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The desires and preferences of travel customers have been entirely changed in the last few years. This results in the inevitable evolution of conventional flight ticket booking into a digital process. Such a change has brought in the trend of robust mobile applications based on digital platforms that can make everything related to flight ticket booking more easily accessible than ever before. Understanding customers’ demands, the industry is now focusing on operating by mobile applications. For this, different applications for flight ticket booking and travelling assistance are being introduced that can make it so handy for the customers to travel around the globe with ease and enjoyment. To provide customers with a smooth and faster air transport, the demand has been increased for an efficient flight ticket booking application. This has arisen an essential component of airline business ownership and is necessary to retain the customers. Applications supporting an online flight booking system can give this business a competitive edge and become a significant factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. The distinction between the two airlines can be determined by the efficiency of applying their business as such apps are crucial to build an exclusive and convenient flight ticket booking experience. According to the reports, with the arrival of flight booking apps, air ticket booking has increased by 80%. Whether you are new to the travel industry or expand your already existing travel business, you need an app, an app similar to MakeMyTrip, which will allow your existing and new customers to smoothly and efficiently avail your services.

To learn about building an air ticket booking app, let's move forward in a step-by-step manner to know how you can develop a good flight booking app like MakeMyTrip to attract more customers while retaining the existing. Before that, we need to find why an app like MakeMyTrip is so much popular today?

The first reason for such apps’ popularity is that with travel booking apps, domestic and international flight booking processes have become convenient.

  • People are enjoying the concessional holiday deals and trip packages offered by these apps.
  • These apps provide ease of checking ticket availability, booking details, cancellation, and many more.
  • Option of saving card details for faster payments and checkout and lesser time consumption than the conventional booking process.

Now, we have to check what are the requirements of customers. An online flight ticket booking app is expected to fulfill. The most critical needs of a user or customer are:

  • The access to search all the available flights and their travel fare by merely entering the destination and source.
  • Ease of paying online in multiple ways to make payments simple and secured.
  • To get the best deals and airlines at reasonable prices.
  • A trustworthy platform they can rely upon.
  • Access to the best flight conveniently at the regular schedule.
  • The support of the application to all the smartphone platforms, including Android and iOS.

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As the trend of developing flight ticket booking apps is evolving, it is worth investing in such an app as this will prove to be a promising investment for you. So, to ensure the success of your online flight booking app, you must provide the best flight ticket booking features within your application. Providing an interface equipped with the best features will enhance customer satisfaction and help you stand out in the competition. Following are some features you should integrate on your interface while developing a flight booking app for your business:


    The first thing required for building an exceptional online app is to provide an excellent user interface. An attractive and easy to access interface in an app or website can attract users or can engage customers and targeted audiences quickly for the long term. So, think and design a user interface with the capability of quickly attracting and holding users for a longer time.


    The app must be facilitating the selection of dates feature before you decide on the flight. The app should be providing users with the ease of choosing the flight availability on the planned days. Such flexibility in selecting the date of travel before finding out the flights would make traveling decisions by a user much more comfortable. This will also raise the user experience of your app.


    The design of the booking form available on your website should be customizable in a way that it looks very similar to your app background. Featuring photos of the interior of the plane and services to be provided will give the user a clear picture of what you are offering. High-Quality images will make your app design more attractive as well.


    While making payments by online modes for online purchases, customers used to have their individual preferences. Some people like to pay the respective amount by using PayPal, while others prefer to pay via Credit Card or a bank transfer. Widening payment options for your clients can increase the number of online flight tickets booked on your application.


    Your app design and functionality should be capable of working with other languages and with multiple currency support. It will make booking flight tickets online through your app enable users to book in their preferred language and currency, which would trigger all automated communication further in that language. They must feel right at home and more comfortable with the overall booking experience on your app. This would help bring traffic of international clients as well on your app.


    Advertising campaigns strategy of working is a tested and great way to expand your audience. Users expect regular promo codes offering within a good booking system app. It should not be restricted to simple one-time discounts and vouchers and should be offering reasonable concessions on booking
    through the app. The best online ticket booking app allows you to configure values for services, specific periods, the total amount spent, or passengers’ number in the booking.


    Enabling this feature in your app will help you save a lot of your precious time. The reservation management system within your app should be equipped with an email automation feature. These emails should pre-populate with booking information and show templates such as booking confirmation, payment reminders, request for arrival information, and many more.


    Providing real-time flight ticket is a big challenge for businesses. But, if you can make this happen, there is no other way better than this to facilitate your customers and build your business.


    People who are optimistic about availing of your services for an upcoming vacation will probably want to stay on top of your latest offers, best deals, and promotions, which you likely advertise on social media platforms. Social media integration in your application allows your customers to instantly link to your social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. You could also advertise on social media about the online booking system features you may have programmed or launched.


    To avoid the excessive consumption of time in manually generating invoices, the reservation platform within your app should generate those automatically for you. Your app’s invoice feature must include some details, including invoice number, various tax rates, and breakdown of services. Your app’s
    booking system should also help you manage all the booking data, customer data for marketing, and financial data for bookkeeping.


    It is simply not possible for you to resolve customers’ queries or assist users through calls and messages. Enabling an AI-chatbot within your application may be an excellent option for you to avoid such tedious tasks. Users can also check flight status and get clear on the other queries as well with this chatbot.


    Presently, no one has the time to wait. That’s why there should be a support feature in your app to instantly attend customer raised queries because the service provider’s timely response is the key to success nowadays. In the absence of the support feature, the customer may switch to another app providing the same services.


    You must understand that user feedback and reviews can be crucial to improve your flight booking app’s performance. It does not only build your app’s reputation but also attracts new people to your platform.

The purpose of an excellent online flight ticket booking app is to make customers able to reserve services with ease. An organized, cohesive, and functional online booking system is critical to surviving in the ever-growing tourism market, irrespective of your business office’s location. Having an app will allow users across the globe to land on your platform. You can develop your online flight booking app by merely providing the services of an excellent flight-booking app development company, which would help you realize your vision. Such an app can make the experience better for both businesses and customers. There are many flight ticket booking agencies in the USA and elsewhere, which are now focusing more on developing applications to give their customers an unforgettable experience.

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