How React along with Redux development can fuel your business to success

Sep 24, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

How React along with Redux development can fuel your business to success

In this constantly changing world of new tools, features, libraries, etc. showing up to give businesses a wide range of options to choose from and enhance their projects.When we talk about JavaScript, in the last decade, it has undergone a huge transformation and gained massive popularity.

In this article, you will get introduced to React-Redux development and how you can use React-Redux development services to benefit your business in various ways


Just like React, Redux is a library used in the front end for overseeing the UI state and data state. It is a fundamental tool available in Javascript and divides the information into various compartments.

As Redux comes with an external library, we can use it with other frameworks like Angular, React, Ember, and Backbone. However, it is most popular for its use with React.

Before we dive deeper into the Redux and the benefits of using Redux with React, let’s focus on the problem it solves.

Central Data Management

In the Model View Controller (MVC), there is a separate description of data (model), presentation (view), and application logic (controller). However, the control over data flow is lost, and this can lead to errors.

Redux solves this problem with the help of a centralized store that contains the state of applications and the component’s source of truth.

For example: As you see below, there is a unidirectional flow of data. If either of the components C or D needs the same data, then the data has to pass through its nearest component. The data now travels through various levels of intermediate components that do not need this data, and passing in this manner can lead to many issues.

That is where Redux comes in.

This issue is resolved by providing a centralized store which allows you to keep all the data at one place and access it whenever required. This can be visualized as under:

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This issue can be resolved by providing a centralized store that allows you to keep all the data in one place and access it whenever required. We can visualize this as under:
As you see in the diagram with Redux, the data no longer has to pass through the multiple levels, and the components that need data can access it easily from the store.
Data Management is only one of the many benefits of using React-Redux applications together. To fully understand the benefits of using Redux with React, we need to first look at the building blocks:

– Action:

It is an object in JavaScript that helps in sending data to the store from a React application. Stores then receive this information sent by action.

– Reducer:

Reducer shows how the state of application state changes. In React.js, the reducers function to take the current state of the application and return to another state.

– Store:

The store is a central element in the Redux library that holds the state of the application. Information can be passed between the components and the store directly.

– View:

The primary aim of view is to show that the information went near the store and tell the component of any triggering activity.

So far we have only discussed the application state as managed by Redux. However, React-Redux can be integrated with the help of providers in the React-Redux development system.

– Provider:

It acts as the glue between the Redux store and React components. So the application state information that is present in the store is readily available to the React components. Through the Provider, the components of React can access the information stored in the Redux store.

– Container component:

These fetch data are dispatched due to Reducer actions.

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Now that we have a brief idea about the key elements in the React-Redux Development, we can have a look at some more advantages that a React & Redux Development Company can provide your business:

Fast Testing

React-Redux together cut down the workload of storing and managing multiple component states in complex applications. That helps the React-Redux developers to add the application state as a single object and allow data access to every component of the app. Thereby, making the testing of application and data changes easier.

Self Sufficient apps

The applications made on React platforms require the inclusion of additional libraries. React-Redux together help in optimizing routing, app state management, and API interactions. All these make the React App rich in feature and self-sufficient.

This chart shows how the containers and presentational components interact with each other in the Redux store. The testing of the app thus becomes easy if it is written simply by splitting the components.

Hot Reloading

Redux helps in saving a lot of time with its hot reload feature. The ability to reload parts of your code when you save a file, without the need for the refreshing entire page is known as Hot Reloading. The older versions of the file are replaced with a new one when a reload event is received. So in Redux-React Development, when the components are reloaded they will read the present data from the store and will render it with updated information. Thus your UI can be edited in realtime, and the development process is much faster.

Data Updates

All the data in the cycle follows the same pattern in Redux. Thus, when the data of the store is being updated, the route while updating towards the store also follows the same path every time. Just as all the rivers leading to an ocean, the data in React-Redux app flows in one route leading to the central store.


There are different ways of getting optimal performance from the React-Redux as discussed above, and it has many advantages. However, you will need the help of React-Redux development services to assess your business for the best solutions. React-Redux development thus crafts highly robust applications that can transform your business: Bytes Technolab can accomplish this for your business. We also cater the Website Development services in Australia.

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