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How To Swiftly Manage Online Jewelry Shop Through Magento Integrations

Apr 23, 2020

Bhavesh Surani

By Bhavesh Surani

How To Swiftly Manage Online Jewelry Shop Through Magento Integrations

Jewelry selling from a brick-n-mortar may appear easy. But, does it seem as easy as you ought to through online digital commerce ? For other products and services, eCommerce triggers good growth while driving excellent user experience and brand loyalty. As per Forester Research, B2B companies that achieve success account only 26% as they apply the best practices.However, when it comes to expensive jewelry, winning customer trust and loyalty is quite challenging. Generally, customers cannot visualize, touch, or trial the items as compared to in-stores.

Hence, for bringing digital transformation to the jewelry business, merchants need to put efforts that create new sales initiatives, build trust and intrigue customers to pick the most valued items.

Magento eCommerce platforms give unique opportunities to merchants so that they can integrate luxury into their shops and create a slick user experience. More than this, its versatility is an out-of the box solution that creates engagement, omni channel experience,product viewing and booking directly. Here’s why jewelry merchants should use Magento that help create the immerse experience.

Reliability and security

Security is a key concern for both merchants and customers. Due to exposure to transaction details during payment, all details could be susceptible to attacks. If you fail to establish your trust, it affects your business growth.

With Magento Development , security is not a concern. Magento ensures transactional security and safety while addressing most of the concerns of the shoppers.

It is simple and fast for a renowned Magento development company to integrate security patches to payment gateways and bolster them against any transactional threats. From deploying the Magento firewall module to implementing secure Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and launching HTTPs, your website can be made secure. Similarly, implementing TripWire, we can ensure security against potential malware.

A high-quality detailed product pages

A jewelry store online must feed the curiosity of customers by facilitating the easy discovery of detailed product images. Feature-rich, vibrant, and elegant collections of jewelry images engage with customers fast giving them a good sense of reality that is being served on the eCommerce platform. Building a shop on Magento Commerce 2 or other versions increases the story telling capacity of merchants longing to showcase the collection of sensuous pieces of jewelry. Magento gives every owner opportunities to provide detailed product descriptions, easy page navigation to communicate a business vision.

To drive traffic to your jewelry stores, integrating customizable responsive layout or themes could prove beneficial. As it increases the aesthetic appeal of your online jewelry store, it keeps customers glued to your site as well.

A Perfect User-Experience

Magento eCommerce gives all its online customers opportunities to navigate through each of the pages with ease and flexibility. Besides, product visibility is quite smooth and rich offering every user optimum experience for shopping jewelry. This comfortable product viewing enables product magnification. The high-quality user experience is the best applied component of Magento to drive sales and boost revenues.

Inbounding marketing with analytics

Selling jewelry is always an expensive trade needing you to maintain customer segmentation to better target your audience. There is no doubt it is a chore that needs intensive care and business insights into customer profiles. But, Magento 2 framework has built-in specialized analytics tools to aid merchants in customer segmentation. Online merchants can use this analytics tool to work on customer data, the rate of purchasing trends, and other algorithms. This method is useful as you prepare marketing strategies including shopping recommendations and targeted offers.

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Analytics tools are efficient enough to draw prospective customers’ attention and help build good traffic to the website. Magento is SEO-friendly and it works in tandem with analytics to boost your online sales.

Order Management to Optimize Order Fulfillment

Provided delivering best-in-class omnichannel experiences, you can make use of a better open omnichannel vision from Magento Commerce Order Management. Besides, this innovative online shopping mechanism can help merchants with online jewelry delivery fulfillment.

This system acts as a confluence between the retail distribution, demand, and supply channels and also helps in extracting key information from these channels and optimizes their performance.

Magento order management is an inbuilt capacity to handle order management as well as maintain a balance between inventory management and payment system.

So, when you integrate this tool in action for your online jewelry management, it does a lot of strenuous work for every merchant. Different essential chores to be carried out with order management,

  • Jewelry tagging items with a unique identification number
  • Eases jewelry scanning
  • Improves stock visibility across the supply chain
  • Clear visibility of turnover and profit margin

Order management provides the best scopes to cash in on omnichannel opportunity facilitating merchants to work fast with market needs and extend support and expertise to the global online jewelry shoppers.

It is a central jewelry order management system that is capable of working alongside other software suites including CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning, and others to improve seamless performance and efficiency.

Impeccable vendor management

Magento is highly scalable to turn into a thriving marketplace and offer seamless vendor management experience. Out in the market, there are a number of Magento 2 integration is available to facilitate vendor management.

When you have this extension into your jewelry shops, you can keep a close watch on the products of your store. In order to sell your products, you can add or update your store. More than it, all merchants can have the flexibility to manage their product lines based on volume, price, and quality. The vendor management can give accurate results on sales including recent orders, latest orders and many. Besides, all vendors can have detailed reports from seller data that reflects the default commission in percentages. Much to your surprise, the extension can be customized as per your needs and demands. However, none other than an experienced Magento development company can help you.

Summing up

In the fast-moving digital landscape, it is important your website has the fastest loading speed. Similarly, you must ensure your digital shop offers all the functionalities and convenience to its customers. With a powerful Magento website for your jewelry shop, you can have a reduced bounce rate, double conversion rates. If you are keen to yield the positive results for your jewelry shop, Bytes Technolab can guide you. Get in touch with us today.

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