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How To Make An App Like Transit?

Jan 19, 2022

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

How To Make An App Like Transit?

The journey is exciting whether it is a short or a long one. The transportation system tends to play a key role in any journey across a city or country. If you can track the traffic or get real-time information about the public transports in your city, then the overall journey becomes much more convenient.

Presently with the rapid evolution of technology, getting real-time information about public transports is made possible with the help of an app. In this field, you will find the availability of many key players in the market like Transitapp.

Talking about this, it is a mobile application that tends to offer real-time public transit data. This application effectively functions in multiple locations all over the world. Transit was mainly designed for mapping as well as aggregating real-time public transit data, crowdsourcing user data to find out the accurate location of the trains and buses.

A public transport application lets you know about the different transport modes that are available in your area, their timings, routes, and costs related to a particular distance. So, this application is something that you must possess if you are looking forward to easing out your daily commute. Just like, you must carry a wallet, keys, and phone whenever you are going out, this app should also be necessarily installed on your mobile device.

The best part about these applications is that they are engineered to perfection and play a major role in getting the real-time location of your buses, train. etc. Other than that, you can easily get the actual fare from one specific point to another along with getting the overall time duration of the journey. This type of app comes with several interesting features which help the users to effectively save as well as manage time in their daily hustle.

It is evident from the statistics that building a public transportation application is much more profitable than you think of. This type of app has been downloaded millions of times and aids in the generation of millions in revenues.

So, if you are looking forward to building the best Chicago transportation app, then this guide will prove to be very helpful for you. Here, we will talk about how you would be able to build an effective application like Transitapp. Let’s get started with our detailed discussion.

Essential Features Of A Public Transport Application

Each public transit app comes with some exciting features which decide its recognition as well as revenue generation. So, now, let’s have a close look at the important features that should be mandatorily present in any real-time transit application:

  • GPS tracking
  • Offline mode
  • Maps
  • Ride history
  • Push notifications
  • Ticket booking

All that you need is to hire transportation app developers who will be able to transform your idea into reality. While hiring them, you need to check whether they are including all of these features in your dream application or not. Now, let’s move on to the app development stages.

Building A Public Transport Application

Once you hire a professional transportation app development company for building your application, they will explain to you the relevant development processes as follows:

  • Concept

The first and the most important step which helps to transform your idea into reality involves the identification of the challenges of this extremely competitive market. So, in this regard, it is very important to carry out thorough research of the market.

This will help you to do a proper analysis of your competitors with a maximum number of the target audience, users, and their expectations from an effective public transport application, etc. All of this information will help you to create the basic app architecture.

  • Analysis

After the accumulation of all the data, you should come with ideas that are based on your research results. Then, you need to list down those particular features that you want in your application. In this regard, you can either consider hiring a business analysis team, or else you can make use of the already available resources for resonating wire frames, developing SRS, and a lot more.

Once you reach the end of the analysis process, you will get a business model which is ready for implementation.

  • Design

The design of your application should be distinct as well as compelling so that, it attracts more people. So, your main goal should be to design your application in such a manner that it provides a rich navigation experience as well as top-notch graphics to the users.

The attractiveness of the design will decide the numbers of users that are going to join. In this aspect, you should also keep in mind that simplicity is the key and so, the users should be able to easily navigate through your application.

  • Development

This is the most important step of your app development process. This particular process will effectively determine all the programming as well as coding strategies that you wish to implement in your application.

Select the platform which provides the most feasibility specifically in terms of operation. It is a challenging phase as well and this is the reason, why you should take the help of professional services related to app development in Chicago to ease out the process.


  • Quality Assurance

As a part of this step, you need to ensure that all the functionalities of your application work effectively. Any app with continuous glitches is annoying to the customers. So, you should make sure that the users can browse smoothly. Again, to eliminate bugs and glitches, you need to do re-runs along with performing thorough testing. After the application of all the standardized techniques, you would be able to get top-notch outcomes.

  • Launch

Once you are done with the designing as well as the development of the application, now it is time for the launch. To make your app popular, you would need a set of result-oriented marketing skills. You should focus on releasing the beta version of your application first. In this way, you would be able to collect feedback from the customers. Based on the feedback, you can finally proceed towards the launch of a complete app.

Final Verdict

So, all of the above-discussed steps will help you to come up with an outstanding public transport application like Transitapp. In this regard, opting for the assistance of the best transportation services Chicago will prove to be very helpful in the overall app development journey.

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