How to Build Awesome UI using React.js Library?

Jul 12, 2022

Kamlesh Devaliya

By Kamlesh Devaliya


Modern front-end technologies have significantly changed UI development in such a short amount of time.

One of these more modern technologies is React.js. Facebook maintains this open-source library for building comprehensible interfaces.

As you may already be aware, Facebook created React. It is a free JavaScript library that may be utilized to build incredible user interfaces.

What exactly makes this React design library so fantastic for UI development, though?

It enables developers to create user interfaces that load really quickly and offers a wonderful user experience to their customers. React allows you to set various views for each component or the entire project depending on its current state.

React is wonderful since its library simply modifies the essential components rather than reloading the complete application. Leave behind the outdated versions and concepts of create-React-app.


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Tips to Get Started with Modern React UI Development

You may make stunning, user-friendly, and quick-loading user interfaces with the help of the following tools, components, and frameworks.

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User-friendly UI with Drag and Drop

Making a drag-and-drop interface as user-friendly as feasible is crucial when developing one. To do this, you must be able to alter the appearance of the user interface elements in response to current events and modifications made to their states.

React DnD can be utilized for this. You may simply construct simple and complicated, yet very functional UIs by utilizing different React components.

React DnD can be used to construct various drag-and-drop events. Each component’s appearance can be altered based on its various conditions.

This provides developers with a wealth of opportunities to improve user interfaces’ interactivity and appeal to consumers.

CSS Component Customization

Each React component is capable of having a unique, customized style. This is crucial when designers must complete complicated criteria in a short amount of time. You must be able to utilize CSS to accomplish this.

You can use styled components to accomplish this. You can style your React components with these. As styled components eliminate the mapping between styling and components, this method is incredibly simple and intuitive.

Construct Static Websites

You need something that will let you receive data from various sources if you want to use React to develop static webpages (a file system, API, database, CMS, SaaS services, and others). Gatsby is that little something you need. Js.

The React community was made aware of Gatsby.js as a “blazing-fast static site generator for React.” That is indeed what it is. Before you begin developing your website by installing Gatsby.js, be sure to look at some advice on how to create component pages because Gatsby has its own environment.

Utilize Charts to Present Data

The presentation of data is crucial. Recharts can be used to create a data visualization that looks elegant and simple.

This toolkit for composable charts was created using React components. You may quickly and easily create charts with this charting library.

The charts will appear stunning on any device because they are mobile-friendly and made with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) elements. Scattered, bar, pie, and line charts may all be built with Recharts.

Make User-friendly & Blazing-fast Websites

State-based routing for apps is definitely already something you’ve heard of. You can create a whole website as a web app rather than a conventional website. All you need is a binding component to connect the React app’s various states.

You must try using the UI-Router for the React ecosystem if you want to accomplish this. Your React app’s many states will be distinct web pages with their own content.

The React app will be able to modify the URL of the browser thanks to UI-Router.

You may design appealing websites that are simple to use and traverse with the UI-router. Additionally, because the animation library only modifies the components required for each component to be displayed, website users will benefit from incredibly quick page loads.

Create Bootstrap-inspired websites

Is it possible to build a React website that perfectly mimics a Bootstrap one without using all that repetitive code? Soon it will be. React-Bootstrap 1.0.0 is presently being worked on by developers.

React and Bootstrap will be combined in this “new” framework. It will have reusable front-end elements from both worlds in its library.

The rendering of pages is handled by JavaScript thanks to the React-Bootstrap package.

Use Google Material Design Freely

Material-UI is the solution for you if you’ve ever wondered how to use Google’s Material Design components in the React environment.

You get access to every component, including App Bars, AutoComplete, Icons, Menus, and Dialog Boxes, which are all entirely implemented in React.

The developers of the Material-UI framework also took care to ensure that no component lost any of the Material Design principles when used in the React framework.

Best Practices to Create Awesome UI with React

Observe the Best Practices and Design Patterns

They claim that while good design principles in programming are everlasting, libraries are transient. Learn these patterns, then try to apply them to actual situations.

You will be able to increase the performance, maintainability, and flexibility of your apps, which will speed up your productivity without sacrificing quality.

Look around and assist yourself as much as you can. You may also enhance your code by visiting forums and websites like StackOverFlow and others, where programmers offer a ton of really great solutions to a single problem.

Get Comprehensive Understanding

A thorough understanding of React.js is time well spent. To better understand the underlying virtual DOM and optimize your apps, create a fake project with or without JSX. possess knowledge of React JS’s “this” keyword.

Read about the composition, unidirectional data flow, lack of DSLs, explicit mutation, and static mental model that make React so strong. 

When you have the time, try to learn more about React’s internal properties, lifecycle processes, and concepts.

Learn about the challenges with the context API, event delegation, and how the state truly changes in React.

Finally, a sense of control is provided by having a thorough understanding of React.js Fiber. Obtain control in Redux, leading in React library list

One of the most popular testing library for front-end development right now is Redux.

For JavaScript apps, it is a predictable state container. Redux is a strong, stable, and mature approach to managing the state in your React application.

Redux may turn your application from a confused and disorganized mess into a beautifully organized, simple-to-understand modern JavaScript powerhouse by utilizing a few simple, helpful conventions.

Performance enhancement for sluggish gadgets

The web application you created might need to be used on outdated hardware with sluggish connections. Therefore, try not to become fixated on how quickly and efficiently your application runs on your MacBook.

Measure everything before you do it. Additionally, the quality of the code is important in addition to its size. A high-quality piece of code also aids in ongoing code maintenance.

Want the Lighthouse tool to identify areas that could use improvement, then use the new Webpack dashboard or Webpack bundler analyzer to identify areas where size can be reduced.

To view your React application while it is being developed, use the Chrome React plugin.

Code splitting, dynamic imports, HTTP/2’s multiplexing, and push features, the new prefetching link tag, and others can all help performance if you truly need to import everything.

Utilize the recommended React.js optimization techniques to increase your website’s performance. This list is quite impressive.

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Wrapping up

One of the most well-liked and frequently employed technologies for developing premium user interfaces is React.

A React developer may easily create complex and user-friendly user interfaces by utilizing some of the market’s UI components, modules, and frameworks.

Spend some time learning about frameworks that can help you construct a website or app faster before you begin working on a React project. Make use of the best UI library 2022, and make the best of React UI.

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