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Seven Excellent Reasons To Opt For Business Website Redesign

Feb 10, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

Seven Excellent Reasons To Opt For Business Website Redesign

Your business website creates the first impression upon your users. It is a universal fact that every business leader is aware of.

These days, website development services mean more than just a design. Every business pays attention to attributes like its responsiveness and user experience. These are essential elements that customers look for.

They also compare competitors’ sites before they make a service request from your site. Undoubtedly, a business website is your marketing piece that promotes your service and products 24×7.

It is easy to understand the need for user-friendliness and other pain points of your existing website. But, you fail in one department. You are unable to gauge the need for a website redesign.

The website redesign is the most comprehensive task which is often neglected. And it could result in growth challenges for businesses.

However, the website redesigning is not an easy fix. It needs time, effort, and money to bring a complete overhaul to your existing website.

At the same time, you must know about factors affecting your conversion results. Website testing is a better solution to carry out the activity. A website development company in the USA can do this to ensure better performance of your website.

Similarly, there are many reasons to overlook website redesign or revamp. But, we are determined to show you some comprehensive and inevitable reasons to make for the changes and come up with a brand-new online presence that exhibits your excellence to the world.

Be remembered, having a new website does not guarantee an instant jump in conversion rates and revenues. The redesigning plan can impact your SEO strategy . Our guide can help you boil down to the most exciting and necessary website redesigns. Here are great reasons.

1. You Website Is Not Result-Oriented

Your business website has everything it requires to be visually stunning, rich and dynamic. That’s fine. But, it is futile when your existing website does not live up to expectations and yields the results you want. To be true, your website is aimed at connecting to the user base and generating a good amount of conversion rate. If the website performance metrics exhibit otherwise, it is time to look for website redesigns.

Examining through various conversion rate parameters of your website may help. Go through visitor-to-lead and lead-to-customer parameters to get some ideas. Find answers to the following questions;

  • Is your call-to-action useful in converting visitors into leads and customers?
  • Is your site discussing too much heavy business words?
  • Is your website reflecting too many texts?
  • Is your website landing page giving valuable information to your audience or are they just useless?

Exploring the above answers help you identify your niche for redesigns.

2. It is so outdated

In the context of today’s digitally driven ecosystem, your website may appear old- looking and outdated. There are a large number of websites that are not updated or have been designed a decade ago.

An old and outdated website fails to strike the right chord with its targeted audiences. They can easily understand it’s an old website. In such a case, if users are shuffling between several competitors’ websites, your website’s old look may hurt your business. So, the website that features the latest technology and trends can easily bond with the customers and offer the assurance of loyalty and trustworthiness.

3. The Objective of Your Brand Is Different now

It is obvious to have a fluid marketing strategy. With changes in your business objectives, it is essential to reflect that through your website as well. Although it is not easy to make full site changes through redesigns, the expert website development company suggests maintaining compatibility with the newest marketing plans.

To confirm your goal of making the website redesigns, you can look into some pointers.

  • Do you make frequent changes to marketing strategies?
  • Do regular updates to marketing plans affect the conversion rates?

If you don’t update your marketing plans, don’t go for any revamp.

4. Your Website lacks SEO Optimization

A lack of the right business information can put bad impacts on your user base. Besides, lots of unnecessary detailed menus and images are a downer. Having no essential inbound links also impact heavily.

When you have an experienced website development company in the USA, they can help you in the process. The process involves analyzing high-performing web pages to consider necessary redesign changes in line with SEO aspects. They also run SEO audits to check website rankings and ratings. Before you launch your revamped website, make sure to have your site SEO optimized.

5. Your Website is not User-Centric

Most of the websites are aimed at focusing the business needs at first. Various websites use improper navigation process that directs to company’s different segments. This is useful to you, but it does not relate to the right audience base.

More often, some business sites do not put much information about the products and services they sell. They focus more on company details like about us, history, and so on.

If it is necessary to put business information, use it in the footer of the landing page. It allows you to get your customers hooked to your services while enabling them to access to the company information.

Make sure to optimize your site so it can help your customers find what they want. Find out why customers want to connect with you and what their primary goal is.

If the restructuring of sites is properly done, your customer can have a frictionless experience.

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6. Your Website lacks responsiveness

When a website complies with mobile devices, they can generate 17% of web traffic. If your website is not responsive in line with various mobile devices, you are expected to lose leads and even customers.

Remember, mobile users want a great UX on mobile devices and also on desktops. So, if you don’t work on the UX, you have to pay for it.

7. Wrongful Development Of The Website

Think beyond design if you want to redesign your website. Why? Despite having all compelling features, some of the features of your website may not work properly. This can impact your user experience.

Many a time, some features are too complex that take time to get fixed. For say, if a shopping cart fails to work properly, customers readily abandon your cart and leave your site. Look into this matter and be ready to enable an easy-to-navigate site. This helps your business grow.

Does It Make Sense To Opt For Website Redesigns?

If you are still not confident about going for the website redesign, go by the survey. A survey by Gomez claimed that a website rank slips, if it fails to load in less than two seconds. And if it takes more than three seconds, 40% of the shoppers are reluctant to return to your site. With an increase in page response time, it increases the page abandonment.

Figure 1 Change in response time by users

Another report suggests a one second delay can reduce conversion rates by 7%. It impacts revenues, brand image, and customer support.

These reports can reflect on how important website redesign can be.


How your business website performs and appears to reflect your business epitome. It can make or break your business. So, if you have realized that a website redesign is key to reaping good benefits for the business growth, it is a good strategy up your sleeve. However, it requires time and good efforts that only an expert website and mobile development company can adhere to.

Bytes Technolab uses the latest technology tools and skill sets to determine the most probable website redesign parameters for your business website. As we help you get the best product, we affirm you reap real potential from your investment. For more information about website development and redesigns , you can get in touch with us.

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