Important Things To Consider While Hiring Magento Developer

Feb 2, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Important Things To Consider While Hiring Magento Developer

Magento has appeared as a prominent e-commerce platform for both Magento developers and businesses because of its development architecture, flexibility, scalability, and security features. Magento is entirely customizable, allowing developers to customize an e-commerce website according to their client’s requirements.

Developing effective online stores demands embracing modern techniques to build user-centric designs that increase online sales by making buying decisions easy. Although using Magento app development services regularly may be straightforward, kick-starting the initial structure and development of a Magento e-commerce business, regardless of its size, is probably best done by a Magento professional.

That being said, Hire Magento development in the USA isn’t always easy, and this is where we come in. In this blog, we are going to take a close look at what it means to  hire a Magento developer  and overview some important points to bear in mind while hiring an ideal Magento developer.

Consider Your Requirements while Hiring Magento Developers

You need to have a clear idea of what you want from your Magento developer. There is more than one aspect before developing, so it is inadvisable to hire a Magento developer from India without knowing what you need them for.
Here  Bytes Technolab Inc. Provide three important things to keep in mind:

Frontend Development or Backend

Do you require the developer for Frontend or Backend development? If you want an attractive website and make sure it looks professional and imitates your business well, you need a Frontend Magento developer. If you want to generate a database, launch an application or maintain the servers, etc., you need a backend Magento developer.

One Developer or an Agency

Sometimes, a single developer may not be enough. If your business is large and you have various websites or rather a big database, you may need a team of developers to manage your Magento sites. You can always hire an agency to provide you the resources instead of an alone expert.

Dedicated full-time Developer or Part-time developer

The Developers’ profile is dynamic. For example, Full-time and Part-time developers. It’s important to understand your needs and decide whether you want them on a contractual basis or a permanent basis. Just keep in mind that the contract ends, and if you want them again, you might have to hire Magento Developers again.

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Analysing these Key Factors before Hire Magento Developer

The complex Magento app development offered by the platform demands complete knowledge and technical skills. Hence it is always recommended that you team up with a Magento expert to build your ecommerce website. Here’s a list of the factors to take into consideration before you hire Magento specialists.

Development Expertise

A best Magento developer must have in-depth knowledge of the CMS to implement required features and functionalities on your ecommerce website. They should be technical enough to mold their development skill to your project needs as well. Make sure to do your homework if you do not know how to examine someone’s development knowledge.

Knowledge of programming languages

A Magento developer needs to have appropriate knowledge of all the basic programming languages. This is the least they need to have because all the website development works based on the smart usage of programming languages. Major programming languages that are used in website development include Java, Python, JavaScript, .Net, Ruby and Rails, CSS/HTML, C++, PHP, SQL, and some others. PHP language is the one that a Magento developer must master to become an expert in Magento development.

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills in today’s world need to be there in every field of industry and a Magento developer should also possess them to make the task at hand easier for him and also for the online store business company that hired him. A large number of coding and designing problems will arise while developing an ecommerce website and during these times the Magento developer will help from his problem-solving skills.

Work Portfolio

The developers you are interviewing may be certified, but certification doesn’t mean they’ll be apt for your project development. A developer’s portfolio can tell you a lot about their ability and the work they have produced so far, and it’ll be easy for you to relate your project with their skill sets.

Look Reviews & Ratings

Checking reviews and star ratings have become so popular these days. And let me tell you, it’s worth doing so. You might get a clear idea about the applicant’s profile, efficiency, working excellence, and more just by checking their reviews and ratings. Also, visit their professional online accounts like LinkedIn and website to know more. Scroll through the comments by their previous clients

Industry ExpertiseOnce you have tested their development skills, have a look at the tasks they have worked on and if they have dealt with any difficult challenges and tasks at previous jobs. Also, ensure that the Magento developer is familiar with different Magento versions, like Enterprise and Community. Since each version has its own set of features, it’s important that they know how
to use them.

How to Hire a Magento Developer?

This guide will show you exactly to hire a Magento Developer in India One of the challenging and daunting responsibilities every business executive faces is hiring the best Magento Developer. Magento is an open-source e-commerce development framework that has been preferred by most e-commerce Development Businesses. For the past few years, the name Magento has gained a leading role in the e-commerce Industries because Magento is completely customizable which allows Magento developers to customize an online shop according to a client’s specifications.

As per these reasons, e-commerce merchants hire Magento Developers for building their online Stores. So, we came here with a detailed blog that covers Hiring Magento development in the USA.

Skills to look for in a Magento Developer

Once you are done going through their portfolio, reviews, and ensuring that they have enough knowledge and skill to do well for your project, you should examine their abilities in the following areas:


Professionalism is the fundamental characteristic to look for before hiring a Magento developer. Even though it applies to almost every profession, a developer with a professional attitude will reflect on your e-commerce website. Since it will also influence your customer base, make sure you check.

Quality of Work

The applicants you are interviewing may be highly qualified, but it may not necessarily mean that their excellence of work is the best. Ensure that whatever work they have developed so far has been up to the mark, or if they will be able to manage your requirements for the job.


Sure, anyone can go through courses and become a certified Magento developer. However, being a creative developer is what sorts the best from the rest. You can’t afford to have the same e-commerce website and the same functionality as hundred other online stores. Hence, invention on your developer’s part is a must.


If you are hiring a developer on a contract basis, make sure they are available whenever you need them. Most contractual or freelance developers are working on two or three projects at a time, and the clashes might obstruct your work. Hire someone who can be available 24×7 for your business.


Every Magento developer has their forte and aspects of their jobs they excel in more than others. Get to know your candidates and figure out how you use their specialties in your business.
Platforms that can help you find and hire a Magento developer:


You can easily find developers on LinkedIn. All you have to do is directly search for people who have listed ‘Magento’ in their service and go through their profile. LinkedIn is an easy and most trusted professional platform to connect globally.


Facebook is another excellent site to find professional developers who are dedicated to Magento websites only. All you have to do is join Facebook groups that are dedicated to Magento developers, do some research, and then at last post your requirements. Apart from this, you can also visit various web developers’ profiles and message them to discuss your project.


Twitter is another wonderful platform to find Magento developers as they constantly tweet new projects, their skills, and share their insights. You just simply have to tweet that you are in search of a developer and use trending hashtags like #Magento, #Developer, Soon you will get replies enquiring more about the project.


Hiring Magento development in the USA is only the beginning of your journey towards a successful online store, but it is a crucial step that is going to affect your online business for years to come. An experienced  Magento app Development Company  should always be having a bunch of case studies to be present in front. Depending on the area of app development they might have categorized their references. Since Magento is a complex platform and only an expert Magento developer can perform all the difficult coding, finding such a pro-Magento developer is not an easy task. So, in this guide, we tried to give you tips that will help you find the best Magento developer for you.

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