How Vulnerability Testing Boosts eCommerce Businesses

Aug 31, 2022

Kamlesh Devaliya

By Kamlesh Devaliya


As more businesses are shifting online, the digital world of eCommerce is gaining popularity. The biggest disadvantage is that due to the increased demand of eCommerce app development in the retail industry to meet the user needs (to get everything they order at their doorstep), the online shopping now has become hackers’ paradise.

Ensuring security of a business has become a major challenge: keeping up with cyber-criminals, checking off an enhancing list of compliance boxes, and ensuring close tabs are on the security practices of every user and device on their network.

With enhancing threats and a continuously transforming IT landscape, information security professionals and security personnel are hardly able to keep up with the pace of identifying vulnerabilities and threats and fixing them.

Need of Software Vulnerability Testing

Responding to the dire need of protecting the businesses online from cyber-attacks is daunting for even the most active security mechanisms and teams.

It needs an in-depth knowledge of organizational risks and vulnerabilities, and also the existing threats and the most impactful strategies and robust technologies for responding to them.

Just understanding the risks can make organizations aim their security dollars to the strategies/policies and technologies that matter the most. And, a usually overlooked but essential process for ensuring security of any business is Testing Vulnerability.

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Proper vulnerability management strategies like penetration testing and vulnerability assessment can be helpful in preventing high-level cyber-attacks.

Often Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are considered exclusive and separate from each other but vulnerability testing or scanning and penetration testing are not exclusive but complementary to each other.

There is no competition like penetration testing vs vulnerability scanning, these tests are different and have their own merits.

Together, these tests work along for providing a comprehensive plan for the prevention of cyber-attacks for your business.


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What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is a mature, proactive approach of protecting business assets exposes systems’ vulnerability or weaknesses and identifies ways vulnerable to exploitation before it is carried out in malicious manner.

A vulnerability is an unintentional error in a machine, device, software, or an operating system that cybercriminals can exploit.

These flaws usually are the outcome of improper security configurations and errors related to programming.

If not responded timely, vulnerabilities leverage easy access for cybercriminals.

A vulnerability assessment or vulnerability scan or vulnerability management is a robust tool for enhancing business’ strengths, reducing weaknesses and getting grip on needs from a cybersecurity perspective.

Vulnerability assessment works as an audit of security of system and network of the enterprise; the results of which shows confidentiality, integrity and availability of the organization’s network.

This process identifies the vulnerabilities in IT and the risks of the exploitation gets evaluated. Evaluation of the weaknesses lead to the elimination of threat of an eCommerce business.

Managing vulnerabilities is crucial for a business as it ensures acquiring a constant overview of weaknesses in the IT stage and the risks attached with the IT environment for an organization.

Adopting this approach, stealing of information and penetration in the networks by the cybercriminal can be avoided for a business.

Ensuring security and controlling cybersecurity threats should be a business effort.

Short about eCommerce Development

Bytes Technolab is a leading eCommerce development company that provides 360-degree reliable QA & software testing services.

We have in-house team of certified QA professionals who will help you conduct web and mobile application vulnerability testing to prioritize which vulnerabilities are most critical to your company or organization.

How Vulnerability Management can be Conducted in Best Manner?

Vulnerability management or assessment is a process, which should be performed on regular intervals for a business in order to identify, examine, threat and report weaknesses in the security network.

For an enterprise to keep up with the every new addition in the network, changes in these systems and the discovery of new variants of threats, following practices are needed:

1. Establishing a Strategy

For so many reasons, it is needed for a business to establish a vulnerability management strategy. The first is to ensure compliance with the security standard and mechanisms, like PCI DSS or ISO 27001.

Proactive development and improvement of visibility within the IT environment is the second reason.

This should be ensured that an enterprise or a business is capable of responding immediately to the risks online.

Another major reason is that security auditors recommend such kind of strategy for vulnerability management.

