributes to items based on the type of
color, fabric, and size in the admin section.

Configurable product feature

In the case of fashion of clothing brands, users certainly look for multiple sizes and options
that suit their likes. This brings difficulty as you tend to present your items on the website
since you cannot segregate them using a different URL or direct them to a landing page.

However, we can alleviate the issue using Magento’s configurable product feature.

For a particular dress in orange, if you have a range of sizes available, a simple product
page must be created in the admin. As you are able to do this, you can create an SKU for
every item. Now, it allows you selecting all simple products and combining them to one
configurable product list.

The process results in one landing page with all orange dresses that come with a drop-down
menu for easy product navigation.

Average order value

When you add shop-the-look capabilities to your web store, it gives customers more options
to browse products by product details and particular look and feel. This is a surefire way to
enable users to purchase multiple products from a specific look and enhance their shopping
experience leading to an increase in the basket total and conversion boost. This is the way
you can increase the average order value of your products.

Apart from these unique features, Magento eCommerce gives fashion retailers some more
reasons to sell clothes online.

Order management

To build a cross-channel shopping experience for your fashion lines, Magento Order
Management helps your business unite different eCommerce channels. This improves
demand and supply while maintaining sales channels and inventory sources to enable you to
sell from anywhere. Benefits include,

  • Omnichannel fulfillment option
  • Smart automation of sourcing
  • Web stores act as a mini-warehouse channel
  • Business scalability

Inventory management

With Magento Inventory Management data being integrated to your ERP extension, you can
track everything right from the alerts for low stock products, decreasing stock level after
purchase is made, out of stock items, and items being available in stock.
Magento can handle your inventory impeccably that offers real-time visibility of all

Merchandized collection

Magento enables merchandizing and organizing the product categories using a simple drop-
n-drag interface. In case, you can want to put your best seller to draw more conversions, you
can arrange your product on your website where it seems appropriate.


Startups who want to grow fast in the fashion industry can leverage Magento that supports
more than 500,000 products on the landing page of a site. In this fast-paced digital
ecosystem, you can relish the freedom to move fast using the latest technology and keep up
with the market trends that entice your customers.

Wrapping up

All you endeavor envisioned to drive potential growth for your fashion business is highly
supported by Magento. So, if you need to build your fashion website and grow your business
faster, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a renowned fashion eCommerce development
service provider. Bytes Technolab can assist you with your dream project.

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