Importance of Restaurant Mobile App and BLE Integration

Aug 16, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Importance of Restaurant Mobile App and BLE Integration

Restaurants,  food and beverages online food ordering  are the businesses that used to boom before Covid-19. Due to the confidential nature of online  food ordering businesses,  their services are less affected as they promote contactless delivery, assuring total security.

However, the  restaurant industry   is the only segment that has been badly affected and still suffering the same problems of attracting customers, although COVID-19 had played a role in the decline of the business of restaurants. Below mentioned are the few more existing issues which result in fewer footfalls to dine in.

The real problems are:

  • The emergence of the  online food ordering and delivery system.
  • There is no mobile restaurant application.
  • Less effective.advertising/marketing
  • Customer loyalty due to increased competition.
  • There is no quality data for analysis for decision making.
  • Late client service.
  • No digital presence to get ratings/remarks.

Why is a Restaurant mobile app needed?

The world is advancing with mobile. So why doesn’t the restaurant business grasp the chain? Let’s look at fascinating facts and statistics rather than describing the benefits of having mobile apps.

  • Olo, The New-York based B2B SaaS company, reports that restaurant applications with an online ordering and delivery system have eased restaurants in increasing sales by 25-30%.
  • More than 62% of people don’t go to dinner if they don’t get a menu card on their mobile phones. So, they are prone to choose another restaurant.
  • 98% of 18-34-year-olds who have made mobile payments would like to do it again. So, it offers quick and easy customer service.
  • According to a report, 95% of smartphone users use their devices to seek restaurants. 90% of these searches transform in 24 hours, while 60% transform in 1 hour. Having an online presence increases the restaurant’s visibility on all the search engines.

In short, after looking at the above benefits, we all must’ve understood the significance of having a mobile application developed for catering. If we look at the current situation, Catering companies are undergoing safety problems linked to social distancing to obtaining guarantees of quality and hygiene. All service sectors are doing the same thing: convincing their clients of service standards.

Restaurants must do what they can to attract their customers right now and even when this Covid-19 situation gets over. Despite having a custom mobile restaurant application, the restaurant operators need to invest in transforming their restaurant and overall consumer experience, both online and offline.

As the business world is dependent upon convenience and distinctness & for the success of a brand, it is essential to have a powerful presence in the various locations. A good  mobile app developed for the restaurant business  will do miracles for the restaurant.

BLE based answers for restaurants to Go Smart

“95% of restaurateurs admit that restaurant technology increases the efficiency of their business”, according to the Hubspot Restaurant Industry Report. Also, 73% of consumers agree that restaurant technology enhances the guest experience.

BLE / iBeacon technology can play a role as a game-changer for a restaurant business having an existing mobile application. Here are some BLE-based solutions for the restaurant business.

Proximity Marketing based on the location

Beacons can help in proximity marketing. Only a mobile application needs to be there for it. One can send push notifications to the leads who stop by the restaurant. You could broadcast the content to promote your latest offers or reward your customers. Everything in the message can be customized using any multimedia content. BLE integration ensures more reliable marketing efforts and conversions to drive ROI.

Personalized Consumer Experiences

Not only Proximity Marketing, but iBeacons can also provide personalized experiences. If a repeat customer arrives, the staff can greet the customer by name and quickly check the regular order after confirmation. The iBeacon is transmitting this information to the POS. It demonstrates operational efficiency and improves customer loyalty.

Contactless, Swift, and Safe Payments
The beacons could also help make payments easy and safe. iBeacon can be performed on any table and can receive identification based on data table numbers. As soon as the diners are seated at the table, the menu appears on their smartphones. If they are new customers, they will have to download the restaurant app to take advantage of the full range of benefits. It even allows customers to see the dishes their friends like by linking the app to social media sites that the customer visits regularly. Once this process gets done, the restaurant has cashless payment assistance by paying through their app.

More helpful insights into restaurant traffic

Large amounts of data can get collected with the help of beacons in restaurants. This data includes the time the customer spent within a specific date and time frame. These can also be the busiest times during the week, the number of customers served, etc. and improve the allocation of staff and services.

Decrease the wait time for customers

The beacons ensure that customers receive timely service. You can start by letting your customers order in advance. However, several mobile commerce applications have integrated pre-order functionality into their applications. It helps restaurants to raise their average order value by reducing wait times. As a customer passes by the restaurant, the beacons give an alert to the managers.

Other Advantages of BLE Integration with Restaurant Applications are:

Real-time information: to be archived for record and strategic focus.
Active involvement with customers: comments and ratings.
Operational performance: orders, standing time, table administration.
Additions: provide additional information to customers, such as nutritional benefits.As each restaurant have a different set of requirements. Restaurant app development services provide a unique customized application to meet the needs of the particular restaurant. Restaurant business mobile app developers design excellent mobile applications for restaurants that transform business quickly. With a user-friendly interface, responsive layouts, and ready-to-go- explications, the restaurant app drives the growth of the restaurant business.

Developing restaurant apps has made access to food easy and quick. Now we can have our favourite delicacies delivered to our doorstep. The restaurant application creates an online restaurant environment for users, where they can select the food they prefer, order it, pay for it online or when they receive it. The food gets delivered to one’s home, office or wherever they want. Restaurant apps are growing steadily and maintain a special place in the smartphone menu of many people. Hence, the development of restaurant applications is essential for restaurant owners to expand their business

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