A careful evaluation and performance of the strategy is essential because a poor planning is more likely to achieve no desired results.

For an effective vulnerability management strategy, it is important to focus on crucial aspects including people, process and technology.

People: The security team should be consisting of essential experience and skills for a strategy to work.

It is necessary for every member of the team should be equipped with deep understanding of the possible ways the IT environment can be affected by threats and vulnerabilities.

Process: Running a vulnerability scan is an easy thing for any organization, but in order to gain competence and security, it is necessary to have the ability of establishing and developing actionable and achievable processes.

It is highly needed to be capable of making immediate decisions when it comes to addressing the discovered risks.

Technology: The consideration of available vulnerability testing tools and how they are configured.

these tools are crucial in obtaining the information not just about the weaknesses of the system but also about the IT environment of the enterprise.

2. Regular identification and remediation of vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities discovered earlier kept pending for long is simply unacceptable to any business or enterprise.

It is essential for any business that timely and regular identification and remediation, of security issues, is performed.

Some steps should be followed in order to simplify this issue:

  • Categorize: Classifying identified weaknesses into categories should be done at the earlier stage as this allows an enterprise understanding the issue rather than mere response to the vulnerability.
  • Prioritize: From all the vulnerabilities or weaknesses identified after running a vulnerability scan, the enterprise should prioritize what issues are to be responded first.
  • Bite-size: After categorizing and prioritizing, the remediation process for breaking down the vulnerabilities and issues into bite-size chunks.

The scanning-reports should be converted into bite-size portions by choosing what is linked with the business’ priorities, assessing the tasks that are actionable and achievable.

3. Using the appropriate vulnerability management tools

The most critical aspect of the whole process is accommodating the most appropriate tools for vulnerability management.

If the findings are inaccurate and results are not as expected, there is an issue with the tool placement. It is to be ensured by the organization, that vulnerability management tool is capable of delivering all the functionality required for the management.

A business should consider many elements while choosing the right tool:

Cutting-edge technology: An overall view of all cyber resources should be leveraged by the scanning tool and for this the state-of-the-art technology should be developed to identify modern risks and threats.

Usability: The consideration of suitability for all users, as to whatever their knowledge on the technology is because the participation of all members of the team is essential.

The tool chosen must offer accessibility and should be simple in installation. The interface and panel of the tool must be simple and automated so that it can avoid repetitive actions.

False-positive rates: It should be ensured while choosing a tool that the flawed data is not flooded by the vulnerability scanning tool and the inaccuracy of the reports should not be an issue.

Causing this may result loss of time and manual checks and scanning performed by the security team.

Metrics: It is essential to obtain comprehensive and flexible reports that can give detailed information about the vulnerabilities.

If the tool doesn’t provide the same, the goals of adopting the tool will not be accomplished.


4. Extending application of tool

Along with identifying or discovering vulnerabilities, the vulnerability scanning tools can be extended to leverage value for other aspects and processes.

These aspects include infrastructure, application management that further involves day-to-day IT management, feeding data into other tools, recognizing rogue devices, reviewing local groups and users, and certificate management.

When it comes to constructing an eCommerce platform, software professionals focus on adopting extensive testing for ensuring the proper functionality of the vulnerability testing website being built.

Running security scans with appropriate tool throughout the entire process reveals the eCommerce vulnerabilities at the earlier stage.

For many enterprises’ security strategies, vulnerability assessments are just the initial step- they may be used to perform broad sweeps of a network and aligned devices for finding the errors in the systems and applications like missing patches, badly configured settings, security holes in services and ports, and vulnerable ways to exploitable programs.

Conducting these tests is helpful in being well-equipped and capable of avoiding vulnerabilities and taking actions against the security threats in a defensive manner.

Vulnerability test also demonstrate among your clients, consumers and regulators that you are keen on taking measures for the identification of vulnerabilities and application of the appropriate defences for mitigating the possible threats of cyberattacks.

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