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Medicine Delivery App Development -How Your Pharmacy Can Sell Online

Jan 12, 2021

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Medicine Delivery App Development -How Your Pharmacy Can Sell Online

Being a pharmacist, you very-well understand how tough it is to keep your business growing and keep up with the competition. Pharmacy owners are adopting various business development strategies these days. Among all such methods, discount offers, advertising, and a robust online presence is most preferred. All these strategies aim at building strong customer relationships and increasing revenue. According to the reports, modern-day customers prefer buying medicines online and mostly through an app. Therefore, the growing popularity of online medicine delivery app is not surprising.
In this article, we are going to discuss developing a medicine delivery app. But, first, we will explore the benefits of a pharmacy app development. Lets’s start
Benefits of an Online Medicine Delivery App
For several reasons, you should develop an online medicine delivery application for your pharmacy business. The top reasons among those are the following:

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Enhanced Marketing Options

App promotions and marketing are essential parts of all the services and a key factor behind developing an app to promote pharmacy business online. It will help improve your customer relationship status and enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

Improving your Customer Base

By facilitating closer conversations between pharmacies and customers, a pharmacy app allows increasing the customer base to understand better and get customers engaged by offering attractive discounts on particular products. Also, keeping them updated with push notifications escalates the expansion of the customer base.

Brand Building

Developing a medicine delivery app can benefit your business in emerging as a company brand and receiving higher recognition levels. Establishing your business as a corporate brand will provide you better prospects in the future. It can ultimately help you to build a pharmacy chain brand if you are willing to.

Easy Inventory Management

An online pharmacy app creates the ability to manage the inventory of pharmacies digitally. It allows you to set reminders and send alerts on the non-availability of medicines in the stock. The online pharmacy app also sends you notifications on expiration dates.

Convenience and Privacy

Consumers prefer shopping in a time and cost efficient way. Saving time and money while purchasing something is most important for consumers. Besides that, some customers feel uncomfortable buying their medicines openly. Pharmacy apps drive customers to feel more confident and motivated as such apps respects their privacy also.

A medicine delivery app enables customers to avail of pharmacy products at their doorstep. It provides enormous opportunities to pharmacy businesses to increase their revenue and remain competitive in the healthcare industry. An online medicine delivery app is a problem solver for customers who don’t have time to wait at pharmacy stores. It can also strengthen the customer relationship for pharmacy and help retain their regular customers and win new ones.
Benefits or advantages are essential, but most crucial to be discussed is how you can build an online medicine delivery app and what essential features your app should have?

Major Essential Features of a Medicine Delivery App

A practical and successful medicine delivery app should have role based features, and we also suggest you design your app accordingly. Following is the detailed list of features to be in such an app:


  • Registration and log in
    App should provide for a straightforward registration process and log in within the application with the help of a phone number or social media along with a password.
  • User Profile
    The app should provide a better buying experience for customers. The app must give the feature of managing customer profiles, medical history, and prescriptions, saving delivery addresses and phone numbers, payment details (Cards, etc.), and other crucial details about customers. Managing the User profile feature makes the whole process more convenient for both customers and pharmacists.
  • Category Search
    The app should facilitate searching the right category of medications with a search option. A search feature would make finding required medicines easily with the help of advanced filters.
  • Drug Details and Suggestions
    The detailed description of all the medicines should be given in the app so that customers can check the name of the manufacturer and salts constituting the medicine. It will also allow the comparison of prices. In case the required medication is not available, the app should suggest the most appropriate substitute of the same, as this may help retain regular customers.


  • Store Details
    The pharmacist should have complete access and permission to add, change, and delete medication lists. The app should provide ease of adding or changing information and pricing details within.
  • Digital Prescriptions
    The pharmacist should check and review the prescriptions uploaded on the app within the app only. It will help to maintain customer records with the pharmacy.
  • Order Notification and Management
    The app should facilitate real-time notifications on new orders. The pharmacy staff should manage orders, including receiving, processing, delivery, returns, and refunds.
  • Offers and Discounts
    Promotion campaign driven backing up by offers and discounts drives customer loyalty towards the business or brand. The online store should be able to circulate in-app notifications on various offers and discounts for the customers.
  • Payments and Price Management
    Pharmacy staff should refine the prices of medicines in real-time, making the app experience memorable for both customers and pharmacists. Also, the app should facilitate payment received notifications and alerts within the app for pharmacists.
  • Order History
    The store manager should be able to extract the whole order history of every customer so that the real-time alerts and notifications can be enabled to give them a better experience with the app.
  • Ratings and Reviews
    The app should facilitate a feature for the pharmacy to ask for reviews and ratings against the available services. Such feedback will help you improve the quality you provide.


  • Inventory
    The inventory management feature is a must for every delivery app, and the same applies to the medicine delivery app. The app should notify about expiry and unavailability of different medicines.
  • User and Suppliers
    The app should allow admin staff to manage and coordinate with registered users, suppliers, and manufacturers.
  • Analytics and Reports
    The app must be facilitating the generation of interactive reports on the business progress and statistics on operational data. It should also provide the overall stats and proportion of profits and loss daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.


  • Courier Profile
    The app must contain information and details about couriers, facility providers, and the history of deliveries.
  • Easy Tracking
    The app must be providing effective tracking of the orders and deliveries by using Google maps to find the location of customers and best delivery routes.
  • Delivery Status
    The app should provide the ability to change the delivery status from in-progress to delivered or returned or address not found.
    The enhancing trend of healthcare and medicine delivery apps has raised the demand for medicine delivery app development companies as so many pharmacies are now shifting to online platforms. The advancement of technology and increasing dependency on the internet has inspired the industry to perform its operations online. So, suppose you are also ready for a new beginning with an online application. In that case, all you need to do is- hire developers and ask them to develop an app that could realize your vision and start taking out the benefits of online platforms for business growth.

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