How to Develop an App similar to Shein- Fashion Online Shopping?

Jan 6, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

How to Develop an App similar to Shein- Fashion Online Shopping?

Shopping for clothes directly from the shop is outdated now. The fashion industry has now started approaching various e-commerce platforms and apps to assist people in buying. The development of such a medium can be utilized for garment shopping and numerous other purposes. The benefits of the idea are already being drawn as most investors have started their online e-commerce business. With the passage of every single day, the e-commerce business is becoming more popular. It is not easier to develop and popularize an app that can facilitate men, women, and kids to shop online for their fashion needs. One such application with a colossal variety of trending outfits, attractive accessories, and other fashion stuff is Shein. In this article, we will discuss what it takes to develop an application that can create effective results and make people go crazy by offering a vast range of trending fashion products popular among every class. For this, we first need to explore the significant features such an app would be equipped with to generate such crazy results created by Shein.

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It requires an in-depth analysis of all aspects to create a massive interaction rate. Shein app made a remarkable impact on bringing both customers and companies on the same platform. The experience it created is still a landmark for the following applications. The app was equipped with notable features, like:


An application needs to have user-friendly access to let customers have a seamless experience of beginning their shopping journey. This is the first step to enabling it with a user-friendly interface to get an easy login process. If the login process is complex, there are chances that the user might drop the idea. Instead of exploring the app further, they would prefer to switch and try some other application offering simpler yet useful login access.


Another crucial feature in such applications is the search product option in the app. To develop a successful fashion app like Shein, you cannot afford to ignore your app’s search feature. This enables and helps users to find the products they wish to buy. Mostly, people chose not to explore the whole menu or range of products being offered by the app instead, they prefer to go with typing the product or brand they would like to shop so that the results would display instantly and they do not have to spend time in going through the things they do not want. In this feature, the fetching time should be short, giving the users the best search experience.


The facility of adding required and shortlisted items in the cart is also a significant feature. There it should also display the exact amount the customer needs to pay.


This is an essential part of the mobilization as the updates related to new products’ arrival; offers and discounts are communicated to the users with this feature only. This feature ensures that users are well informed with all the updates and benefits of shopping they can avail themselves by shopping on the app. In this, discounts and offers are the most significant part.


Paying online makes the shopping experience smooth and more effortless. A successful shopping app is incomplete without providing its users with multiple and secure payment options such as Credit or Debit Cards, Mobile Wallets, UPI, and Pay on Delivery, and many more. Users find it to be the fastest and easiest way to pay for their shopping, and should be enabled within the app with the convenience of paying securely as the errors in the transaction may cost you losing the trust of your customers. Compromising this feature will lead to your app’s failure, which you cannot afford being a business owner.


After completing the order from the user’s end, it should update and inform how much time it will take to deliver the product. In case of delay in shipping, it must be notified prior because not reporting or updating the user on the delay in shipping or delivery might lead to cancellation of the order. Also, not providing the user with a delivery status update might make him never using the application in the future. Hence,facilitating users with useful shipping updates can contribute to generating the best results from your app.


  • With online shopping, the biggest constraint is that the technical system can disrupt at any point in time. Therefore, this feature is must be added to develop a successful online shopping app like Shein. It is essential that whenever a user finds difficulty shopping or any other issue occurs related to payment or even having some queries, your app must support instantly through in-app chats or calls. The customer support feature helps the users clarify their questions and doubts and makes their online shopping experience more smooth and memorable. Adding this feature to your application makes your customers feel that you care. This would help you make the most of your app.

There are some essential steps before you start developing your online shopping app, which are to be considered:

  • Research on your industry with competitors;
  • Know what you need to sell to increase your sales and profit; and
  • Hire an expert and trusted app development team.

The development of an application requires investing a considerable amount of time and effort. The only thing the success of an app depends upon is the features added to the application. If the components implemented within the app are not useful, your time and efforts both go in vain. It is a must to understand with user’s point of view and develop your app to facilitate a smooth and exclusive shopping experience for your customers.

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