Laundry App Development: Important Key Features from 3 Perspectives

May 11, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Laundry App Development: Important Key Features from 3 Perspectives

Laundry app development  has gained a lot of popularity these days. Just like the on-demand food delivery app and grocery delivery app have become highly successful, now laundry apps are also on the same track. Laundry is one of the most essential and simple everyday needs.

As the popularity of laundry apps has grown, several startups have invested in laundry app development. There are some of the main features that must be included in the app for it to be highly useful and efficient for customers.

These fantastic on-demand laundry mobile apps allow users to book their laundry services in a couple of seconds. The global dry cleaning service market is growing, and several service providers now provide retail services.

According to , the market share of laundry and dry cleaning services in the United States will reach $13.8 billion by 2025. In addition, revenue from these services is expected to hit $7,660 million by 2020. By 2024, the global market for online on-demand laundry services will be worth more than $96 billion.

So, if you are thinking of having your own laundry app, you will need to do a bunch of things. For laundry app development, you need to  hire laundry app developers. Before that, you also need to decide the overall laundry app development cost.

There are some key features that need to focus on while developing an app from scratch. So let’s see how the laundry app works.

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How Does The Customized Laundry App Work?

The laundry app must be full of useful features. Laundry app development can be done for iOS as well as Android devices. Your app may work in the following way:

  • The laundry app users must be able to log in and register themselves.
  • The users must be allowed to send requests for laundry services according to their convenience.
  • Admin receives the request and determines whether or not the requested schedule is feasible.
  • If the slot is open, the admin approves the request and sends a text message as well as an email confirmation.
  • The pickup person calls the customer.
  • The pickup person takes the clothes for laundry
  • The clothes are successfully delivered after good dry cleaning and ironing.

When you develop a laundry app, there are three stakeholders- Admin or laundry company, pickup person or delivery person, and customers. Just like other mobile apps, there are many laundry app benefits.

The users can avail themselves of laundry services with just a few clicks. With the help of a mobile laundry app, you can automate laundry and dry cleaning services as an entrepreneur.
Let’s take a look at the key features of an on-demand laundry mobile app from three different perspectives. These are the categories in which the app features can be classified.

Key Features of Laundry App

Customer-side Key Features

Quick and effortless sign-up – Customers can register using their mobile numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts. Thanks to the simple login method. It will help them save time during registration and avoid disclosing confidential information.

Service options – Users of the app can choose from a variety of choices for various types of materials. Suppose a customer or app user needs to give synthetic clothes to the laundry service. In that case, they can pick the ‘Synthetic’ choice and give special instructions for washing and ironing.

Pickup schedule – This function allows customers to select the pickup time that is most convenient for them. They must choose a pickup date and time, and they can have laundry delivered to their door.

Cost – Customers will see an average cost after choosing the number of clothes and service choices. The cost is calculated depending on the services they have chosen. For example, suppose they choose ‘Cotton’ as their fabric. In that case, it will cost less than ‘Linen,’ which requires extra care and caution during washing and ironing.

Favorite laundryman – This feature is kind of extra but users will love it. With this feature, the users can choose their favorite laundryman. They can look at the laundryman’s services and customer reviews and select accordingly.

Real-time tracking – This is another additional feature. The users can track the orders they have placed with this function. The admin will have permission to change the status timely, so users can stay updated with their orders.

Scheduling – This is an essential function. This functionality can be integrated by the laundry app development company to enable customers to schedule their cloth washing, drying, and delivery times.

Order cancellation – Customers may need to cancel orders sometimes. For this purpose, the mobile app development company adds order cancellation features. It can send a booking cancellation message to the person who will be picking it up instantly.

Push notifications – Admins can send alerts and updates to users via push notifications. Order cancellation, real-time order status, and promotional deals are all examples of alerts.

Customer deals – ‘My Offers’ allows app users to see customized offers. You can also use your mobile laundry app to run a reward and referral program.

Payment gateway – If you are working on an Android or iOS app, you will need to provide consumers with a variety of payment choices. It will save customers time and make their lives easier. Payment gateways allow you to get direct access to funds.

Ratings and reviews – After receiving their laundry, customers will leave helpful feedback and suggestions in the form of reviews and ratings. They may also offer the ranking to delivery people or a laundry service. This function is used to create the ‘Favorite Laundryman’ section.

Laundry app development services can also help you create a rich app with user-friendly features such as a cost calculator, time slot change, and 24/7 user support.

Admin-side Key Features

Login – After the registration is done, the admin can get access to the dashboard. The laundry app development company can add security by adding passwords as well as fingerprint locks into the app. The registration process is as simple as it is for the customers and delivery people.

Dashboard – The admin can get access to delivery persons’ and users’ data. The dashboard is very interactive. The admin gets to look at all the data related to the type of material, the number of clothing, booking date, etc.

Order history – This is a crucial aspect if you want to attract loyal or repeat customers. You can use order history to create customized deals for loyal customers. This function can also be used as an analytical tool.

Analytics – Analytics is the most key aspect of the admin-side app. It will display real-time statistics and allow you to monitor delivery personnel on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. You may also use analytics to determine the overall performance of your app.

Reminders – Calendar and reminders will assist the admin in sending real-time push notifications. This feature also makes it simple for the admin to plan and complete their tasks.

Aside from these, the admin-side app can include features such as instant task evaluation, request accept/reject, and change management. It is advisable to seek the advice of a reputable laundry app development company.

Pickup Person/Delivery-Side

Registration – The people who will be picking you up must first register. They can sign up for easy access to the laundry app by completing a simple form. They can also use a social media account to sign up.

Map or location – This is the most crucial aspect for the pickup person or delivery man. It displays the customer’s exact position. With the help of this feature, delivery men can easily locate customers’ locations to pick up their laundry.

Earnings – With this feature, delivery men can keep track of their earnings. They may display a comprehensive report of everyday work or monitor earnings for their work.

Pickup and drop – The pickup person/deliverymen’s mobile app includes a feature that allows them to accept pickup and drop requests. To create your own laundry app, visit Bytes Technolab Inc.

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