Revolutionize your Business with Vue JS

Dec 20, 2021

Hetal Nathvani

By Hetal Nathvani

Revolutionize your Business with Vue JS

The difficult part of being a business owner or a business decision maker is deciding on a tech stack for your solution that can meet your needs.


And, of course, among all the technologies, a Javascript stack is a pretty good idea for performance enhancement and user perspective, as it has many options available. Every week, we are served with a new Javascript framework, but I believe we still have three main leaders in JS frameworks, namely, React, Vue, and Angular.


Every framework is unique in its own way, with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, however when we choose Vue.js, we are asked questions such as,


  • Why do we choose Vue JS? 
  • What are the benefits of using Vue JS? 
  • What are the special features of Vue JS?


Let’s see how Vue JS can help your business solution…


First and foremost, what exactly is Vue JS?

What is Vue JS?

Vue JS is a Javascript framework that is used with the electron framework to construct single-page apps, online applications, and mobile applications. Its primary library is centered on the view layer, but it integrates well with other libraries and current projects. Vue JavaScript has been adopted by industry titans such as Adobe, Behance, Alibaba, Gitlab, and Xioami due to its functionality and adaptability.

What are the benefits of using Vue JS?

Includes the best of both JS Frameworks:


  • Vue JS has a component structure and uses DOM structure for reactivity, similar to React JS, and it also uses directives and two-way data binding, similar to Angular JS. Of course, it’s not a library, like React JS, and it’s not a full-fledged framework, like Angular.


  • It also includes state management and routing capabilities.


Great Tooling:


  • Use of Vue CLI – Standard Tooling for rapid Vue.js development


  • Devtools – Browser devtools extension for debugging Vue.js applications


Light Weight:


  • Vue JS is substantially lighter than existing Javascript frameworks such as Angular and React, taking up roughly 18-20 KB of system space.


The Documentation:


  • The official documentation provided by Vue JS is a wonderful source of learning for experienced developers as well as beginners; in fact, junior developers with no Vue JS expertise can be productive in 3-4 days.

Reusability :


  • Unlike most frameworks, Vue allows you to create reusable components and block of codes
    Vue uses special HTML syntax i.e., template based structure


Nuxt JS:


  • Vue JS provides a framework based on Node.js, Webpack, Babel.js and of course Vue JS. It is inspired by Next.js. It is mainly used as a Meta framework for universal applications.


Design Perspective:


  • Vue JS supports bootstrap classes by inheriting them in its own way, it provides bootstrap-vue based components using which anyone can add basic design changes and it is very easy to bind them with the framework.


Support and Community:


  • There is a large community that uses and recommends and the platform support for this framework is just impressive!!!


  • For example, in 2015 each request on the official platform was served well.


Easy to integrate:


  • Vue js can be used all alone and with some other technologies as well.


  • For example, Laravel supports the integration of Vue.js using Laravel mix in which it provides to create vue based files for frontend purpose


Exciting!!!! Isn’t it? So let’s get started…

What are the environment set-up steps?

Using CDN:


  • For learning and prototyping purposes and also for production purpose we can use it as below :


<script src=””>


Using NPM:


  • It is recommended to use npm commands when you are willing to manage the large scale project. Using NPM, we can set up the Vue JS in our system by running few commands only, i.e.,

1. Npm install vue


Using CLI:


  • CLI is termed as Command Line Interface, which provides a quick set up guide and set up based scaffolding. Let’s check out the process,


1. To install Vue CLI in your system, run the following command
npm i -g @Vue/CLI

2. Now as all the basic set up related changes are done, Thanks to Vue CLI, so now you have to create a project by running the following command :
Vue create my-app


Finally, I would argue/suggest that Vue.js is a powerful framework for creating fantastic user interfaces. Its small size, flexibility, and customization options make it more appealing to developers searching for successful single page web application development. For Vue Js Development services contact us now.

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