How to Develop an App like Instagram?

May 7, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

How to Develop an App like Instagram?

Taking selfies and pictures and sharing them on social media sites has been a popular occurrence these days. In today’s world, photography has made a revolution, and more people see it as a need rather than a pastime.

Instagram has grown in popularity among all social networking platforms due to its exclusive characteristics and ability to serve as a perfect forum for exclusively sharing images. It’s no surprise that Instagram has dominated the photo-sharing industry and captured the hearts of internet users.

With the subsequent rise in users establishing their online identity, many companies are looking to create an app similar to Instagram. Furthermore, for many companies, these types of outlets have become big growth generators.

Anyone can easily upload a picture and add a catchy caption. Instagram has carved out its niche in the smartphone industry by distinguishing itself from other social media platforms.

Instagram’s popularity has influenced a lot of companies. As a result of its popularity, other well-known photo-sharing applications such as Swipe, Snapchat, Vine, Camera, and Flickr have emerged. All of these applications make use of photos and videos, but their key meaning and features differ. Once this uniqueness is discovered, there is promise in the photo-sharing software market.

Simply making an app like Instagram would not yield positive results. Furthermore, replicating the platform takes years and millions of dollars.

How to create an app like Instagram

Who could have predicted such a massive success? It all started with a simple but unique feature: keeping an image in a square while applying various filters. This is regarded as Instagram’s MVP, as it enabled its parent company to earn higher investments and develop a robust project that could run on all major mobile platforms.

When Instagram was first released on the app store, the photo-sharing and editing apps existed separately. The combination of each of these variables has set the stage for this application’s success.

To develop an app like Instagram, you’ll need to build a three-tier app that can serve as a photo editor, a photo-sharing app, and a messenger.

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Must-have features to develop an app like Instagram

Authorization of Accounts

The user must create a profile, and they can do that by either entering all of the information manually or by signing up for their email address or a social media account. In addition, if you lose the old password for those accounts, you can create a new one. Another crucial point to remember is that you must keep the users’ details secure in the backend. As a result, a robust database is needed to complete this mission.

Edit Profile

Now work on building a profile editing option, so that if users wish to alter something about their profile, this functionality would be extremely useful. Your users can edit their profile shots, personal information, and bio. So that they can begin uploading pictures and videos after all of the changes have been made. To do that, you’ll need to provide a platform for the user to communicate with the app’s server.

Photo and Video Uploading

This is the most critical aspect and the cornerstone of an app like Instagram. Your customer can choose a picture or video from their album, drive, or SD card to post here. They will also post these photos and videos on other social media sites. When it comes to backend growth, separate methods can be used on both Android and iOS platforms.

Developing the Messaging Function

Taking existing situations into account, it is often necessary to include this real-time messenger function to your users to increase the value of your application. This, in essence, aids the business’s success. Separately, you can create a prompt that allows the user to be notified of incoming messages from other apps. When it comes to the backend, you can make sure that the servers don’t take too long to load.

Integrating the Geo-location Feature

It is one of the most important features for nearly all users, not just this kind of product. When a user uploads a picture or video to their profile, it makes it easier for them to identify their current spot. As a result, to incorporate this attribute, you must separately combine the map and location APIs for Android and iOS, as they are entirely different.

Option for searching

This functionality allows users to search for other users, colleagues, clubs, and more by typing their usernames. Furthermore, they will use social media to look for the most recent trending news and current hot topics. When a user looks for something in the search bar, the backend server must answer immediately.

Using various social media sites to connect

Since users nowadays communicate across a variety of social media channels, you must enable them to exchange content, images, and videos through several social media platforms at the same time. Allow your users to connect to their other social media profiles in their posts.

Monetization plan for an app like Instagram

Instagram started off as a free photo-sharing app. Since Facebook paid $1 billion for the game, it began to generate revenue for its creators. Instagram’s monetization has propelled it to a current valuation of $100 billion. Instagram, like Facebook, makes the most of its money through advertising.
Here are some of the features that Instagram employs in its ad pricing model that you can keep in my when you develop an app like Instagram.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts, including those on Facebook, are Instagram’s primary source of sales. A sponsored post is a regular post with a sponsored tag and a call-to-action button.

Carousel advertisements

A carousel post is similar to a daily post in that it contains a number of images used by advertisers to illustrate a message.


Snapchat inspired Instagram’s use of tales. Commercial videos emerge as viewers are watching the stories of individuals they track.

Facebook advertisements

Instagram’s business model is built on Facebook ads. Advertisers may use Facebook to position Instagram advertisements. You can do so even if you don’t have an Instagram account.
Here are few ideas for making money off of a mobile app like Instagram:

  • This is a commercial. Photo-sharing apps can be used to build business accounts, promote yourself, and gain followers.
  • There is an option to pay in-app. You can sell a variety of products with an app like Instagram, including custom filters and effects.
  • There are special deals available. You can give the consumers exclusive discounts.

How to develop an app like Instagram

  • Conduct consumer analysis to figure out who the target customer is and what their interests are.
  • Examine photo-sharing apps that are similar to each other.
  • Complete your one-of-a-kind and excellent app design.
  • Define the next steps in terms of the project’s priorities, schedule, timetable, and technology.
  • Prepare a publicity and public relations campaign and begin advertising the app right away.
  • Create lines of contact with the customers to get timely and accurate feedback.
  • To plan, build, prototype, and launch your social photo-sharing app,  hire a capable offshore web development company.
  • Keep up with the competition by adding innovative features, design elements, and reaching out to new user audiences to the project.

You can start creating your own social media app like Instagram from the first edition of the product until all of the project’s preparatory materials are available.
This first edition will be a simple photo-sharing app with only the essential features. At this stage, only the specific functionality, app definition, style, and app branding make a significant difference. All of this contributes to reaching out to the target demographic and developing a positive brand attitude. Keep in mind the following:

  • User-friendly navigation
  • Clear UX/UI
  • Graphics and visual elements that grab the eye (e.g logo)
  • Feeds tailored to you
  • Well-functioning application

To round off this section, here’s a rundown of tips and suggestions to develop an app like Instagram  There are a few stuff to think about if you want to make an app close to Instagram:

  • Within the software, create a modern and unique photo-editing feature. New filters, artifacts, textures, effects, and editing options can be developed.
  • Create a photo-sharing program with a particular user base or a specific style (e.g. designers, food or animal lovers, event-app, etc). You should describe this one-of-a-kind function in a way that benefits this user community. Finally, you will create a fantastic culture.
  • Allow users to make themed photo albums and set photo or post privacy to send invites only to those who have been invited.
  • Add the ability to quickly exchange images between phones and other devices without having to sign up.
  • Provide the customers with photo-editing tutorials or advice about how to build high-quality user profiles.

Final Thoughts

Since this period is now flooded by a multitude of social networking apps, creating an app like Instagram would be extremely helpful. It gives you a quick and easy way to reach out to a vast number of people all over the world. This will help you expand the business and maximize your return on investment. If you succeed in delivering excellent features and user interfaces, you will undoubtedly be at the top. So if you are looking for an Instagram-like app development company, look no more!!!  Bytes technolab  is the best option for you. Bytes technolab has a highly professional and interactive development team. They understand every detail of creating a user-friendly, completely functional mobile application.

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