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Latest UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2021

Jan 4, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Latest UX Design Trends to Dominate in 2021

UI and UX stand for User Interface and User Experience respectively and are interrelated with each other, and it is merely impossible to imagine one without the other. These are correlated to such an extent that they are either used interchangeably or often used together.

The UX/UI design trends are ever-changing, and they are usually altered based on the users’ varied tastes. So, to stand apart from the competitors, every business requires adhering to the latest UX trends. Hiring web designers or taking services of a web development company in the USA and other parts of the world to make your website more users friendly or to equip your application with more user loved features is increasing among the companies.

The reason is that several business websites are being developed every day. So, the customers are always tending to pick up the one that offers the best solutions to their needs. In the competition, the online platform that can attain customers’ attention, will lead the contest. That is why, it is essential to follow the latest UX design trends to grab customers’ attention.

If you are also going to redesign your website, teach the new UX design trends. This ensures that your web platform is appealing and convincing enough to create customers’ reliability. So, you need to know what the latest UX design trends are for 2021. All you need to do is to hire a UX/UI designing company, and they will design your website as per the requirements of your business. Let’s discuss the trends to be looked at in 2021:

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Login without Password

While dealing with web platforms, forgetting passwords is probably the most common problem that is faced by the majority of users. So, the only option left for them is resetting their passwords. Usually, passwords are formed by combining alphabets, numbers, and special characters that make it tough for the user to keep it remembered. To resolve this issue, there have been presented various alternatives to login other than a password for a user’s account. Some of the possible solutions which can be set up for the password-less login are face authentication, fingerprints, or a Pin code.

The Rise of SuperApps

The mobile app development model has been the same for the last two decades. There has been a tendency to develop applications that caters to a single purpose. But, now the industry has started shifting to another level and emphasizing developing SuperApps, a multipurpose app capable of catering to more than one goal without switching to other applications. Developing such apps can create ecosystems that can respond to all users’ needs and presents one app solution for all they require. The trend of SuperApps has emerged in Asia. WeChat is this kind of app that combines messaging, social media, and mobile payment apps. The trend of developing SuperApps is also growing in other countries like the USA. Several mobile app designing companies in the USA are developing apps that can revolutionize the way people deal with mobile devices. SuperApps are a highly challenging concept for UX design; since SuperApps offers multiple functions, it is necessary to develop good discoverability and in-app navigation.

Advanced Personalization

Personalization is an approach that is adopted by a company or business in which the individual content and recommendations for every user is created on provided information, including- date of birth, marital status, order history, etc. The goal is to make the user feel exclusive and increase the conversion rate of the business. Personalization is undoubtedly the best practice nowadays, and more prominent brands like Google and Apple continuously develop personalized assistants that can recognize the user by their face, fingerprint, or voice. In the coming year, interfaces are expected to be more personalized and change their appearance, the position of elements, tone, and conduct in a blink of an eye.AI is an essential player in UX, and most users don’t even realize its role. Personalized music and video suggestions on Spotify, YouTube, or Netflix and shopping recommendations on many shopping websites like Amazon are the best examples. These websites even create a personalized homepage for every customer. At the same time, personalization may result in severe complications. The data collected incorrectly may result in bad outcomes for sites, and instead of retention, you may lose them forever. Building a personalized website is an expensive and complicated task. Being an entrepreneur, you have to collect and analyze information appropriately because personalization requires better security and improved UX writings.

Voice User Interface Interaction

Voice-based user interface can be combined with the UX/UI design process of the website. Users demand some time off-screen, and in 2021, the focus will be set to shift from visual to vocal. Bands are now focusing on voice search with the rise of natural language processing capabilities. More prominent names like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have a voice-based device, or they are developing one. Most of the users are demanding a shift to off-screen operations. This makes it naturally expected from the businesses that their next step would be introducing technology that will talk to the users. It is not a new direction but just another step forward in UI/UX design. Smart devices at home and Voice assistance are already standard technology, and with people getting used to talking technology, the use of voice-based search is going to be a trend.

3D and Immersive Experience

3D design elements have been mesmerizing users for several years, and the popularity of this trend is going to be enhanced in 2021 also as the momentum for technologies like AR and VR is increasing. Therefore, it has become a great idea to integrate these techniques to develop hyper-realistic 3D visuals taking up the complete user screen. This growing trend has inspired UI/UX designers and entrepreneurs to modify their websites. This has the potential of increasing average session time on the portals and makes customers stay there for a long time. Such visuals transcend limitations between the virtual space and reality and attract users to the interface’s graphics. The higher performance of your website UI is one of the significant requirements of a practical 3D graphics implementation. Because without the potential of fast-loading and optimization, your platform will be unable to support such heavy content smoothly. Else, the lags, low response time, and other such experiences may result.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been among the hottest web design trends for 2020, and this is going to gain more attention in 2021. More prominent names like Instagram, Apple, and Android offer alternative themes in applications and interfaces. The reasons for the popularity of this trend are- the ultra-modern look, highlighting and popping other design elements, reduces battery power consumption, and reduces strain on eyes in low-light conditions. This feature is a growing trend for web development for both mobile and computer devices. Also, some applications offer users the ability to choose when to activate the dark mode. With Apple, users can schedule automatic appearance changes for their devices.

Physicality and Realistic Textures

Some designers still prefer flat design due to their love for the balanced designs’ simplicity. But, to some extent, the thinking is now being that flat design is too sterile. In the upcoming year, the material design will take over, or it may be the way where there can be a combination of best of both, a bit of flat with a touch of material. Though this trend has found recognition in 2020, it shows even greater potential for 2021. You can make your users want to reach out to feel textures by designing contours and grains. But doing that too much will not be a good idea, and you can distract users instead of gaining their attention. There must be pleasant and harmonious visuals on your website or in the application.

In 2021, the combination of several design trends may be a good idea for attaining users’ attention. To be successful in the creation of a unique and engaging user interface, you must try to choose and combine all these trends and tendencies while designing your website or applications. If you are also looking forward to teaching these trends into your website, you can do it by merely hiring a UX/UI designer in the USA, and they can equip your application or website with all the features which may be trending and leading the user experience in the year 2021.

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