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What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source web model view controller framework for PHP. Laravel is a robust framework that offers easy development of PHP web applications with features like a modular packaging structure with a dedicated dependency manager, access to relational databases, and other services for web application deployment and maintenance.

Laravel was invented by Taylor Otwell. Laravel offers a rich set of functionalities which includes the basic features of PHP frameworks like Yii, CodeIgniter, and other programming languages like Ruby on Rails. Laravel has a very rich set of features that will increase the web development speed.

If you are familiar with Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will make your task simpler. It saves a lot of time if you are planning to build a website from scratch. Moreover, a website developed in Laravel is secure and prevents several web attacks. 

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Laravel Livewire Lifecycle Hook method

A Life Cycle of application includes numerous changes the web application has to go through to be completed. The Laravel Livewire offers 11 types of Life Cycle Hook methods so that Laravel developer can make use of these methods for several reasons such as control DOM update when the value of property modifications, Show a message to the client when some lengthy coding task is being performed, set or unset properties, etc. If you want to create a project in Laravel, Hire Laravel Developers who create applications that are feature-rich at the core and yet easy to use.

The 11 Laravel Livewire class Hook methods are:

Hook Description
mount Runs once, immediately after the component is instantiated, but before render()is called
hydrate Runs on every request, after the component is hydrated, but before an action is performed, or render()is called
hydrateFoo Runs before a property called $foo is hydrated
dehydrate Runs on every request, before the component is dehydrated, but after render() is called
dehydrateFoo Runs before a property called $foo is dehydrated
updating Runs before any update to the Livewire component’s data (Using wire:model , not directly inside PHP)
updated Runs after any update to the Livewire component’s data (Using wire:model ,, not directly inside PHP)
updatingFoo Runs before a property called $foo is updated
updatedFoo Runs after a property called$foo is updated
updatingFooBar Runs before updating a nested property bar on the $foo property
updatedFooBar Runs after updating a nested property bar on the $foo property


In 11 Life Cycle Hook methods, mount() and hydrate() are major hooks methods. When you interact with a Livewire component, a request undergoes a “lifecycle”. Understanding the available lifecycle “hooks” allows you to attach behavior conveniently to different parts of an interaction.


The hook system is a nice and slim solution that you can use everywhere in your system. This is very handy especially when you are looking into the application from a package or another service. The only Laravel Development Company you need. Here at Bytes Technolab Inc. we specialise in creating bespoke software solutions using the robust Laravel framework.

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