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The Best Ideas To Creating Your Commercial Real Estate App

May 11, 2020

Angelina Eillott

By Angelina Eillott

The Best Ideas To Creating Your Commercial Real Estate App

Until recently, house hunting has been like a bizarre phenomenon. It needed you to be in constant touch with the real estate owner or agent for a property that corresponds to your requirements. Well, that is something tedious and sometimes frustrating. Fortunately, commercial real estate apps are there to overcome these challenges. Real estate app development truly gives the home buyers or home renters freedom to choose from thousands of property lists until they zero in on the next home.

Real estate app development trends are popularized by the gig economy culture that fosters good investment opportunities and interesting ROI. AirBnB is such a big name in the real industry innovated to satisfy home stay needs of travelers. On the other side of it, the investors have direct benefits from the commercial real estate app development.

Property management apps likeZillow, Trulia and are best sought-after applications among users for they find the best solutions in property management.

If you are a property agent or real estate owner, your key objectives would be to give your customers outstanding property selection advantages that can transform their user experience and intrigue them to use your service repeatedly.No other means like enterprise mobile solutions or commercial real estate mobile applications can provide you the results you want for your customers.

At a glance:

Commercial real estate mobile application services

  • Flexible and fast property finding solutions for customers
  • Facilitate meetings for property discussions
  • GPS-powered location-based property listings
  • Vendor management, etc

The best enterprise mobility solution service provider can revolutionize your dream project as you long to create a real estate app that satiates one-size-fits-all conditions.Before you proceed, you must have great ideas to explore your options and capitalize on the development.

Here’s a run down of the best ideas to build your commercial real estate app that is well-equipped to take care of your money, time, and effort.

Property Finder App

As a real estate property owner, you must think to provide a seamless user experience so that they can get the right information about the property they want to sell, buy, and rent. An all-in-one solution like a property finder app fits the bill.

An interactive user interface integrated with features like property search,property listing, and mortgage property calculator makes your real estate finder app more engaging.

Let’s not confuse our customers with misinformation rather give them the power they need to yield the right outcomes through an integrated real estate app.

Essential features of property finder app

Property listings- This particular attribute must offer diverse information about a property such as its location, size, type, and cost. It can be customized based on your demands.

Add a property- This feature allows audiences from the buyer or seller group to list properties. Information like the property type, size, type, contact detail is made available.

Property search filters- Be the buyer or seller, they must have the freedom to filter search type based on their preferences including type, size, location, and budget.

Local agent lists- The list of local agents embedded in the app help customers connect with the agents and take the whole deal to the next level without much hassle.

Push notifications- Instant notifications generate business scopes as they inform customers about new listings and the status of the listed properties.

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Property Investment App

This type of app instantly resonates with the audience who see this as an opportunity to make good profits through property dealings.

This property investment app must have useful and real-time information about properties from the neighborhood, state or country so that investors find it adaptive.

Essential features of the Property Investment App

Property finder­- Your target audience can find this useful as they need to search a perfect property in the neighborhood, city or state for investment opportunities.

Digital assistant– Let’s assist our users with instant query resolution through digital assistant like a chatbot. It provides exact information regarding a property and facilitates informed decision-making.

Analytics – This is exactly what your user may be looking for. A comprehensive analytics report about a property including its value, market demand and mortgage value may attract your users.

GPS locator­- Geofencing technology embedded in a property investment app helps users get the exact location data of the property.

Expert advice- Maybe, your users need expert advice regarding investment scopes in a particular property. This can relate to your users easily, so consider this. However, this is a paid service.

AR technology- With augmented reality technology, you can let your users have a real-time property exploration while evaluating its price in the vicinity.

Property updates- What market trends for properties are? This is an important update user always look for. Incorporate this feature for instant updates.

Repair estimate app

Precise property estimation is highly sought-after attribute when a property does not sell for a long time resulting in value degradation. Being a property owner, you must have a tool that helps you calculate the exact value of the property based on its previous and current market revenues. This is kind of a repair estimate property calculator.

Using this app, it helps user get the exact price after analyzing repair and fixes cost.

Essential features of a repair estimate app

Property details-It lets you upload all the essential features of the unsold properties along with photos and value. This helps user understand its current pricing and also view the situation of the property.

In-app calculator- This in-app calculator gives you great scores on calculations of the preferred property.

Summing up

As areal estate property owner, if you want to expand your business scopes and make a mark in this field, a commercial app is indeed a necessity. And hence, you must pay attention to all of these real estate features. Too much competition is there. But, you can win the hearts of the users from the digital real estate fraternity with a bespoke and intuitive real estate app. Bytes Technolab can help you build a true real estate solution by incorporating our vast mobile application development experience.

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